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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Time of Chaos and Discovery

Well, I woke up way late this past day so I really didn't get much fun game time.
The Ravenwood Ball happened earlier and it was just insane. I have never seen that many people at an event. I hung around for most of it, though I can't say I was exactly having the time of my life there. It was too hard to even keep up with anything one person said without having to at least whisper...and then hope they saw that message before it went out of their chat window(if they even keep their window open.)

I had to finally leave the event because I was actually kinda bored with it. They really need some form of party entertainment for Wizard, because standing there watching a sea of names and listening to the same old music and text popping sounds...while people spam things that are almost creepy or are just silly...well, it wasn't really that entertaining for me. I would rather be off training pets, or questing, or farming pets and loot. I am not even sure if I can call that a very "social"'s not like you could really converse with anyone around you..not like at a real party.

I did meet a few people there I hadn't had the opportunity to yet, so that was one good thing. Also the compliments on my outfit from Stephen and Leesha, of Ravenwood Radio, were very nice to hear. Here is a pic of me in case anyone didn't get to see my outfit:

...and as I had said in my last post: I look a bit like I could be Merlin's daughter...and now you also know what color my hair is...haha!

I didn't take a lot of pictures because I was on the phone with mom, whom I made attend the I cauld actually talk to someone instead of the way it usually is. Plus I was trying to wort of listen to the livestram as well as move about...which wasn't easy with that many people there.
The party eventually moved to Fallon Shadowblade's Storm House too, so I have one pic from there, as well as in Ravenwood:

I did get a tiny bit of fun time in tonight. I went back with my other Storm wizard, Danielle, to farm for the Storm Cat...she finally got one for herself.
Then I took her over to Fleshrender to farm for the Mustard Troll. I think it took only 2-3 tries before I got it....ugly pet, but I will give it to my Myth wizard. I will post a pic of it when it hatches.

So, I finally got to get the twins out a little tonight. They are on Chelsea Court right now, and they have made a discovery!

For all those who hated my beloved gearheads; you have won. They now move so slow they look like they are in slow motion....which has taken away any challenge presented in crossing these roof tops. AND, not only that; they also have a new ramp in place that lets you completely bypass the first three roof tops of gearheads. Check out the video below of Esmee and Valerian as they show you the changes.

...heh, I sorta forgot to mention that the roof top that Val is on was not accessible before the updates. Now, unless you NEED to fight gearheads , you don't even have to go through that area.
The Gearheads on the other rooftops there are just as slow, though you do, at least, have to go through that area(no cheating lol), but they are so incredibly slow I can't imagine how anyone could get caught by them now. I actually think they slowed them down too much. I always liked the way they seemed so manic and were a bit unpredictable. There was a technique for traveling around them that the new generations of wizards will never have to worry about...unless KI would change it again.

It makes me wonder about Kensington though. I wonder if the golems in there are still as fast as ever? If they have slowed those too, which I would be really surprised if they did, then it would be a relatively easy dungeon to get through...though still hard at the level you can get the quest, with all the monsters having much higher health than other MB mobs. Makes me want to take another Kensington run old Grand Death needs to go next time. I am not sure who will accompany her....that will be a project for me in the near(ish) future ;-)

Until next time...

See ya in the Spiral!

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  1. I had a great time at the Ball. I'm so new to Wizard City it was fun looking for and finding people I know from the Web. But, I was mostly looking for cool fashion/pet combos and for pets I hadn't seen yet.

    My favorite pet was the Black Cat - which Leesha really rocked. I only caught a glimpse of it at the Ball. It disappeared to quickly into the crowd. But, I saw Leesha with one on the vid.
    Fallon Dragonslinger had the best dressed pet - one of those Magician Cats from Marleybone.

    If you're not taking pics, I bet it gets boring quickly. I was thinking it would be nice to even eat some snacks or have something to drink. LOL
    A few people were dancing.

    I was surprised to overhear actual gossip.
    One princess with matching unicorn commented, "Most Myth people are snobbish."
    I guess it wouldn't be a real party without the drama. LOL


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