Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Time of Chaos and Discovery

Well, I woke up way late this past day so I really didn't get much fun game time.
The Ravenwood Ball happened earlier and it was just insane. I have never seen that many people at an event. I hung around for most of it, though I can't say I was exactly having the time of my life there. It was too hard to even keep up with anything one person said without having to at least whisper...and then hope they saw that message before it went out of their chat window(if they even keep their window open.)

I had to finally leave the event because I was actually kinda bored with it. They really need some form of party entertainment for Wizard, because standing there watching a sea of names and listening to the same old music and text popping sounds...while people spam things that are almost creepy or are just silly...well, it wasn't really that entertaining for me. I would rather be off training pets, or questing, or farming pets and loot. I am not even sure if I can call that a very "social"'s not like you could really converse with anyone around you..not like at a real party.

I did meet a few people there I hadn't had the opportunity to yet, so that was one good thing. Also the compliments on my outfit from Stephen and Leesha, of Ravenwood Radio, were very nice to hear. Here is a pic of me in case anyone didn't get to see my outfit:

...and as I had said in my last post: I look a bit like I could be Merlin's daughter...and now you also know what color my hair is...haha!

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was on the phone with mom, whom I made attend the I cauld actually talk to someone instead of the way it usually is. Plus I was trying to wort of listen to the livestram as well as move about...which wasn't easy with that many people there.
The party eventually moved to Fallon Shadowblade's Storm House too, so I have one pic from there, as well as in Ravenwood:

I did get a tiny bit of fun time in tonight. I went back with my other Storm wizard, Danielle, to farm for the Storm Cat...she finally got one for herself.
Then I took her over to Fleshrender to farm for the Mustard Troll. I think it took only 2-3 tries before I got it....ugly pet, but I will give it to my Myth wizard. I will post a pic of it when it hatches.

So, I finally got to get the twins out a little tonight. They are on Chelsea Court right now, and they have made a discovery!

For all those who hated my beloved gearheads; you have won. They now move so slow they look like they are in slow motion....which has taken away any challenge presented in crossing these roof tops. AND, not only that; they also have a new ramp in place that lets you completely bypass the first three roof tops of gearheads. Check out the video below of Esmee and Valerian as they show you the changes.

...heh, I sorta forgot to mention that the roof top that Val is on was not accessible before the updates. Now, unless you NEED to fight gearheads , you don't even have to go through that area.
The Gearheads on the other rooftops there are just as slow, though you do, at least, have to go through that area(no cheating lol), but they are so incredibly slow I can't imagine how anyone could get caught by them now. I actually think they slowed them down too much. I always liked the way they seemed so manic and were a bit unpredictable. There was a technique for traveling around them that the new generations of wizards will never have to worry about...unless KI would change it again.

It makes me wonder about Kensington though. I wonder if the golems in there are still as fast as ever? If they have slowed those too, which I would be really surprised if they did, then it would be a relatively easy dungeon to get through...though still hard at the level you can get the quest, with all the monsters having much higher health than other MB mobs. Makes me want to take another Kensington run old Grand Death needs to go next time. I am not sure who will accompany her....that will be a project for me in the near(ish) future ;-)

Until next time...

See ya in the Spiral!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Advanced Pets: Day 3

I really didn't get a lot of chance to do things this past day, at least not as much as I would like. I got two more pet drops, though. Another Silverback Wildclaw at the Coven...and then I got a couple Ice Birds from Nightwing in Ravenscar.

I got a few pics to show of my latest pets, and ones from the day before too:

Myth Sprite:

Silverback Wildclaw( of 5 or so??? I really do wish they would drop to some other people when I am in many do I need?
Lifebat(really hard pet to use in Gobbler Drop, it's so small it doesn't get under things very easily.:

Death Troll:
Ice Bird:

Life Minotaur(my favorite of this bunch, though the bird is a close second. I just love that
Emerald green toga and the glowing green eyes, even the wrist guards on him are so well designed...very cool looking pet):
Then I also got to level three of my pets up to Teen, which I am so glad to get them to that since I won't have to play games as much per day on each as they get older...even though it will take longer to level up. I mean 2 energy when they are babies and you have 48 I always say; "I am no mathematician," but that is 24 mini-games....that is WAY too much for ME on three wizards in one day. I am just not that obsessed with leveling to kill myself over it. Like I have said; it really isn't that enjoyable to me. I AM enjoying collecting the pets though...that part is mostly fun. Twelve games per wizard....that will be easier to deal with...and then just 8 games a day....ah, that sounds so much more relaxing. That is when you can actually use it as a break from battling/farming/questing.

Well, here are the grads, pictured below(click to enlarge, of course):

I started to go through Big Ben to farm snack with Kevin Battleblood, Ronan Dawn, and Kevin's friend Allan...Kevin must have got disconnected or something about halfway through, but the rest of us continued. We got to the top and killed off Meowiarty and company.(By the way, Kevin; you missed, yet another Bolt by me ;-) )

Anyway, Ronan found this great glitch up there. It's in about the center of the room there, you walk up to it and actually end up in the air.. It was pretty fun to play with for a little bit. Here is a video of that:

I will tell you what is really awesome for me: in the last two nights I have had some old friends show up on Wizard. These are guys I knew back in the beginning. So it was especially awesome to hear from them again....really made me happy. Their wizards are Blaze Rubyleaf and Blaze Moonsword....both Fire guys, of We use to have some really great and hilarious conversations back then. So I hope to see them pop online a little bit more often now with schools being on vacation and with the new content being added. I know that for Moonsword, especially, he was getting kinda hopefully the new stuff will make him want to come around a little more. I have thought of them both often and how simple things were back then...before I started blogging or before I even knew there were Wizard blogs.

Yes, everyone, there are people out there that really don't know or care; they just play the game and occasionally might google something they would like to know about...then they find one of us bloggers...and after that they may not pay much more attention again, unless we can answer another future question for them. I have actually bumped into quite a few of these people in-game that never read blogs and probably wouldn't know one blogger from another.

I know when I discovered it I didn't take to blogging immediately either. And I very casually read Friendly Necromancer's blog without really thinking a whole lot on it. More or less I found his blog to be a good reference tool for a little bit, but never thought more about it than that. I would say what probably got me more into doing this than just him was also the first Ravenwood Radio I listened to, and then seeing the real personalities of these people come out. So I started to pay more attention and read more on TFN's blog...I mean at the time I didn't even really know or think about what his main character name was...even though it's listed at the top of his page. At the time it was just something I read on occasion.

