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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Crafting - Reagent Transmute Locations

A lot of people are always asking where to get what transmutes so they can craft those harder-to-find reagents from the more common forms. So becasue of a great suggestion from Gabrielle IceWeaver(AKA Mom,) I now am providing you all with that information in an easy-to-read mini-guide.

All Transmutes, except the Grizzleheim Tramsmutes, can be obtained from the main crafting vendor in each world...who are also the ones you meet in your crafting quests. The Grizzleheim Recipe Vendor is just that at this time and has never, yet, been included in the crafting quests.

Each world's Vendor picture will be followed by the list of Transmutes:

Located in Wizard City in Olde Town

Sells Transmutes for: Leather Straps, Acorn, Blood Moss, and Mandrake


Located in Krokotopia at the Oasis

Sells transmutes for: Bone, Nightshade, Ancient Scroll, and Parchment

Located in Marleybone in Regent Square, near the entrance to Digmoore Station

Sells transmutes for: Bronze Gear, Diamond, Spring and Scrap Iron

Located in Mooshu at the Jade Palace shops

Sells transmutes for: Spider Silk, Water Lilly, Black Pearl, and Black Lotus

Located in Dragonspyre at the Atheneum, near the river of lava, to the right as you come over the bridge from the Basilica portal.

Sells transmutes for: Ectoplasm, Fossil, Fire Blossom, Lava Lilly

Located in Grizzleheim, at Northguard, toward the center of town, near the fort

Sells Transmutes for: Grendelweed, and Frost Flower