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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Day of Advanced Pets on Live

Well, I would love to hear what others are feeling about all of this, especially those with more than say 4-5 Grandmasters. I am finding it pretty impossible to be able to train even one pet on every single one of my wizards PLUS have the time for doing anything else. The training itself isn't even very fun. What it is is very monotonous and very expensive.

What I would rather be doing:
  • Being able to talk to friends and do things with them, help them out if needed.
  • Farm for new pets that can be got from "boss" drops(boss in quotes because Rattlebones is not and never has been an actual boss, he is only a Elite.)
  • Working on Luis
  • Working on the Vampire Twins
  • Helping friends with setting new records
  • Have a certain friend help me out with something not involving being on W101, but possibly having something to do with that in the future(hint; Kevin B. ;) )
  • Working with Mom's wizard, my Savannah, and Kaitlyn and finishing Dragonspyre
  • Helping Mom farm for her Grandmaster gear
  • Having coin to buy Savannah, Alric, and Luis houses....which seems impossible with the expense of the pet thing if I continue that
  • Having time to be able to keep up with Twitter while I play...seemed impossible today.
  • Having time to be able to keep up with people's blogs....also seemed impossible today :-/
  • Feeling like I can get off the computer for an hour and go watch TV...maybe eat...without losing time on training.
  • ...oh, and I would like to have enough time to blog leftover more often.
I am sure there are other things, but those are what pop into my mind immediately.

I am not saying the entire pet thing is bad. It isn't. But the costs alone are enough to make you rethink it.

On more positive notes I will say that I am extremely happy to have my Swiftshadow Wings for my Main, as well as the Trident....Emeraldflame looks too awesome now :D
I will be getting the wings for Danielle Thunderblade too, but I didn't really have time to even do that with her once things got going.

Also I really could enjoy trying to collect all the new, different pets, or at least most of them. I mean they really made some cool pets, and it seems somewhat sad that I am wasting all this time and energy(quite literally) on leveling up my old pets that I never had use for before this.

I actually had a somewhat decent day of it all, I just felt like I couldn't breath and I felt like I was being forced to have to work on much so that it seemed almost a task to stop and talk to people cause it was taking away from training and snack finding/buying/crafting time.

I play this game to relax, and when it starts to become work I get bored, tired, frustrated....I don't have fun with it anymore.

What I did have fun with today was farming the coven with friends, most of us got a Silverback Wildclaw pet at some point during the farming. I also took my two Storms and farmed Herkir a little and on the first try Emeraldflame got the Storm Cat(I so can't wait until the egg hatches...such a long wait(24 hours).) Later in the evening I took H. Nightshade and went and farmed Rattlebones. I got the Myth Sprite on maybe the second or third try. Then took her to Lord Nightshade(her father,) and she got a one-day use Purple Glider and two Dark Blue Banshee though....yet.

Now we have more maintenance tonight on W101. I must say there are some bug, for certain. Some people can't even press "X" to interact with NPCs, portals, treasure chests. There is stil an invisible "thing: you can run into in Regeant Square. Some of the graphics are really messed up too. Satyr looks like he is stuck on a pole and barely moves when he is supposed to be dancing. He also has a sort of 3-point cross-hair underneath him when he is dancing(looks suspiciously like a model stand.) The Humongofrog snack is spelled wrong....I don't *think* it was intended to say "Humongo
frong." In a group when more than one AoE is used, even after the mobs are killed, if one person had used a AoE it goes off anyway...even with nothing left to hit o_O

Some of the graphics are just way too to the point of needing sunglasses(and I really feel sorry for people who get migraines and have to look at all this,) and seriously; you can only adjust brightness so much. If you turn down the brightness it just makes the dark areas so dark you can't see them correctly. It's like certain things and areas are on "glow." Certain areas of water and Storm spells involving water now have no texture and are way too bright blue. Anyone ever seen the sea during a storm?'s not bright colored, it's dark and ripply(has texture)...ominous. It certainly shouldn't be bright aqua blue and flat looking with sparkly splashes. The water in back of the main fort in GH is extraordinarily flat looking, and the waterfall is so bright you will go blind trying to get to the cat tails out there. Everything in the balance house is seriously on glow's just all way too much. Then there are some new sounds...Dryad, for, a little weird for a game geared towards young people. I will say that Storm Lord so much more clear with his thunder around him. And there is the oldie but goodie...which made me oh, so happy to hear; Seraph....that actually made me smile and very happy every time I heard that today.

I'm sure there are other bugs that need to be worked out, but it's all I can really think of right now.

Also it isn't to say that some graphics haven't improved; Anyone notice the Frostflowers?...they are awesome looking now, and I think bigger too. Also some spell creature details seem much more crisp, as well as texture on roads and sidewalks. Triton Avenue, I noticed this on most...on the way towards the bridge near the Kraken. And speaking of Krakens; he looks a little better, the spell I mean. Nice that the details seem sharper, same with Storm Lord. And Scarecrow seems slightly different now in that it doesn't happen so fast that you can't see what the damage and leech totals were. The Frost Giant is certainly different, a little faster to disappear, but he seems to really linger(blow more) when stunning.

Anyhow, I would appreciate some feedback, pointers, if anyone has any on how to deal with this many wizards training pets....and still have time to have fun. There just doesn't seem to be an efficient way to do them all.

Well...maybe I can go relax for one hour before falling asleep now....that would be nice....

See ya(later on) in the Spiral!...


  1. The glow effects are Bloom, if you turn Bloom off in your graphics settings it goes away. Near as I can tell there's no way to turn it down though, just on or off.

  2. Sierra: Thanks so much for that! I knew the best place to see how that would work was at my Balance house, so I wen there and did as you said; Sooo much better! I can see textures again too :D

    I also went to GH and at the waterfall in back of the fort at Northguard and messed around a bit on the graphics settings. Having bloom off really helped, but then turning the brightness down a little helped too, but I know it was the bloom that made the big difference. I can see ripples in the water again and run through the waterfall without being blinded...Yay! The water, still, isn't as perfect as it was before, but it's much improved from what I was seeing yesterday.

    Can't wait to see what my Storm spells will look like now....hopefully Tempest will be much clearer looking :)
    Also, with Life, Regen. should be a lot better was awful yesterday.

    Also, Reed Giantpetal, at Twitter, posted this link, from central, for those who might still have troubles:

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  4. IKR? I was on Test in the balance house and I was like "Is it sposed to be this bright?"


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