Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Banner Plus Three Grandmasters Are Made Today!

Hey, all! Hopefully I haven't lost anyone following this blog since I very recently changed the URL(like last night.) I think it needed changed. As one friend pointed out last night; it was really long! So I am hoping that this shorter version will be easier to remember since it's just my main wizard's name :)

And to celebrate the new, shorter version of the blog's name I have made a newer version of the banner(see top of blog) with updated pics of all my wizards, and Mom's too(though she may change her's again sometime...she can not decide on a look.)

Been a busy day for me in the Spiral. I took Luis to do Sunken City. Here he is finishing off Grubb:

...yeah with Dragon. No he doesn't actually have the spell yet(only level 41) but I made a ton of cards, probably more than he will need to get to the point of it actually being his he had fun with his future spell today.Might as well burn those enhanced cards that are in-school types and taking up vault's the out of school ones that you want to hold onto like gold right now(use when you absolutely have to, cause who knows if KI will ever let us trade them again...I am not counting on it at all.)

Then I took him to Tomb of the Beguiler. I figured I might as well get this stuff out of the way, and nothing gets me more hyped up than a fun weekend of relaxing dungeon runs when I can just sink right into it and forget about anything else in the world.

Here is Luis finishing off with Ngozi:

After all that Mom(wizard: Gabrielle Iceweaver) was on so I decided we could take Savannah and Kaitlyn and continue the journey with the three of them.

We hit the Drake hatchery for the second round there; busted through the Safe House, defeated Viktor Snowcrusher, talked one more time to Castamir Silverdrake. We all hit Grandmaster(Savannah and Gabrielle at the same time, and Kaitlyn a little while later.)

Grandmaster sandwich, anyone?...

...Very crunchy; armor and swords are bad for the digestive system ;)

So, now what? Hmmm?...well, I plan to relax for the rest of the night, maybe get the Vampire Twins out a little, but I think I did enough hardcore(haha) Wizarding for one day.
Emeraldflame has a mannequin to work on, so I may just relax and do some reagent hunting while listening to some music; good times :)

Oh, on a side note; I did get to watch Avatar, finally. That is THE BEST movie! It's a bit sad, but the beauty of the film overrides all the sadness for me. I mean from an artistic point of view is truly amazing! And the story is one that people should pay attention to. I know it got sort of a bad rap on the story, but it also depends on what you take that story to parallel. To me it covers a lot more things that have happened in history, not just recent events. I think there are lessons that could be learned from this film; if only people would listen. But I won't go all into politics and such, this isn't the place for it. No matter how you view the movie, even if you see it as just it's own individual story and don't see the parallels, it's still a wonderful film. So go buy it if you haven't seen it...and even if you have seen it: GO BUY IT! :D

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  1. Gratz a lot of work done in a day!

    I edited the url that I had for you in my blog-now changed to what a coincidence lol!


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