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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Awesome Achievements!

As promised; another post! And still there is more than I can show here!

I wanted to share with you guys some really awesome things that have happened recently. There has been a lot of progress being made with the family as well as one thing I wanted to share that a friend did.

First off; Elie had his first spell quest and will now be taking his break until further notice(hopefully not too, too long...he is psyched to go ASAP *wink*.) So he met Lady Judgement in the commons and was then granted Precision. Not the most fantastic spell, in my opinion, but it's still a cool summons, and Elie had a lot of fun running around that evening too:

Next thing I had for you is a little report on the Vampire Twins. If you are new to reading here you can can find more information and first sightings of them here  and here as well. There have been other mentions of them since, but they had to take a break for a while due to technical difficulties, but they are back in action now!

Last night they finally got to run Big Ben and are on their way to Mooshu. After their run through Big Ben they were pretty tired last night so they didn't step foot in MS yet, but they left a video for me to share of them beating up the final bosses in the tower, as well as a fantastic picture of Esmee winning a White Rat magician pet from Spike, The Crusher:

In the video, here, you can see Val was taking quite a beating after taking on aggro from what had been three opponents, but you see he takes care of business and gets healed up well enough again with a little protective help from his sister, who was then able to finally take that aggro off of him and let them finish the battle. It's a big battle for a pair of level 34 wizards...and yes, a pair, not a full TEAM, and no none of the other family members came in to help. The twins did this all on their own because they are just awesome like that!

...and as shown toward the end of the video, here they are at the Big Ben "bug":

Next up I have for you a super-serious awesome achievement! Our guy, Luis Roseheart has finally reached Grandmaster. He is the 13th wizard in the Emeraldflame family(not including mom, who has her own GM and working on getting to her second now.)

Here is a little picture journey of his latest progress and his reaching level 50:

Luis reaches level 48 by working on a side quest leftover in the Plaza of Conquests, before he had to go into the Labyrinth the first time.
Luis reports in to Falmea, who send him on to his Level 48 spell quest.
Luis finishes up his spell quest and receives the awesome Fire Dragon spell, and an egg with some ugly critter in (no offense to helephant lovers out there *smiles*)
With lots more work Luis becomes Grandmaster, after finishing up the Crystal Grove in one day and then working on the last stretch at the Drake Hatchery. He already has his GM robe too, now he just needs the rest of his gear!

Congrats to lucky number 13, Luis! Now he just needs to finish up Dragonspyre, which won't take too long from there. I'm sure you will hear about it when he finishes.

Now on to some awesome big numbers fun and achievement...

First off, I know this is no record and really never intended it to try to be. No treasure cards were used, and cards like Hex and Curse were not available at the moment. It was a sort of spur of the moment thought: "Let's see how hard I can hit Tumok Gravelbeard with what I have as well as what John Lifeglen has available in his deck"(the deck he had equipped did not include hex.) We had help from one of John's friends, a Myth Grand, who helped keep the shields off with her Pierce spell(love that spell....really wishes Storm had a spell like that VERY badly, it would come in so useful in these situations when Ice or Myth wizards are not available. Also great for Storm wizards who actually do solo a lot instead of work in a team all the can not always count on Wild Bolt as a shield breaker...and who really likes to lose their blades(and traps) because of a  80% shield? I'm not worried on the 50%'s, but the amount of work you have to do to bypass a 80% shield is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of Storm: Speed(and high damage). And, sorry, but those pets that give Storm damage spells and then place a trap are a bit of a joke; as a grand I want my power pips, not a wimpy spell and single trap to go with it. Not to mention; good luck finding that ONE card when you need it.)

This is my Tempest hit on Mr. Ugly here:

...Not too bad for not having all we could have. And I am thinking you Myth wizards out there who want to hit a really high number with Orthrus; this is the guy you want! That's some nice boost there for your prism(s) ;-)

Now, I want to show you an awesome Judgement high hit by John Lifeglen. He recently got his Briskbreeze ring during one of our runs and that extra boost combined with his awesome pet piggle, Zues, boost, and the fact that his pet is even more awesome by the fact that it gives Dragonblade....

*takes breath*

...Well, check out this serious Judge hit he made using Hex, Curse(provided by our own sister; Heather Nightshade,) Feint, Bladestorm, Balance Blade, and Dragonblade:

...Yes, this awesome sorcerer can now easily one-hit Malistaire! How sweet is that?!?!

Well, that is it for today. I will be posting more very soon, again.

See ya in the Spiral!


  1. Congrats on... everything! Wow, you've been working really hard! :)

  2. Wow, neat doing all of this. I'll beat that Judge hit lol.

  3. @Heather: Thanks! And yes, I still manage to keep very busy, even with so many Grands.

    @Malorn: LOL...thanks Malorn! And good luck with that! Just remember we used NO TREASURES on that hit, so you gotta use what you have naturally(no potions were used here either) as well as get a Death friend or someone with a Curse pet to give that trap for you. :)


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