Well, later today id the big Ravenwood Ball, So I hope to see you all there!
...with all the Twitter talk about how people are having such a hard time figuring out what to wear for this makes me think I might be the most under-dressed person there....I don't know. But I do like the outfit I chose; it's very traditionally wizardly. I could be Merlin's daughter with that outfit on... And, hey, you guys will get to see Emeraldflame's hair for once!...heh...

Until later, friends:
See ya in the Spiral!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Advanced Pets: Day 2

Well, after my last two posts I feel like I started to get into some rhythm with things, and was actually starting to have fun again.

I worked on Emeraldflame, Danielle, and Alric, for pet training
one pet each. After getting H.E. finished I joined up Savannah and Kaitlyn with Gabrielle(mom.) We finished off the Forum with the Father Drake Tower, made the quick trip back to the Drake Hatchery for a minute, then we were sent to see Ashley, the Fire Tree, who gave us the quest for Malistaire's.

We actually had enough time today to do Mali's. Computer issues were more eventful than the actual dungeon. Sorry, but I would consider myself a real veteran with that place. I really have done it too much.

With two Ice wizards it was made a little more interesting with the Gurtoks', but after that it was nothing at all. Really, the Gurtoks were easy, just annoying with their shields. Even with that it didn't take us too, too long at all.

Mom got her Ice ring(I believe...either ring or,) so she just needs the other thing now. Next time it will be a speed run with her tanking and probably one of my Storm and one Life. Storm is so much better in prisms to deal with, no shields to worry about...I mean towers are a joke.

I brought in Alric, my third GM Life, for the little bit of heal support for the group. It's just too hard for Balance to heal a group enough for several battles, while still giving the support spells it should.

We got up to the point of the two draconians you have to beat at about the same time to unlock the door. I left Kaitlyn and Alric out and had mom and I prepare a short deck for the two, so we could whip through them fast.
Mom's draconian decided to throw a tower up at the last minute when she went to hit, but she quickly took care of time for the doors to unlock with no problems.

So we headed up and beat the Soul Servants, got our last rose, and went and listened to the "blah, blah, blah" drama from Mali, Cyrus, and Sylvia.

Here is where the drama with the computers started. Mom lives south of me by about 30 minutes and they were having a storm there. She has a wireless laptop and during the Mali fight her screen kept going black...I was really afraid she would lose connection.

Meanwhile, here at my place, it's dark out but there is no storm happening, and the sun seems to be peaking through the trees a bit. But, as we are fighting, the Wizard Graphics client on Kaitlyn's window goes out...and this is as I am only needing her to give Savannah a Bladestorm. So I closed Kaitlyn's window and I was like..."man, she needs this too," I mean just to finish the quest.

So I stalled the group a bit while I logged Kaitlyn back in and she was back in action and I furiously discarded to get the Bladestorm so we could finally end the thing. So we beat him and went back to talk to Ambrose and we all are done with DS now...thank goodness!

Now we will just be farming, and if possible we will finish up GH. We are up to Ravenscar with that. After this is done I doubt I will run Savannah with Gabrielle much anymore. It's sort of nice to have more of a mix of schools most of the time. Mom actually mentioned to me, that she will miss having Savannah they have been sort of like "The Ice Twins," with their many matching outfits and horses.

Mom actually has a new look to her Grandmaster Ice, which is one I like on her, but it's not for me. Here's a pic:
...Cute, eh? She looks like an English Victorian doll...which I think she likes :)

After all that and selling things like mad....which will become the new norm...I took Alric, since he was out, and had him do some pet training until he couldn't anymore. I then did the same with Danielle. After she was finished I took the pair to finish up at Mirkholm Deep in Grizzleheim. They finished with that. Then I took them to Nidavellir, where it was about to be pet party-time.

I don't just go in and fight Jotun, I do all three dungeons, and now with the pet thing being so expensive, I decided to fight every boss in those dungeons instead of skipping any...including the one in the maze that is in there twice. I even fought every mob in was worth it as some good snacks were dropped, along with other items.

I have a constant tab open in Firefox to this thread at Central. So I knew what pets could be dropped in the dungeons at Nidavellir. I am happy to say I wan't too dissapointed with it all.
It started with getting the Lifebat from Grettir in Winterdeep Warren, then I got Life Minotaur from from the Brownwood Tormentor in Helgrind Warren, then I got the Death Troll from Jotun's SCC in the Hall of Valor.

What I hate most is the time you have to wait for these to hatch, cause I would love to post a picture of all the pets I have got recently, but I can only show you the first two I got from yesterday:

Storm Cat:

Storm Snowman:
I really like the cat. I think I want to work on it and see what it gets at teen level, etc. I wonder if it might be a good derby pet...if I was going to do that. I think that would be a fun pet to race with the way they pounce/ cute! I hope I can get one for Danielle sometime, and a Snowman for Emeraldflame too. was going to try for the Snowman after I got the one for Danielle but got distracted.

What is cool, and incentive is that both pets give cards at it kinda makes you want to work on them.

After Jotun I didn't get to do much else. More maintenance tonight too...otherwise I'd be playing the Vampire Twins right now.

Anyway, sitting here more later on...

See ya in the Spiral!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Clarify Things...

I am NOT trying to level ALL my pets to Epic. I am only working on one pet, per wizard, at a time. I am picking the ones with good stats as teens and leveling them to adult, no further than that at the moment. Once I get some adults with good stats I will breed them, but that is going to take a long time with only focusing on one at a time and one with each wizard.

Basically I want one worthwhile breeding pet from each wizard, for the time being.

I have 14 wizards though, and to even work on one pet with each wizard, per day, and still have time for anything else; well, it seems impossible.

I had planned on doing this because a friend of mine had suggested/advised it, but I have to remember that my friend doesn't have this many wizards. So they can go and work on maybe 5 wizards a day and it works out, even with farming.

This is the one time I have found having so many wizards to be a hindrance. Any other time there have been many people, including myself, who like that they can call on one person and maybe get 2-3 extra hands to help them out. It also makes things like Kensington a breeze to "solo," as I really only need two wizards of my own to do it and without too much stress.

When I woke up today I sat there thinking for a few minutes on how I could do any of this and still have any fun.

