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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Friday, May 14, 2010

What 's been going on?

Well, on my end here I have been doing a bunch of little things here and there.

In game I've been working with mom on our Ice wizards, plus I've had Kaitlyn(balance,) who is the same level, tag along with us for most of the things we have done lately. We all completed our Level 48 quests, got our pets and our new spells. The Ice and Balance school level 48 quests are a cinch, seriously. I honestly think Myth has the worst level 48 spell quest, but it still wasn't too bad.

We did the Labyrinth yesterday, Today we worked on our Obsidian Chest Quest, and all we have left of that is to hit the Labyrinth again.
We also went to fight Jotun today. Mom got her highest hit ever, so I am proud of her! 11k+ with Colossus....nice! I out-did her slightly, but it's just cause the robe I have gives added damage. For any up and coming Ice wizards out there; I highly recommend the Hyperborean Wrap, which you have to get on drop in higher levels of Grizzleheim, unfortunately. It's so worth it though! There might be some other ice robes out there with more health for level 45-49, but they probably don't have as nice of a mix of stats. There is another Ice robe out there that has a little higher resist and such, but the health is only 295 on it. And if you are level 45+ and have a pet that gives extra resistance too, well you will have some awesome stats if you use this robe. It is so nice that my other, older, wizards have been able to get these cool clothes to pass on to their newer family member.

If you don't have other wizards on your account that could go farm this for your up and coming Ice, well, then see if some of your slightly higher level friends might be cool with taking you to the Coven(if they have access.) It drops pretty often there, and I believe from some other places in Ravenscar too.

Anyway, the group are all nearly level 49 now, so it won't be much longer before they all dawn their Grandmaster gear and ride off into the sunset...until Celestia comes out. Savannah and Kaitlyn should be totally set on their GM robe, athame, and ring, and Gabrielle(mom,) is set with her robe. I will have to help her farm the other pieces. Then, of course there are the boots and hat...though Ice gets shafted on the boots, so we will probably do something else with that. Anyone who reads my blog much knows I am not a huge fan of any of the GM boots and hats anyhow...though I have the hats and boots for some, I rarely use them, unless in a group or for some other Death vs. Death...then that extra resistance is really nice!

Other than that, I have been hanging out with some friends on some nights(they know who they are ;-) ,) raiding the Coven, doing a little Briskbreeze, we did Malistaire last night...I joke that Malistaire's doesn't give my oldest account anything good anymore since I've been through it so much...and that is usually true. Best thing I came out of there with was a Fire Athame, but it's not like I need it. I'm ok with getting the other random stuff if others can get their gear they need....I just wish Mali would quit dropping those Ruined Paintings xD I would at least like something I can sell for a decent amount.
We also had been doing a little Mytheon, but haven't really in a few days now....hopefully we will again soon, but I know we all got projects we are working on. Like I have one that is "somewhat" secret that I try to work on nights when I have nothing else to do.

I have also been in and out of the test realm. I am glad things are a little more clam on there now, but wondering if it's cause other people are kinda, already, bored with it too?
I have raised Duncan, Danielle's Stormzilla, from Teen to *nearly*Adult. I mean if I go in and play like two games or so right this minute he will be an Adult. I am going to try and breed him with Taz and see what to find out right now with using fake money and coin, than when this goes Live.

I still feel like the pets thing appeals more to competitive PvP-type people more with the Derby. I will be happy if I can get a good battle pet out of all that behaves themselves breaking traps, etc. As far as I am concerned our pets were fine as they were for level 48 pets. We worked a long time to get those pets and now they want us to work even more to hatch, train, and "improve" our pets back to at least
one stat they HAD been coming with...talking about the automatic 5% power pip chance that they had always kindly given us. And now they want to take that away from a lot of us and make us have to spend a lot of time and money to get it back. I say "Boo!" to KI on that part. If you wanted to have other stats; that is fine. But don't go messing with the power pip chance we worked so hard to get with our pet from our quests. Levels 48-60 will already have done enough other things than to have to mess with breeding and spending more coin and crowns(if you go that route) in order to have a pet that is at least as good as they were before this change takes effect.

I also really hope, and even mom mentioned too, that they really need to raise the maximum on our coins. Breeding costs at least 80k, right? So, let us higher levels people save up the coin to do that as well as be able to buy our houses, mounts, and whatever else we think we need to. I don't think raising the max. to 200k is asking so much?!?!

And along those same lines...and I know a certain accountant-in-the-making will disagree with this, but it HAS worked on other sites: Make a Wizard101 banking system with different Savings Account tiers that earn better levels of interest the more you save/keep in the bank. You could make that interest daily(like Neopets,) or make it weekly or monthly. BUT have a catch to it like; the wizard must actually go to the bank and collect their interest. Not everyone is going to remember to do that, so it won't really get too crazy. That is what Neopets did with their banking system. They made it a daily activity, which makes people have, yet another, reason to want to log in; to collect.

I also think that having a real banking system within the game will help the younger people here to learn how to save instead of "spend, spend, spend." I always liked seeing my account gain interest and the savings get bigger when I use to play at Neo.

So, anyhow...other stuff...
I helped out the Pet Master go through Kensington a bit the other day. I took in my oldest Life Grand. I always liked Jadeblade....she is like my "Medical Ninja(/tank)," such a fun character to play cause most everyone always appreciates the Life person in the group(unlike Storm that everyone hates.)

Tonight I listened to and watched the Livestream of Dustin Mooncatcher, Friendly Necro, and company on their little Coven run. I went to the party for a minute after that but didn't stay too long cause I had been in the middle of working on Luis, who I haven't had as much time for lately, while I was watching that. Gotta love the little pop-out windows that Livestream lets you have, so you can actually watch something while doing something else.

Luis just finished up Cave of Solitude, basically did it all today. Now he is heading to Kishibe Village. I so LOVE Scald....what a great spell that is! It's been a long time since I really used it a lot on my Fire Grand. Though I do still pull it out to use with the Defense Pox and that lady in much fun! "Shields? What shields???"

In real life it's been a busy and tiring week for me. I donno, I just haven't had much energy lately. The weather here really doesn't help anything...up and down all the time, never steady...and always a dampness in the air, whether hot or cold out. And cold and damp is the worst!
But I have been trying to catch up on TV(sorry, I am older so I still like real TV shows on real TVs, not I still need to catch up on a bunch of shows though.

This past Sunday was my birthday and mom got me Avatar on DVD. I have not yet seen this movie but I am sure I will probably like it. Please no one who has seen it tell me about it! I really need to set aside a little time to watch this movie as from what I had heard it was pretty Epic! I am a huge movie-fan though, I even like the really old black and white stuff. There is something about those old movies that I just love! I even watched one this afternoon...though had seen it before. It was called Thunder Rock...great movie, but I am sure most younger people would get bored with

Here is a question I have for any of you:
Do any of your wizards have theme songs? Some of mine do. Maybe I will share that more at a later time. But I am wondering what your wizard's theme songs are or would be if they had one, and why did you pick it?

Well, hope everyone in the Spiral is having fun out there...I will see ya around!


  1. Battleblood: Ice Ice Baby

    Ironblood: Poison (by Groove Coverage)

    Boomblood (storm): Born to be Wild

    Titanblood: Imperial March

    Wildblood (balance): any anime song

    Mistblood: Carmina Burana

  2. Congrats! I just did my Storm 48 quest, which was easy-peasy too. But then, everything is easy compeared to Myth!

    I love old movies too! I got 'Gone with the Wind' for my birthday. Love that movie! :)

    Hmmm, I don't really have theme songs... But now they're going to get some! :D


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