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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Clarify Things...

I am NOT trying to level ALL my pets to Epic. I am only working on one pet, per wizard, at a time. I am picking the ones with good stats as teens and leveling them to adult, no further than that at the moment. Once I get some adults with good stats I will breed them, but that is going to take a long time with only focusing on one at a time and one with each wizard.

Basically I want one worthwhile breeding pet from each wizard, for the time being.

I have 14 wizards though, and to even work on one pet with each wizard, per day, and still have time for anything else; well, it seems impossible.

I had planned on doing this because a friend of mine had suggested/advised it, but I have to remember that my friend doesn't have this many wizards. So they can go and work on maybe 5 wizards a day and it works out, even with farming.

This is the one time I have found having so many wizards to be a hindrance. Any other time there have been many people, including myself, who like that they can call on one person and maybe get 2-3 extra hands to help them out. It also makes things like Kensington a breeze to "solo," as I really only need two wizards of my own to do it and without too much stress.

When I woke up today I sat there thinking for a few minutes on how I could do any of this and still have any fun.

Well, I think for now I am just going to work on one wizard's pet on each of my THREE accounts. Unless you truly enjoy boring mini-games and don't mind sitting in a box all day grinding away, the advanced pet system is something you can never win at with more than maybe a couple or three wizards. And if you do have that many or more and are still grinding away...then you are avoiding the outside world completely. And guess what...your friends are going to miss you and all you will have is that little game and some awesome pet in the end that no one will care about because you were not there.

So, my advice to everyone: try not to get too over-involved in the mini-games, remember your friends...remember to help them out, remember to get out there and do some questing and farming. Most of all: remember why you got into this game; I am certain it wasn't because this was a pet site.

See ya in the Spiral!...


  1. Me too! Working on one pet though! Hydra-Vaden...

  2. haha...thought you would be ;)

    I have widdled down to one pet on each account to work on now, and the day has been going so much better since making that decision :)


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