Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer-time Blues...New Adventures(for now)...

Hi guys! I just wanted to blog real quick here and let you all know I am around and trying to at least pay attention to anything that might be going on ITS...though it seems that news is very slow right now. I had a feeling getting the CL update was going to take a while. I just can't find much to do when I do log in right now. I am really, really, really tired of farming, even tired of questing...I mean when you have run as many wizards as I have you have pretty much seen/ and heard it all to the point of ridiculous memorization. Also the pet pavilion....well, it's also very repetitive. I wish I could say I could get more into it as I know some have.

I have still been playing the other game, which I won't mention the name of...partly due to the fact that it's not exactly a kid-friendly game....not much of a language filter there. The game reminds me of a lot of games I use to play all combined into one as a MMO. And other than the weak language filter, I think KI could take notes from these guys on a LOT of things. There is so much to do on there. You never have to do the same thing one day to the next because of all the skills you can work on.

My favorite part of this game, though, has been the dungeons. It's so Star Wars meets D&D. And while in dungeons you can also work on various skills(with or without others around,) especially the ones that are harder to work on outside the dungeon because you are in a smaller, contained space and things are provided very close by.....when you are either lucky or make some good money to buy the materials in there to "practice" things.

Another thing is the music is awesome there. I mean I LOVE Wizard101's music, other than in DS, but the guys that made this game have so many different pieces of's amazing. And you get to collect the music as you travel to and find new places. It keeps a list of all your discovered music in a mini-iTunes-type thing and you can even make a playlist of your favorite cool is that?!?!

It's also nice to note that the game makers are not so greedy. They don't charge as much for membership....they really don't need to(will explain.) A good portion of the game is even free! I haven't become a member there yet....not sure if I will. I would kinda like to but I wanted to take advantage of the f2p system a bit before I might ever do that. They also don't have a Crowns-like system where you can buy items that give extra advantage, etc. They have "mini-games" that you can earn various kinds of funds to buy special items. And the mini-games are not like Wizard's at all. Your character is always involved in doing something that will actually help his/her skills outside the mini, as well as can help you earn gold outside, etc.

Anyway, the makers of this game are not so greedy due to the facts that the graphics on the game are not THE BEST. It's not all pretty and shiny and fantastic looking there like Wizard or Free Realms, etc. Plus they have such a world-wide following that they really don't need more. I mean it's not at all unusual to be walking through the different lands in that game and see people speaking other languages. It's kinda neat like that, really.

Well, it seems a lot of other bloggers out there are also a bit at a loss for news right now....some others have even taken breaks or are on a bit of a hiatus too. It would be very good if KI could get the ball rolling soon before too many people lose interest or what-not. But I also know that it would be awful if CL comes out and there are tons of bugs and people lose items, data, etc. So in a way we hate to rush them TOO much. We want CL to not cause too many problems when it does come out. Bugs are to be expected to a degree, but when people start losing items and things they worked hard for or paid real money for...well, no one likes that.

So, I wanted to mention again that, while there is little else going on, if anyone has any questions you can still feel free to write and ask me. My email is linked on the front page here under the "Questions" section. Who knows; your question may even help me get my head back in-game a little

Until later...

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