Well, I think for now I am just going to work on one wizard's pet on each of my THREE accounts. Unless you truly enjoy boring mini-games and don't mind sitting in a box all day grinding away, the advanced pet system is something you can never win at with more than maybe a couple or three wizards. And if you do have that many or more and are still grinding away...then you are avoiding the outside world completely. And guess what...your friends are going to miss you and all you will have is that little game and some awesome pet in the end that no one will care about because you were not there.

So, my advice to everyone: try not to get too over-involved in the mini-games, remember your friends...remember to help them out, remember to get out there and do some questing and farming. Most of all: remember why you got into this game; I am certain it wasn't because this was a pet site.

See ya in the Spiral!...

First Day of Advanced Pets on Live

Well, I would love to hear what others are feeling about all of this, especially those with more than say 4-5 Grandmasters. I am finding it pretty impossible to be able to train even one pet on every single one of my wizards PLUS have the time for doing anything else. The training itself isn't even very fun. What it is is very monotonous and very expensive.

What I would rather be doing:
  • Being able to talk to friends and do things with them, help them out if needed.
  • Farm for new pets that can be got from "boss" drops(boss in quotes because Rattlebones is not and never has been an actual boss, he is only a Elite.)
  • Working on Luis
  • Working on the Vampire Twins
  • Helping friends with setting new records
  • Have a certain friend help me out with something not involving being on W101, but possibly having something to do with that in the future(hint; Kevin B. ;) )
  • Working with Mom's wizard, my Savannah, and Kaitlyn and finishing Dragonspyre
  • Helping Mom farm for her Grandmaster gear
  • Having coin to buy Savannah, Alric, and Luis houses....which seems impossible with the expense of the pet thing if I continue that
  • Having time to be able to keep up with Twitter while I play...seemed impossible today.
  • Having time to be able to keep up with people's blogs....also seemed impossible today :-/
  • Feeling like I can get off the computer for an hour and go watch TV...maybe eat...without losing time on training.
  • ...oh, and I would like to have enough time to blog leftover more often.
I am sure there are other things, but those are what pop into my mind immediately.

I am not saying the entire pet thing is bad. It isn't. But the costs alone are enough to make you rethink it.

On more positive notes I will say that I am extremely happy to have my Swiftshadow Wings for my Main, as well as the Trident....Emeraldflame looks too awesome now :D
I will be getting the wings for Danielle Thunderblade too, but I didn't really have time to even do that with her once things got going.

Also I really could enjoy trying to collect all the new, different pets, or at least most of them. I mean they really made some cool pets, and it seems somewhat sad that I am wasting all this time and energy(quite literally) on leveling up my old pets that I never had use for before this.

I actually had a somewhat decent day of it all, I just felt like I couldn't breath and I felt like I was being forced to have to work on much so that it seemed almost a task to stop and talk to people cause it was taking away from training and snack finding/buying/crafting time.

I play this game to relax, and when it starts to become work I get bored, tired, frustrated....I don't have fun with it anymore.

What I did have fun with today was farming the coven with friends, most of us got a Silverback Wildclaw pet at some point during the farming. I also took my two Storms and farmed Herkir a little and on the first try Emeraldflame got the Storm Cat(I so can't wait until the egg hatches...such a long wait(24 hours).) Later in the evening I took H. Nightshade and went and farmed Rattlebones. I got the Myth Sprite on maybe the second or third try. Then took her to Lord Nightshade(her father,) and she got a one-day use Purple Glider and two Dark Blue Banshee though....yet.

Now we have more maintenance tonight on W101. I must say there are some bug, for certain. Some people can't even press "X" to interact with NPCs, portals, treasure chests. There is stil an invisible "thing: you can run into in Regeant Square. Some of the graphics are really messed up too. Satyr looks like he is stuck on a pole and barely moves when he is supposed to be dancing. He also has a sort of 3-point cross-hair underneath him when he is dancing(looks suspiciously like a model stand.) The Humongofrog snack is spelled wrong....I don't *think* it was intended to say "Humongo
frong." In a group when more than one AoE is used, even after the mobs are killed, if one person had used a AoE it goes off anyway...even with nothing left to hit o_O

Some of the graphics are just way too to the point of needing sunglasses(and I really feel sorry for people who get migraines and have to look at all this,) and seriously; you can only adjust brightness so much. If you turn down the brightness it just makes the dark areas so dark you can't see them correctly. It's like certain things and areas are on "glow." Certain areas of water and Storm spells involving water now have no texture and are way too bright blue. Anyone ever seen the sea during a storm?'s not bright colored, it's dark and ripply(has texture)...ominous. It certainly shouldn't be bright aqua blue and flat looking with sparkly splashes. The water in back of the main fort in GH is extraordinarily flat looking, and the waterfall is so bright you will go blind trying to get to the cat tails out there. Everything in the balance house is seriously on glow's just all way too much. Then there are some new sounds...Dryad, for, a little weird for a game geared towards young people. I will say that Storm Lord so much more clear with his thunder around him. And there is the oldie but goodie...which made me oh, so happy to hear; Seraph....that actually made me smile and very happy every time I heard that today.

I'm sure there are other bugs that need to be worked out, but it's all I can really think of right now.

Also it isn't to say that some graphics haven't improved; Anyone notice the Frostflowers?...they are awesome looking now, and I think bigger too. Also some spell creature details seem much more crisp, as well as texture on roads and sidewalks. Triton Avenue, I noticed this on most...on the way towards the bridge near the Kraken. And speaking of Krakens; he looks a little better, the spell I mean. Nice that the details seem sharper, same with Storm Lord. And Scarecrow seems slightly different now in that it doesn't happen so fast that you can't see what the damage and leech totals were. The Frost Giant is certainly different, a little faster to disappear, but he seems to really linger(blow more) when stunning.

Anyhow, I would appreciate some feedback, pointers, if anyone has any on how to deal with this many wizards training pets....and still have time to have fun. There just doesn't seem to be an efficient way to do them all.

Well...maybe I can go relax for one hour before falling asleep now....that would be nice....

See ya(later on) in the Spiral!...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vampires; Done with Hyde Park

The Vampire Twins finished up Hyde Park tonight and are off to Chelsea next. If it were not for the extended maintenance tonight I would have definitely been pounding away at that with them...seeing as I haven't had so much time for them lately.

I did experiment a bit with the Animate spell. By experiment I mean I used it more than I ever did with my first death wizard, Heather Nightshade. I only got about 3 different minions, but that was cause I didn't feel like wasting so many pips summoning them. The minions were mildly helpful, but honestly, with a 2-man team I really don't need the extra hand. But at the same time when flying solo I hate wasting pips I might need for attack or set-up, to use to summon a minion who will usually find a way to get in my way.

