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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lame Pet Issue & a Record Breaker

Ok, so I get on the Test Realm for a few minutes today. First I will say that those who have Epic pets are now bored and don't even have anyone to race and have already messed up their pets stats enough that they can no longer do anything "fun" in the test realm. That was evidenced by just hanging out and people-watching for a bit, seeing what people were talking about.

Anyhow, I wanted to compare my two Grandmaster Storm's pets.

Heather Emeraldflame, my oldest wizard, has a Ancient Stormzilla(Taz,) which I have barely played with on the Test cause I had been messing with Dakota, her Storm Hound when I have been on...cause he just looks so cute running ;-)
When I first got on with Emeraldflame in the TR Taz only had a power pip chance of 4...and he still has that same chance since he has hardly done any training.

So, I get Danielle Thunderblade, who has not even been in the TR, hasn't even been to see Merle about the quest to get in there yet. And I look at her
Teen Stormzilla, and he has 5% power pip chance!

Why is this? Taz is older and more experienced by default. Neither have had any real training done to them. So why does young Duncan have more of a power pip chance he is giving?

See, this is why the entire Pet training and all that seems like a big joke to me. This just shows there is no rhyme or reason to this. There is nothing you can really do to "groom" a perfect pet. You might get close. You might get a few traits you want. You might also get some you don't care for. But two Stormzilla pets with age really being the only difference and the older one is not as good as the younger?!?! Something doesn't gel right with that. Shouldn't Emeraldflame have a more powerful pet beside her in combat, as compared to Danielle....who really hasn't been around so long?

See, it's one of the many reasons I like having two-three accounts. I can compare and contrast these type of things. And, honestly, KI, this really makes no sense at all. If anything my older wizard should start with the better pet in this expansion. I mean Taz is Ancient. What would happen if he hit Epic? Would he lose another power pip percentage? It seem like that needs to be fixed!

Check out my Stormzilla's Stat Sheets here and see the problem:

Younger Duncan's stats:

Older Taz's Stats:

And now for something just plain bizarre...

In case you didn't see Kevin Battleblood's blog already, a few of us got together this night and did some funky damage using sacrifice minion. In FACT it IS the highest damage ever. Though I will be honest and say this is not your normal damage for the simple fact that this spell was never intended to be used in this way. Meaning it was never meant to be used to get a huge attack hit. It was intended to do a job: kill off your minion and heal you. Well, in this case the minion was hit so hard he healed too! It's pretty crazy....even though I am more of a pure damage person(Kevin, forgive me for that,) meaning I like a huge(number) hit from an attack spell that kills some enemies. I guess to some that doesn't matter....they just want numbers even without the kill(which takes away the,) but it's something I always enjoyed more. "Behold! Aren't you impressed? The product pursuing refined linework matched with two-dimensional deformation! H'm! Now this is art! But my art doesn't end here! None of my works are static! When they have physical form, they're little more than models, h'm! But this explodes! And with that explosion, its essence is propelled to greatness, at that moment of becoming the true work of art I intended! And in that fleeting moment of grandeur that I see true art! H'm! Art is an explosion!!
"...Naruto fans will get the reference ;-)

Enjoy Kevin's experiment coming to a conclusion here with Negative numbers as the result. He explains that more on his blog....I am no Mathematician xD

My footage(unfortunately my video recorder had issues, so I had to take the raw footage and chop it up, so it's not very in sync):

Screen Shot of hit(which is sorta cool looking):


  1. Heather, about your pets....the names of their Talents are different. Pips O Plenty is different from Pip Boost

    But how did one end up with a Teen Stormzilla, and the other Ancient? I thought all level 48's became Ancient automatically

  2. Well, that is still pretty wrong to start out with on the pips, which the names may be different but they DO the same thing.

    And, IDK on the age, seriously. I assumed it was that I haven't had Danielle as a GM as long as Emeraldflame. And they actually take a older copy of your wizard in on the test realm.

    When mom went into the TR she had her old gear on and was a few levels lower than what was current for her. Same with Savannah on levels. In the TR Savannah is maybe level 42, while she is actually 47 now.

    I had heard that when you get your pet at level 48, after this "enhancement" takes effect, that you will have AN EGG. How disappointing would that be? So I am trying to rush Mom's Gabrielle and my Savannah through to level 48 before any of this change might occur. So hopefully, at worst, they have baby or teen Colossus hatching time required.

  3. I believe it will be just a 15 minute hatching time...they've lowered it drastically for sure.

    As for the pips, I think it is to your advantage here, Heather; Ronan Dawn had a Helephant giving him the exact same Pip Talent twice, but it didn't stack...perhaps by mating these 'zillas will give you a chance at stacking up to +9% Power Pips

  4. Still not fair; for all that work. And it doesn't exactly support your saying we all get ancients ;-)

    And, actually; you read my mind. I thought of breeding these two together and seeing what I get. It would also be somewhat nice to start from the ground up on new Zillas. If only for the fact that I can see them progress instead of having to concentrate so much on one stubborn stat like with Taz's Agility.


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