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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Improvements? Seems They Still plan to Ruin PvE for some Schools.

KI is so involved in their new Christmas present to players that they have forced the original and main part of the game to take a back seat to this new pet chaos.

This is what they state on the Test Realm log in:

Some Minor Changes to the Test Realm
Based on your feedback and taking a look at the bug reports that have come in, we've made some preliminary adjustments, including:
  1. fixed many of the crash issues
  2. lowered the Pet Energy regeneration time
  3. added WASD key support to the minigames
  4. resolved the 'Your partner has left' issue with the Hatchery
  5. fixed some issues with loss of control in the Derby
  6. corrected many of the pet talent discrepancies
If you encountered any of these issues before, please log in again and let us know if you still encounter those same issues.


As I feared, they only listened to SOME people and some things. And the funny thing is most of those people have ways to get rid of 80% shields when one is placed in their way.

Here's an idea: how about giving Storm Lord a DoT like Fire Dragon? At least, then, I could go ahead and attack with that(though I'd rather use Tempest,) and I would have peace of mind in knowing that even though my initial attack didn't least the DoT that would follow could finish the job.

That, or give us a spell to remove shields; like Steal Ward or Pierce.

I really don't care about anything in the Hatchery or Pet Park. You are ruining a game that was fine without the "flashy lights."
You are punishing an entire community for what a few bad apples have done.

How many people are even going to want to play Storm, Balance or Life after this? Especially Storm...I mean if we can't attack then what are we there for? Anyone who knows better will go take Fire or Ice so they have a way around these problems. And, even Death, has a they get health back when attacking., Myth can completely ignore the first myth shield placed in their way. These other schools have way too many advantages and I could sit here and name them all, but I won't.

I almost went to mess around in the test realm today, but when I read that those were the only improvements made....well, it was rather I didn't even log in.

I don't need fancy pets and junk to make a game fun. I just want the system to work for all of us, not just some.

The simple solution really is to keep Treasures out of PvP.
And if people are going to complain that they were scammed out of some pixels which they were promised other pixels for....well, those people need to get a life and see there are far worse things that can happen in the world. It's not even like real money is involved here. Try someday waking up and finding out some crazy people in Iraq drained your savings account and your credit union didn't bother on telling you. Well, that happened to me a few years ago after 9-11. And let me tell you: that is a horror to someone in my situation, not losing a few pixels.


  1. Um, fire doesn't do much damage it has rounds afterwards that follow after that... ex: dragon, fire elf... Storm is way different I recommend you read this:

  2. Did I ever say Fire does high damage, Malorn? I don't think I did!

    My point is they have a DoT that follows Dragon...Storm Lord could really use that so it could actually FINISH an enemy off that has shielded. I'd even be fine with it if they want to back off the dmamge SL has now, as long as I was making some impact instead of having my attack be halted by a shield.

  3. Oh alright, in most pvp cases some storms use mutated storm cards like storm elf etc...

  4. I have done that too. But remember that mutations are ENHANCEED cards(cards we will no longer be able to any Storm w/o Fire will not be able to have them,) and not all Storm people have Fire up to Fire Elf in order to be able to make Lightning Elf Cards. My main has always had at least some Fire, and she has up to Fire Elf. But my second Storm, Danielle, does not have Fire at all. Instead she has Reshuffle, which my main doesn't have.

    I WAS, before this announcement, going to turn in my Crowns for training points for Emeraldflame and get Reshuffle added and drop the Fire, but I think, now, I will keep it.

    However, I think I will keep Danielle as she is and try other things.

    I hate not having Reshuffle on all my Grands, but as you, Malorn, have not tried every single school, you would not realize just how hard it is to manage training points on a Storm Wizard. This is especially true if you plan to solo much at all. Storm absolutely must take Life in order to be able to solo the game. Especially now that we won't be able to trade even Satyrs.

    Then, as Storm, you spend the rest of you points building the perfect killing machine.Some take Myth for the traps. I don't care about those traps because they rarely come in useful unless I am using a prism. And if I really need those traps I can always bring in my Myth Grand. I also have most of my "helpers"(Life and Balance wizards) carry a Myth trap amulet...for those rare times when I might want a myth trap. My Life and Balance carry all kinds of other amulets to help out Storm and Fire, as well.

    Personally I went for Death to get Feint, as a third school...much more universally useful. Sometimes having those Death spells, as Storm, at lower levels, was nice be able to cause damage and heal myself.


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