Even when I try to work with a minion, which is always if I am using one, they usually can find a way to mess me up...and it's usually due to me fizzling and their weak or useless spell going through. Like I love how the skeleton would use Evil Snowman on Ice, and Fire Elf on Fire mobs...brilliant! o_O

Speaking of fizzling; I always find it both frustrating and hilarious that schools with 85% accuracy to their spells, like Death and Balance, fizzle so much. I mean 2-3 times between the two wizards, per battle. I have always noticed that with Balance too. And these schools don't get accuracy modifiers when they get to higher levels. I, honestly, have never had as much trouble with Storm. I mean, yeah, Storm fizzles for me sometimes, but not near as often as this, and rarely more than twice in a row...
at the most! Today must have been extra-high fizzle day too, cause I had Alric out with Danielle earlier(plugging away in GH) and three battles in a row he fizzled Rebirth! This is LIFE! They are suppose to have the least of that, and you certainly don't want heals fizzling that much. Funny enough Storm Lord worked every time...haha! I *heart* Storm :)

As I don't use Nightshade very often, I can't remember, but I do hope that fizzles become less as the Twins move on in the game. I seriously don't use Nightshade very often. She is lucky if she comes out to play even once a week. As for the minions "taunting, as The Friendly Necromancer says happens with some of those low level ones....I didn't see it happen *shugs*

Maybe I didn't have them out enough to see that happen. I really don't know. I tried using them in every fight but they are so slow to attack compared to my the time they attack it's just a weak attack, usually, and/or my wizards being in the circle ahead of them usually made the kill first...which I want them to, since they are Death and can heal themselves that way.

I just don't see how the minions are at all
taunting. I am pretty sure they don't actually use the Taunt spell from the Ice school, so I am thinking that whenever he said that he meant that the minion attacking would draw aggro. Well...with the puny hits they make and the time it takes to get those attacks, it doesn't seem to happen. And if your minion just keeps using Fire Elf, much like the Fire Minion, it will never get noticed. Those Elves count for nothing to the mobs, even when it's an Ice mob and it boosts. The Ice mob will sit there burning to death and still keep hitting your wizard and not the one who caused it to disintegrate

The biggest spell I saw any minion use was the one time I ended up with the Banshee. She used Vampire. I am not fond of minions using same school spells, though. Being Death is a spirit school, I would much rather the minions use some elemental spells, which they usually do. It's just that the one Death spell they do use could really mess you up in a big fight.

Well, now we sit here and wonder what the morning might bring to W101. I am actually hoping that the extended maintenance is
only preparation for the pets. Though I did hurry on to all my wizards before the countdown to maintenance was over and distributed all my pets, just in case this is already going live. I can't believe that after, yet again, resetting the test realm that that they would already put this out Live, unless they had some kind of deadline they were trying to meet for some reason. I can't say KI has never rushed anything....people know how that happened with Grizzleheim. I really do hope they aren't rushing into things here and maybe they are only preparing data in the the live realm or maybe setting up some way of introducing the Pet Pavilion to the Live game without actually starting the madness that will be the Pet Pavilion and Hatchery.

Tune in later....

...and See ya in the Spiral!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Times in the Spiral!

Hi guys! It was a wonderful day in the Spiral, with the exception of servers being brought down mid-afternoon time here. And tonight my Internet went out, so I am actually writing this in WORD, which I have never used since getting this computer...LOL!

Today I was wanting to get a few more of my Grands pushed through Grizzleheim so that they would finally gain access to the Ravens. Well, I planned on taking a team of three through Ravenscar, mainly so I could hurry that many through, and also because two of those wizards are not real great fighters on their own(meaning their attack style is too slow and/or weak for my taste.) I wanted to make sure I had at least one really good attacker in the group with a big AOE.

Well, on my second account I only have two real attackers; Ice and Storm. Ice has already went through, so I didn't want her just to tag along. So I looked at my second Storm, Danielle Thunderblade, and I see she hasn't even made it as far as Ravenscar yet. It really can be tough, at times, keeping track of this many wizards.I have thought lately how nice it would be to only have one and how much more simple that would least in some ways. But I know I would get bored too. I really would run out of projects with only one.

So, I figured I better get Danielle caught up with H. Sandwalker(Balance,) and Alric Dreamhaven(Life.) So I took Danielle and Alric(because having a second makes things go faster,) and went and rushed through Saavarstaad Pass in about 45 minutes to an hour. Then went and took care of Vigrid Roughland in almost the same amount of time...which was when the Live realms came down, very suddenly....I mean there really was no warning and I was in the fight with the boss to get the key to least I was not IN Frostholm yet. All that showed was some box came up in the middle of the game screen saying that the servers were down for maintenance...WHAT?!?! the highest traffic time of day and without any warning?

I am thinking that KI must have had some kind of little emergency or something, I mean for them to yank servers down at that time is really odd. And apparently the Test Realm servers went down then too. Maybe there was no connection, but it sure was weird.

So I went and caught up on Law & Order and House. My DVR is constantly backed up. I am lucky to have it down to 70% full right now.

Finally the Live servers were back and I was able to get on and finish up Danielle's fight I got kicked out during, then went to Frostholm. I remember when I hated that place. Now it's such a breeze. I don't think it took even 30 minutes. But, of course, I had two GM's and I've done this how many times now?...not just for myself, but helped friends with it too.

I had so much stuff backed up on my wizards...seriously, I do really wish KI would release the new mount and gear and let us buy it with GOLD! But I have a feeling they will be more Crowns-only items. My wizards banks are overflowing and they can't carry much more these days, and most all of them are at the gold limit. It makes it really hard when I want to go help people out and, even, just hang out having fun farming with friends. I know; to many it's like "oh...poor you...I don't even have enough to buy a cheap mount/house"...Yeah, I know :-(

I actually wish I could give you some of what I have cause I donno what to do with it sometimes. But this comes from running through so many wizards and having most all day to do this stuff. I do wish that they raise the gold/coin max, but mainly because of how expensive the pet hatchery will be. Most of us GM's are going to be farming the Ravens like mad to keep up with costs. At least that will give me somewhere to waste my money o_O I know it will be some fun, but honestly, those games get boring very, very quick, and the same games over and over...only four to choose from, and it really isn't fair that they specialize in different stats to begin with. I mean what if you are only good at two of them?...or maybe even just one? Then you get a lopsided pet...or hope that you can catch the stats up with snacks so it's even.

