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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Secret Project...

I wasn't going to reveal this for a while but I figure what fun is it, really, if I can't share it in my blog to people?

Not so long ago I had this post. Apparently no one either cared or would try to take a guess as to what that last picture was :-/

But I am going to reveal, now, who those wizards are. They are my special project. I call them The Vampire Twins(or The Halloween Kids.) They are both Necromancers, of course. Their entire purpose is to become Grands by Halloween(for reasons I will explain,) which shouldn't be too hard for me. But the catch is that, like all good vampires, they do only come out at night to I don't really spend that much time a "day" on them, sometimes even go days without getting to have them out.

Since a wizard can only do the Halloween quests one time and most all of mine will have already done them, I wanted to have a couple that COULD do it. Halloween in the Spiral is so much fun after all.

I have been slowly working on them now for a while and tonight they made it to Marleybone, both are level 27 now.

As far as these being permanent additions to my "wizard family," more than likely only the guy will stay. Esmee, the girl, is the sixth on her account, and after having one completely full account with my first, I have found it to be a good idea to have at least one open spot for special projects. But I will, more than likely, never delete any of the wizards on that first account...they each mean too much to me to delete.

The guy, Valerian, will most likely be staying. He will also be my second and last Necromancer I make
to keep. It's, honestly, not my favorite school. I mean it can be fun, but to me it's also partially a nuisance with all those many traps, just to get a decent hit on DS bosses...and in my opinion Curse is usually a waste unless using it for support to other wizards. I mean Storm has a 20% trap with Windstorm, but at least it covers EVERY enemy, not just one. I know...Death is not meant to be quite as efficient of a power attacker as Storm. Also, unless you PvP there are a lot of Death spells that are a real waste to a PvE person like myself. Death does have other purposes, and there are many things about Death that are fun, and good...especially leeching. It's just never been that big of a thing to me.

Anyhow, this is how I will be able to ensure I will be able to do Halloween this year. After it's over Esmee will be deleted, though she may...also like all good vampires, be resurrected next year. I would keep the name and run a new version of her with the same look...and she would have that added bonus of having a level 48 pet already while still a noob. Cause you know everyone hates it when they see a noob with a level 48 pet ;-)

I will update the Vampire Twins' journey every once in a while here. For now, here are some pics of the kids....scary as they are with their pale faces and black hair...though not digging the phos. maul with their Halloween colored Marleybone clothes. But you just can't beat that wand with the power pip at their level:

Here they are with the look they kept from Wizard City through most of Krokotopia:

At the Death School Tower, level 25:

Ready to start Hyde Park in Marleybone, level 27:

*Special note here: this is the first time I have ever run two wizards, on my own, all the way through the main game. I have usually added in a second(more experienced wizard) towards the end of MS or later, if I added a second at all. So it's somewhat a nuisance with all the constant teleporting all the way through these places. But they are a fun pair to run, it kind of makes up for that nuisance some there :)


  1. I'm rooting you on! How about some video posts of their crucial questing times, like spell quests or dungeon runs? :) Would be neat to see how battles are handled by a one-person-band, double death

  2. Very frightened of them hope I don't run into them for Halloween lol...


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