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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Friday, May 28, 2010

Advanced Pets: Day 2

Well, after my last two posts I feel like I started to get into some rhythm with things, and was actually starting to have fun again.

I worked on Emeraldflame, Danielle, and Alric, for pet training
one pet each. After getting H.E. finished I joined up Savannah and Kaitlyn with Gabrielle(mom.) We finished off the Forum with the Father Drake Tower, made the quick trip back to the Drake Hatchery for a minute, then we were sent to see Ashley, the Fire Tree, who gave us the quest for Malistaire's.

We actually had enough time today to do Mali's. Computer issues were more eventful than the actual dungeon. Sorry, but I would consider myself a real veteran with that place. I really have done it too much.

With two Ice wizards it was made a little more interesting with the Gurtoks', but after that it was nothing at all. Really, the Gurtoks were easy, just annoying with their shields. Even with that it didn't take us too, too long at all.

Mom got her Ice ring(I believe...either ring or,) so she just needs the other thing now. Next time it will be a speed run with her tanking and probably one of my Storm and one Life. Storm is so much better in prisms to deal with, no shields to worry about...I mean towers are a joke.

I brought in Alric, my third GM Life, for the little bit of heal support for the group. It's just too hard for Balance to heal a group enough for several battles, while still giving the support spells it should.

We got up to the point of the two draconians you have to beat at about the same time to unlock the door. I left Kaitlyn and Alric out and had mom and I prepare a short deck for the two, so we could whip through them fast.
Mom's draconian decided to throw a tower up at the last minute when she went to hit, but she quickly took care of time for the doors to unlock with no problems.

So we headed up and beat the Soul Servants, got our last rose, and went and listened to the "blah, blah, blah" drama from Mali, Cyrus, and Sylvia.

Here is where the drama with the computers started. Mom lives south of me by about 30 minutes and they were having a storm there. She has a wireless laptop and during the Mali fight her screen kept going black...I was really afraid she would lose connection.

Meanwhile, here at my place, it's dark out but there is no storm happening, and the sun seems to be peaking through the trees a bit. But, as we are fighting, the Wizard Graphics client on Kaitlyn's window goes out...and this is as I am only needing her to give Savannah a Bladestorm. So I closed Kaitlyn's window and I was like..."man, she needs this too," I mean just to finish the quest.

So I stalled the group a bit while I logged Kaitlyn back in and she was back in action and I furiously discarded to get the Bladestorm so we could finally end the thing. So we beat him and went back to talk to Ambrose and we all are done with DS now...thank goodness!

Now we will just be farming, and if possible we will finish up GH. We are up to Ravenscar with that. After this is done I doubt I will run Savannah with Gabrielle much anymore. It's sort of nice to have more of a mix of schools most of the time. Mom actually mentioned to me, that she will miss having Savannah they have been sort of like "The Ice Twins," with their many matching outfits and horses.

Mom actually has a new look to her Grandmaster Ice, which is one I like on her, but it's not for me. Here's a pic:
...Cute, eh? She looks like an English Victorian doll...which I think she likes :)

After all that and selling things like mad....which will become the new norm...I took Alric, since he was out, and had him do some pet training until he couldn't anymore. I then did the same with Danielle. After she was finished I took the pair to finish up at Mirkholm Deep in Grizzleheim. They finished with that. Then I took them to Nidavellir, where it was about to be pet party-time.

I don't just go in and fight Jotun, I do all three dungeons, and now with the pet thing being so expensive, I decided to fight every boss in those dungeons instead of skipping any...including the one in the maze that is in there twice. I even fought every mob in was worth it as some good snacks were dropped, along with other items.

I have a constant tab open in Firefox to this thread at Central. So I knew what pets could be dropped in the dungeons at Nidavellir. I am happy to say I wan't too dissapointed with it all.
It started with getting the Lifebat from Grettir in Winterdeep Warren, then I got Life Minotaur from from the Brownwood Tormentor in Helgrind Warren, then I got the Death Troll from Jotun's SCC in the Hall of Valor.

What I hate most is the time you have to wait for these to hatch, cause I would love to post a picture of all the pets I have got recently, but I can only show you the first two I got from yesterday:

Storm Cat:

Storm Snowman:
I really like the cat. I think I want to work on it and see what it gets at teen level, etc. I wonder if it might be a good derby pet...if I was going to do that. I think that would be a fun pet to race with the way they pounce/ cute! I hope I can get one for Danielle sometime, and a Snowman for Emeraldflame too. was going to try for the Snowman after I got the one for Danielle but got distracted.

What is cool, and incentive is that both pets give cards at it kinda makes you want to work on them.

After Jotun I didn't get to do much else. More maintenance tonight too...otherwise I'd be playing the Vampire Twins right now.

Anyway, sitting here more later on...

See ya in the Spiral!

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