Anyhow...I was moving stuff around in banks, selling and what-not when our beloved Pet Master, Edward, asked me if I was busy and if I could give him a hand. So I ported to him to help him finish off a quest, then continued to help him with a bunch more in Dragonspyre. It was a lot of fun, we had a good time! :D

I am starting to believe in two things now too, one I already knew:

1: I was meant to be Storm and my good luck with accuracy often proves itself...tonight was insane; I hit at least 5/6 Wild Bolts in a row, and with only the 10% Keen Eyes added to the Bolts and my Grand gear(15%)...which brings me to my second and and newer belief...

2: I now believe in that Grand gear. BUT, even though I can see it working with that it does not mean I won't switch to my "tank" gear now and then, especially if I am totally by myself. Sorry, but having a little resist for everything and a little more health has been very useful for living through a battle when not in a group. And, honestly; my accuracy/luck(I would call it luck) has always been pretty good on casting...and without additional accuracy boosters. I compare myself to other Storms I've seen that fizzle like my Fire wizards do. Which, by the way, my Fire Grand is wearing all Grand gear now and it really has helped her immensely. Dragon seems to work almost all the time now. But at least with Fire you can afford to lose that bit of's a little hard with Storm when you can't even have 2000 health as a GM and there are people in Marleybone with more health than you...I mean THAT is pitiful....makes you not even look like a Grandmaster.

Well, both Edward, his friend, and myself were shocked when those Bolts kept working. I always had a theory that the more you use a spell the better your chances. And if it's been a while since you used it it almost seems to need a short warm-up period. Though I do know at least one person out there will dismiss that...but I am talking from experience here....this is something I've been at a long time and for more hours than you can shake a stick at, so I've seen a lot more than most in a shorter amount of time.

So, while we are in DS my new friend, John Lifeglen, from Central whispers and tells me he is having a pet show in a little bit...wait...what?...Yes, a pet show!...and in the Live realm, at that! So I immediately must tell Edward: because the PET MASTER must go to a pet show...of course! So I ask Edward if he knows him and he doesn't have him on his list and I tell Edward what is going on and Edward says "have him come here." So I got to introduce Edward to John...which I know was a great connection being made there. So many of these people on Central sort of see each other more in passing through threads there, and they don't always get to meet each other, so that was cool.

John left to finish setting up his show and Edward, his friend, Daniel, myself as Emeraldflame, and my Alt. Keira, went to fight some bosses in the Crucible and go through Grimcaster's tower. It's always fun to visit Grimcaster; he's so cool...I want to shrink him and make him my pet and carry him around under my arm like a teddy bear xD (Yes, I really do have an odd obsession with those type monsters.)

After the tower we went to John's for the show. He had a stage at his house, made of rugs propped up on some crates in his living room. So we all took turns there showing our pets on the stage. I have so many of my pets spread across my wizards...not one wizard has a really great collection of them since they have been somewhat sorted to wizards they fit best. Keira really has few pets, I never really realized she had so few until My first Life Grand has a lot more, but I can't be on her and be Emeraldflame as well.

Let me tell you John has an AWESOME house, and without it being rugs everywhere too. Nothing against the use of the rug glitch, but I also like a house that is well put together, interesting...and one could actually stand to live in if it were real. John has obviously done some great Bazaar Sniping, and perhaps gotten some really great drops too. One really unique thing is that from house to house he has no duplicates of any item! That, in itself, is amazing! His main house is the big Marleybone Mansion, and that place can hold a LOT, so it's really awesome how he has so much stuff there and then in his other homes too.

I took a few pics of items I really liked that he had. I should have taken other pics, but I didn't want to just stand there while everyone was running from place to place, exploring. Here are a couple items I really want BAD:

Fire Pit(in the middle of the pic and in front of me:

Then there is the Marleybone or Grand Tent...this is something I have wanted for a long time since I sort of collect tents...hee!!! ...

...I know very few people who have this and I always love to see it since it's the only tent you can actually go cool!

I haven't had a lot of time to work on the twins lately, so they are still on Hyde Park. I did get them to level 28 tonight, though, and they did their Spell Quests. That was a real nuisance and a bore. I mean fighting Freddy Nine-Lives two separate times....I mean that is 18 battles! But I did take a video of Esmee's go with him....this made me wish I had Hyper-cam so it could be sped up(though I would rarely want that any other time.) But, please take a watch here of her go with him...

Animate acquired:

Other news, well the other day I helped out Kevin Battleblood with his comic, Mistblood, along with quite a few other people. Of course I can't and would never give away anything from that(what will be in a future page of his,) but I can say we had a lot of fun, and it was quite interesting for me to run three wizards doing different things at the same was a fun, sort of, chaos for me. I enjoy being able to help him out with his comic, so I hope I can continue to do that for him. Here is a picture of most everyone who participated(not including my alts)....not the best pic, but I had to take it fast...

It was great fun to meet everyone and friend all the people from Wandcast and Wizard101 Info Kids, as well as seeing everyone else there.

That's it for now - See ya in the Spiral!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Banner Plus Three Grandmasters Are Made Today!

Hey, all! Hopefully I haven't lost anyone following this blog since I very recently changed the URL(like last night.) I think it needed changed. As one friend pointed out last night; it was really long! So I am hoping that this shorter version will be easier to remember since it's just my main wizard's name :)

And to celebrate the new, shorter version of the blog's name I have made a newer version of the banner(see top of blog) with updated pics of all my wizards, and Mom's too(though she may change her's again sometime...she can not decide on a look.)

Been a busy day for me in the Spiral. I took Luis to do Sunken City. Here he is finishing off Grubb:

...yeah with Dragon. No he doesn't actually have the spell yet(only level 41) but I made a ton of cards, probably more than he will need to get to the point of it actually being his he had fun with his future spell today.Might as well burn those enhanced cards that are in-school types and taking up vault's the out of school ones that you want to hold onto like gold right now(use when you absolutely have to, cause who knows if KI will ever let us trade them again...I am not counting on it at all.)

Then I took him to Tomb of the Beguiler. I figured I might as well get this stuff out of the way, and nothing gets me more hyped up than a fun weekend of relaxing dungeon runs when I can just sink right into it and forget about anything else in the world.

