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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Do I Get the Tomb of the Beguiler Quest?(Quest from Jenna JadeBlossom)

Hi again everyone! I had a question come in to me today from Jenna JadeBlossom, and I thought I would answer it here so anyone else that is wondering about it can also find out the answer. Here is her question:

HI, I'm Jenna JadeBlossom in the game and was wondering if you could tell me how I can gain access to the tomb of the beguiler besides tagging along with a friend. I can't seem to figure out where to go to get that quest going... Thanks for taking the time to help and good luck in the game!
Well, Jenna, to answer this I will tell you, mainly from experience, that it is a quest that you can pick up once you gain access to the Tomb of Storms and the Well of Spirits in Krokotopia. I'm not sure what level you are but I always like to do every quest I can as I progress forward in the game. Because even those side quests can become important later on as many will allow you to access areas and bosses you would otherwise not be able to get to on your own.

I knew I had at least a couple wizards who had not yet done Tomb of the Beguiler, but they do have the quest. I haven't done it on them yet because I want to do it when they are able to earn experience off them. These wizards I have are Grandmasters, so completing the quest would do little for them at this point other than give them access to this dungeon, and the majority of my wizards already have access. 

So, anyhow, I took my Myth Grandmaster, Taryn, over to the Tomb of the Beguiler entrance. The quest comes from Mah'rek, who stands guard outside the entrance to Tomb of the Beguiler, in the Well of Spirits. Taryn has the quest in her book, as you can see here:

The quest is called "Danger, Beware!"
I was curious when this quest might show up, so I got my lowest level wizard, Elie, he is level 7, and unfortunately has no Krokotopia access yet, but he doesn't see the quest at all, as you can see here:

 So, I then asked my friend Kaitlyn, who is a level 15 Diviner, to port to me in the Well of Spirits and take a look and she can't see the quest either, but she does have Krokotopia access. She just hasn't made it to the Tomb of Storms yet. See pictures below:

From Kaitlyn's view: As you can see she has no quest marker she can see above Mah'Rek's head

From Taryn's view: You can see Kaitlyn is level 15, which is high enough for access to Krokotopia with quests completed. She is currently working in the Pyramid of the Sun.

I also have heard that if you already completed Krokotopia and didn't take this quest that it *may* disappear if you try to go back and get it later. I don't know if it's still that way or if it was at all for sure, I always took the quest myself. So, if you are higher level than KT this might be the problem you are having now. BUT, if you are lower level and have not yet been sent to the Tomb of Storms then that would be why you can't get the quest yet. You would just have to keep questing until you gain access to the place, then go see Mah'rek there in the Well of Spirits and get his quest to go into the dungeon.

If you are a Grandmaster and as far as you know you have completed all quests in the game and can not get in here, then I would suggest contacting KI and filing a bug report. If you need help with that I gave instructions on how to here.

**Remember that Tomb of the Beguiler is like Sunken City in Wizard City, and Kensington Park in Marleybone. These dungeons, along with their side quests stand alone and are not required for advancement in the game.**

I hope that helps! :-)

See ya in the Spiral!

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