Here is Luis finishing off with Ngozi:

After all that Mom(wizard: Gabrielle Iceweaver) was on so I decided we could take Savannah and Kaitlyn and continue the journey with the three of them.

We hit the Drake hatchery for the second round there; busted through the Safe House, defeated Viktor Snowcrusher, talked one more time to Castamir Silverdrake. We all hit Grandmaster(Savannah and Gabrielle at the same time, and Kaitlyn a little while later.)

Grandmaster sandwich, anyone?...

...Very crunchy; armor and swords are bad for the digestive system ;)

So, now what? Hmmm?...well, I plan to relax for the rest of the night, maybe get the Vampire Twins out a little, but I think I did enough hardcore(haha) Wizarding for one day.
Emeraldflame has a mannequin to work on, so I may just relax and do some reagent hunting while listening to some music; good times :)

Oh, on a side note; I did get to watch Avatar, finally. That is THE BEST movie! It's a bit sad, but the beauty of the film overrides all the sadness for me. I mean from an artistic point of view is truly amazing! And the story is one that people should pay attention to. I know it got sort of a bad rap on the story, but it also depends on what you take that story to parallel. To me it covers a lot more things that have happened in history, not just recent events. I think there are lessons that could be learned from this film; if only people would listen. But I won't go all into politics and such, this isn't the place for it. No matter how you view the movie, even if you see it as just it's own individual story and don't see the parallels, it's still a wonderful film. So go buy it if you haven't seen it...and even if you have seen it: GO BUY IT! :D

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Secret Project...

I wasn't going to reveal this for a while but I figure what fun is it, really, if I can't share it in my blog to people?

Not so long ago I had this post. Apparently no one either cared or would try to take a guess as to what that last picture was :-/

But I am going to reveal, now, who those wizards are. They are my special project. I call them The Vampire Twins(or The Halloween Kids.) They are both Necromancers, of course. Their entire purpose is to become Grands by Halloween(for reasons I will explain,) which shouldn't be too hard for me. But the catch is that, like all good vampires, they do only come out at night to I don't really spend that much time a "day" on them, sometimes even go days without getting to have them out.

Since a wizard can only do the Halloween quests one time and most all of mine will have already done them, I wanted to have a couple that COULD do it. Halloween in the Spiral is so much fun after all.

I have been slowly working on them now for a while and tonight they made it to Marleybone, both are level 27 now.

As far as these being permanent additions to my "wizard family," more than likely only the guy will stay. Esmee, the girl, is the sixth on her account, and after having one completely full account with my first, I have found it to be a good idea to have at least one open spot for special projects. But I will, more than likely, never delete any of the wizards on that first account...they each mean too much to me to delete.

The guy, Valerian, will most likely be staying. He will also be my second and last Necromancer I make
to keep. It's, honestly, not my favorite school. I mean it can be fun, but to me it's also partially a nuisance with all those many traps, just to get a decent hit on DS bosses...and in my opinion Curse is usually a waste unless using it for support to other wizards. I mean Storm has a 20% trap with Windstorm, but at least it covers EVERY enemy, not just one. I know...Death is not meant to be quite as efficient of a power attacker as Storm. Also, unless you PvP there are a lot of Death spells that are a real waste to a PvE person like myself. Death does have other purposes, and there are many things about Death that are fun, and good...especially leeching. It's just never been that big of a thing to me.

Anyhow, this is how I will be able to ensure I will be able to do Halloween this year. After it's over Esmee will be deleted, though she may...also like all good vampires, be resurrected next year. I would keep the name and run a new version of her with the same look...and she would have that added bonus of having a level 48 pet already while still a noob. Cause you know everyone hates it when they see a noob with a level 48 pet ;-)

I will update the Vampire Twins' journey every once in a while here. For now, here are some pics of the kids....scary as they are with their pale faces and black hair...though not digging the phos. maul with their Halloween colored Marleybone clothes. But you just can't beat that wand with the power pip at their level:

Here they are with the look they kept from Wizard City through most of Krokotopia:

At the Death School Tower, level 25:

Ready to start Hyde Park in Marleybone, level 27:

*Special note here: this is the first time I have ever run two wizards, on my own, all the way through the main game. I have usually added in a second(more experienced wizard) towards the end of MS or later, if I added a second at all. So it's somewhat a nuisance with all the constant teleporting all the way through these places. But they are a fun pair to run, it kind of makes up for that nuisance some there :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Limited Time Offer for Gift Card Redemtion

From email:

Experience even more magic
Get ready to explore Wizard City!

Redeem any $20 Wizard101 retail gift card between 5/17 and 6/6 and
when you redeem a $10 Wizard101 gift card
purchased from GameStop!

Friday, May 14, 2010

What 's been going on?

Well, on my end here I have been doing a bunch of little things here and there.

In game I've been working with mom on our Ice wizards, plus I've had Kaitlyn(balance,) who is the same level, tag along with us for most of the things we have done lately. We all completed our Level 48 quests, got our pets and our new spells. The Ice and Balance school level 48 quests are a cinch, seriously. I honestly think Myth has the worst level 48 spell quest, but it still wasn't too bad.

We did the Labyrinth yesterday, Today we worked on our Obsidian Chest Quest, and all we have left of that is to hit the Labyrinth again.
We also went to fight Jotun today. Mom got her highest hit ever, so I am proud of her! 11k+ with Colossus....nice! I out-did her slightly, but it's just cause the robe I have gives added damage. For any up and coming Ice wizards out there; I highly recommend the Hyperborean Wrap, which you have to get on drop in higher levels of Grizzleheim, unfortunately. It's so worth it though! There might be some other ice robes out there with more health for level 45-49, but they probably don't have as nice of a mix of stats. There is another Ice robe out there that has a little higher resist and such, but the health is only 295 on it. And if you are level 45+ and have a pet that gives extra resistance too, well you will have some awesome stats if you use this robe. It is so nice that my other, older, wizards have been able to get these cool clothes to pass on to their newer family member.

If you don't have other wizards on your account that could go farm this for your up and coming Ice, well, then see if some of your slightly higher level friends might be cool with taking you to the Coven(if they have access.) It drops pretty often there, and I believe from some other places in Ravenscar too.

Anyway, the group are all nearly level 49 now, so it won't be much longer before they all dawn their Grandmaster gear and ride off into the sunset...until Celestia comes out. Savannah and Kaitlyn should be totally set on their GM robe, athame, and ring, and Gabrielle(mom,) is set with her robe. I will have to help her farm the other pieces. Then, of course there are the boots and hat...though Ice gets shafted on the boots, so we will probably do something else with that. Anyone who reads my blog much knows I am not a huge fan of any of the GM boots and hats anyhow...though I have the hats and boots for some, I rarely use them, unless in a group or for some other Death vs. Death...then that extra resistance is really nice!

Other than that, I have been hanging out with some friends on some nights(they know who they are ;-) ,) raiding the Coven, doing a little Briskbreeze, we did Malistaire last night...I joke that Malistaire's doesn't give my oldest account anything good anymore since I've been through it so much...and that is usually true. Best thing I came out of there with was a Fire Athame, but it's not like I need it. I'm ok with getting the other random stuff if others can get their gear they need....I just wish Mali would quit dropping those Ruined Paintings xD I would at least like something I can sell for a decent amount.
We also had been doing a little Mytheon, but haven't really in a few days now....hopefully we will again soon, but I know we all got projects we are working on. Like I have one that is "somewhat" secret that I try to work on nights when I have nothing else to do.

I have also been in and out of the test realm. I am glad things are a little more clam on there now, but wondering if it's cause other people are kinda, already, bored with it too?
I have raised Duncan, Danielle's Stormzilla, from Teen to *nearly*Adult. I mean if I go in and play like two games or so right this minute he will be an Adult. I am going to try and breed him with Taz and see what to find out right now with using fake money and coin, than when this goes Live.

I still feel like the pets thing appeals more to competitive PvP-type people more with the Derby. I will be happy if I can get a good battle pet out of all that behaves themselves breaking traps, etc. As far as I am concerned our pets were fine as they were for level 48 pets. We worked a long time to get those pets and now they want us to work even more to hatch, train, and "improve" our pets back to at least
one stat they HAD been coming with...talking about the automatic 5% power pip chance that they had always kindly given us. And now they want to take that away from a lot of us and make us have to spend a lot of time and money to get it back. I say "Boo!" to KI on that part. If you wanted to have other stats; that is fine. But don't go messing with the power pip chance we worked so hard to get with our pet from our quests. Levels 48-60 will already have done enough other things than to have to mess with breeding and spending more coin and crowns(if you go that route) in order to have a pet that is at least as good as they were before this change takes effect.

I also really hope, and even mom mentioned too, that they really need to raise the maximum on our coins. Breeding costs at least 80k, right? So, let us higher levels people save up the coin to do that as well as be able to buy our houses, mounts, and whatever else we think we need to. I don't think raising the max. to 200k is asking so much?!?!

And along those same lines...and I know a certain accountant-in-the-making will disagree with this, but it HAS worked on other sites: Make a Wizard101 banking system with different Savings Account tiers that earn better levels of interest the more you save/keep in the bank. You could make that interest daily(like Neopets,) or make it weekly or monthly. BUT have a catch to it like; the wizard must actually go to the bank and collect their interest. Not everyone is going to remember to do that, so it won't really get too crazy. That is what Neopets did with their banking system. They made it a daily activity, which makes people have, yet another, reason to want to log in; to collect.

I also think that having a real banking system within the game will help the younger people here to learn how to save instead of "spend, spend, spend." I always liked seeing my account gain interest and the savings get bigger when I use to play at Neo.

So, anyhow...other stuff...
I helped out the Pet Master go through Kensington a bit the other day. I took in my oldest Life Grand. I always liked Jadeblade....she is like my "Medical Ninja(/tank)," such a fun character to play cause most everyone always appreciates the Life person in the group(unlike Storm that everyone hates.)

Tonight I listened to and watched the Livestream of Dustin Mooncatcher, Friendly Necro, and company on their little Coven run. I went to the party for a minute after that but didn't stay too long cause I had been in the middle of working on Luis, who I haven't had as much time for lately, while I was watching that. Gotta love the little pop-out windows that Livestream lets you have, so you can actually watch something while doing something else.

Luis just finished up Cave of Solitude, basically did it all today. Now he is heading to Kishibe Village. I so LOVE Scald....what a great spell that is! It's been a long time since I really used it a lot on my Fire Grand. Though I do still pull it out to use with the Defense Pox and that lady in much fun! "Shields? What shields???"

In real life it's been a busy and tiring week for me. I donno, I just haven't had much energy lately. The weather here really doesn't help anything...up and down all the time, never steady...and always a dampness in the air, whether hot or cold out. And cold and damp is the worst!
But I have been trying to catch up on TV(sorry, I am older so I still like real TV shows on real TVs, not I still need to catch up on a bunch of shows though.

This past Sunday was my birthday and mom got me Avatar on DVD. I have not yet seen this movie but I am sure I will probably like it. Please no one who has seen it tell me about it! I really need to set aside a little time to watch this movie as from what I had heard it was pretty Epic! I am a huge movie-fan though, I even like the really old black and white stuff. There is something about those old movies that I just love! I even watched one this afternoon...though had seen it before. It was called Thunder Rock...great movie, but I am sure most younger people would get bored with

Here is a question I have for any of you:
Do any of your wizards have theme songs? Some of mine do. Maybe I will share that more at a later time. But I am wondering what your wizard's theme songs are or would be if they had one, and why did you pick it?

Well, hope everyone in the Spiral is having fun out there...I will see ya around!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lame Pet Issue & a Record Breaker

Ok, so I get on the Test Realm for a few minutes today. First I will say that those who have Epic pets are now bored and don't even have anyone to race and have already messed up their pets stats enough that they can no longer do anything "fun" in the test realm. That was evidenced by just hanging out and people-watching for a bit, seeing what people were talking about.

Anyhow, I wanted to compare my two Grandmaster Storm's pets.

Heather Emeraldflame, my oldest wizard, has a Ancient Stormzilla(Taz,) which I have barely played with on the Test cause I had been messing with Dakota, her Storm Hound when I have been on...cause he just looks so cute running ;-)
When I first got on with Emeraldflame in the TR Taz only had a power pip chance of 4...and he still has that same chance since he has hardly done any training.

So, I get Danielle Thunderblade, who has not even been in the TR, hasn't even been to see Merle about the quest to get in there yet. And I look at her
Teen Stormzilla, and he has 5% power pip chance!

Why is this? Taz is older and more experienced by default. Neither have had any real training done to them. So why does young Duncan have more of a power pip chance he is giving?

See, this is why the entire Pet training and all that seems like a big joke to me. This just shows there is no rhyme or reason to this. There is nothing you can really do to "groom" a perfect pet. You might get close. You might get a few traits you want. You might also get some you don't care for. But two Stormzilla pets with age really being the only difference and the older one is not as good as the younger?!?! Something doesn't gel right with that. Shouldn't Emeraldflame have a more powerful pet beside her in combat, as compared to Danielle....who really hasn't been around so long?

See, it's one of the many reasons I like having two-three accounts. I can compare and contrast these type of things. And, honestly, KI, this really makes no sense at all. If anything my older wizard should start with the better pet in this expansion. I mean Taz is Ancient. What would happen if he hit Epic? Would he lose another power pip percentage? It seem like that needs to be fixed!

Check out my Stormzilla's Stat Sheets here and see the problem:

Younger Duncan's stats:

Older Taz's Stats:

And now for something just plain bizarre...

In case you didn't see Kevin Battleblood's blog already, a few of us got together this night and did some funky damage using sacrifice minion. In FACT it IS the highest damage ever. Though I will be honest and say this is not your normal damage for the simple fact that this spell was never intended to be used in this way. Meaning it was never meant to be used to get a huge attack hit. It was intended to do a job: kill off your minion and heal you. Well, in this case the minion was hit so hard he healed too! It's pretty crazy....even though I am more of a pure damage person(Kevin, forgive me for that,) meaning I like a huge(number) hit from an attack spell that kills some enemies. I guess to some that doesn't matter....they just want numbers even without the kill(which takes away the,) but it's something I always enjoyed more. "Behold! Aren't you impressed? The product pursuing refined linework matched with two-dimensional deformation! H'm! Now this is art! But my art doesn't end here! None of my works are static! When they have physical form, they're little more than models, h'm! But this explodes! And with that explosion, its essence is propelled to greatness, at that moment of becoming the true work of art I intended! And in that fleeting moment of grandeur that I see true art! H'm! Art is an explosion!!
"...Naruto fans will get the reference ;-)

Enjoy Kevin's experiment coming to a conclusion here with Negative numbers as the result. He explains that more on his blog....I am no Mathematician xD

My footage(unfortunately my video recorder had issues, so I had to take the raw footage and chop it up, so it's not very in sync):

Screen Shot of hit(which is sorta cool looking):

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emeraldflame - New Boots, New Colors!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment to help me choose colors for my new gear. The trim color I finally decided on was Dark Purple. Sorry to those who liked the Light Purple, but it is very clashy and probably would hurt everyone's eyes, as a couple of you mentioned, when the new, brighter colors come out in the Live Realms.

Two tries tonight and Emeraldflame got her boots. This was something I have been working on for days now. In fact I had so much stuff that when I finally did get the boots tonight they went, unknowingly) into my bank:

There goes the health...and now
I can retire to WC where the noobs might think I have high health, even though it's not even 2000.

Well, I kept my old outfit for those times when I'd rather have more health, etc....which until they decide to bury Storm School for good, will probably be quite often.

Honestly, is there any
good reason why we are the only school considered an attack-type that REALLY has to worry about shields?

I am thinking once the expansion hits I might as well permanently become Heather Fireslinger and my nickname can be "Fizzle," since that is one of the two things Fire seems to excel matter what the cards say....this is from experience!

Anyhow, without further ado, here is my "new" look...and standing next to Torrence(now I know why he has that look on his face..."I'm with ya, Torrence, they just don't like us Storm people."):

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Improvements? Seems They Still plan to Ruin PvE for some Schools.

KI is so involved in their new Christmas present to players that they have forced the original and main part of the game to take a back seat to this new pet chaos.

This is what they state on the Test Realm log in:

Some Minor Changes to the Test Realm
Based on your feedback and taking a look at the bug reports that have come in, we've made some preliminary adjustments, including:
  1. fixed many of the crash issues
  2. lowered the Pet Energy regeneration time
  3. added WASD key support to the minigames
  4. resolved the 'Your partner has left' issue with the Hatchery
  5. fixed some issues with loss of control in the Derby
  6. corrected many of the pet talent discrepancies
If you encountered any of these issues before, please log in again and let us know if you still encounter those same issues.


As I feared, they only listened to SOME people and some things. And the funny thing is most of those people have ways to get rid of 80% shields when one is placed in their way.

Here's an idea: how about giving Storm Lord a DoT like Fire Dragon? At least, then, I could go ahead and attack with that(though I'd rather use Tempest,) and I would have peace of mind in knowing that even though my initial attack didn't least the DoT that would follow could finish the job.

That, or give us a spell to remove shields; like Steal Ward or Pierce.

I really don't care about anything in the Hatchery or Pet Park. You are ruining a game that was fine without the "flashy lights."
You are punishing an entire community for what a few bad apples have done.

How many people are even going to want to play Storm, Balance or Life after this? Especially Storm...I mean if we can't attack then what are we there for? Anyone who knows better will go take Fire or Ice so they have a way around these problems. And, even Death, has a they get health back when attacking., Myth can completely ignore the first myth shield placed in their way. These other schools have way too many advantages and I could sit here and name them all, but I won't.

I almost went to mess around in the test realm today, but when I read that those were the only improvements made....well, it was rather I didn't even log in.

I don't need fancy pets and junk to make a game fun. I just want the system to work for all of us, not just some.

The simple solution really is to keep Treasures out of PvP.
And if people are going to complain that they were scammed out of some pixels which they were promised other pixels for....well, those people need to get a life and see there are far worse things that can happen in the world. It's not even like real money is involved here. Try someday waking up and finding out some crazy people in Iraq drained your savings account and your credit union didn't bother on telling you. Well, that happened to me a few years ago after 9-11. And let me tell you: that is a horror to someone in my situation, not losing a few pixels.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Want YOUR Opinion!

I have been considering getting Emeraldflame a new Guardian outfit so that I can stitch the Grandmaster hat and boot stats into, while still keeping the old outfit for times when I want more health, pips, and global resistance.

I still need to get her boots. I have tried many times and will be trying more. So when I do get them I would like to know what you all think on the colors I am choosing here. There isn't a big difference, but just want to know what you all think.

My favorite color is what the base will be. I like the Storm-purple, but I have always loved turquoise...the color of the waters in the Caribbean. But what I want to know is should I go with light or dark purple for trim?

Sorry these pictures can't be bigger, but here they are:

Dark Purple:

Light Purple:

I think I am somewhat partial to the dark, but just wondering what anyone else thinks :)

Please leave a comment and let me know...