Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Thoughts on Things I have Seen in the Test Realm

Ok, so contrary to what some might believe who have followed me on Twitter; I am excited about some of the stuff I have seen in the Test Realm. I have seen a few negatives, though, as well....and I am going to be bluntly honest, as usual, about it.

I will start with what I saw that is good:

- The new pets I have seen so far are all pretty awesome, though I think the Gobbler pet is

-I love what has happened to level 48 pet stats. I mean to give a Storm person increased health and accuracy through their pet - TOO SWEET! And what I have seen happen to other level 48 pets is great too(for the most, there is one slight downside I saw, but will get to that.)

-The Pet Pavilion is awesome! There is so much one can do in there!

-Even though I have a severe dislike for PvP I think I might even have
some fun in the Derby. And, yes, I do consider that a type of PvP...just with our pets.

-I LOVE the maze game, and the Cannon game is not too, too far behind on my enjoyment of it.

-I love having my pets out at my house. And doing this lets you leave them at home and not clog up your backpack; so now you can go out on those long hours of quests and farming and have a little more room in your backpack because your 20 or so Unicorns could stay home and play instead of being stuffed into your backpack....suffocating...

-I absolutely LOVE the new black Swiftshadow Wing Mount!!!...Ok, how many times have I ever said I wanted black wings?!?!....this is soooo great!...Now I have double-wings that match!

-I Love the new Crown staff, Celestian Trident, with the Ice attack. That thing is so awesome looking!

-I like seeing my pets stats increase as I play games, train them.

What I don't like that I see:

#1: My most major gripe: That we will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO TRADE CHARMED CARDS WE HAVE MADE! This is the most awful thing they could have done in the updates. This seriously hurts Storm, Balance, and Life people(who actually do more than heal or support.)
For the longest time I have made Steal Wards and Pierce cards for my Life and Storm people. Life, Balance, and Storm are the only schools that have no way to get rid of shields other than to completely destroy their entire set-up. We have no DoTs, and we have no shield breaking spells, or steal ward spells. I can not include Storm Hound as a reliable DoT, and it is not a learned spell, nor is Lightning Elf...which the pet that gives this card seems to only be for ranked pvp players to equip. This really hurts anyone who is trying to make a high hit. It makes you absolutely have to depend on having others do your work for you in a battle and I am VERY against that. Storm Hound only gives one card anyhow...and what if I am in the Labyrinth fighting all those Myth dudes? How am I going to be able to take care of that now? I would have to have someone else in there to break all those shields so I don't have to bust my own blades doing it.
For Life people this is especially awful. They don't even have the power behind their spells to work much past a 50% shield that a Balance mob might throw up. At least with Storm I can power past that and still kill!, though not past the 80% shields that even low rank mobs use.

I think the reason this no trade thing is coming is because of all the selfish people who made Warlord in PvP by making tons of Bolts and other spells to basically cheat their way to being Warlord. So now, by them doing that it is hurting the rest of us who don't even care to participate in that.
Just because you buy your way to a rank in PvP does not make you a good PvP player; that much I do know. How about you guys try using what you have actually learned(for spells) and your brains, and not your coins, etc.?

KI, if any of you happen to read this:
This whole problem could have been solved with banning most treasures from the arena, maybe except for a few let them have some healing cards but limit the number of treasures they have of this type of thing.

If anyone out there agrees and can see the problem this causes for many of us, please write in and urge KI not to let this happen. Or at least request they come up with a different way to even out the PvP playing field without it effecting the rest of us.

Ok...on with other problems...

-The commercial made it look like the pets could be called to you at your house, but pretty much all they do is run in circles and stay in the same general area. It would be nice if they followed you, came to you when called :)

-I know this is a bug but the pet games are crashing quite often, as is the Hatchery. It's so bad that you actually get stuck in them and have to shut down the game and log back in to fix it.
Also many games are acting like you already played before you even started. Like I hit "play" and the next thing I get is an "end" screen, as if I had just finished the game.

- Level 48 pets have lost at least one power pip! There goes 80% + for all who worked for that!

-The energy drain from training pets is too much.

  1. It also costs way too much, with real money for kids to be able to enjoy this. A kid is gonna want to play these games as much as possible, maybe it might even be the one thing they want to do on here. So they play a game a few times and their pet's energy goes down to zero, or low enough not to be able to do any more games. So the only options one has is either extremely long, "hey, kids maybe go to sleep and come back tomorrow and try again," OR you shell out 250 Crowns to refill your pets energy so you can continue to train and play with them...which costs real money, and WILL eventually lead to even more spam in the commons areas with kids begging for coin gifts from passer-bys.
  2. The coin cost of the pet foods is a bit high when you want to buy a bunch of it to train your pet up even more. And is there even a inventory in your spellbook to see what foods you have on hand without having to play a game?...Having an inventory list of snacks would help when shopping.
  3. The coin costs for the Hatchery are completely outrageous. Most kids or any normal players are lucky if they even have 50k, let alone 80k or more! It takes hours of farming to get that kind of money, usually...and that farming can only be done in higher level areas.

-You can no longer buy or sell pets at the Bazaar. Meh...really I don't care much about this one, save for if it wasn't for the kindness of Mr. Edward Icespear and the fact that he
was able to sell an extra pet to the bazaar for me; I may never have got one single Sprite pet.

There also needs to be more explanation as to what all the numbers mean under a pet's characteristics/stats.

I will add to this in later posts as I see fit.

For now, here are a couple pics of Emeraldflame with those awesome wings and staff:

And as a random comment...I saw my evil twin today. I was on another wizard of mine so she probably wondered why I and my mom's wizard were starring at her...take a look:
She was a Ice wizard, but tell me she doesn't look, here, like Emeraldflame's twin, save for the pet name...though one of my others do have a ninja pig with that pet name, which I could have dug up if I really wanted(lol)...see Emeraldflame below:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FOG W101 Pet Hatchery Ad Found in Newest Issue!

I just received the latest Issue of Fun Online Games(FOG,) and on the back cover there this ad for the Wizard 101 Pet Hatchery. This is the July/August Issue, which also talks all about different mounts in an article inside.

Make sure you read the ad too. This pretty much confirms that the Pet Hatchery will not only be opening, but probably already will have been running by then, don't you think?

Now, if only the Test Realm would open up...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Three Wizard Raid on Kensington + Mystery Pic

I sent three of my wizards into Kensington this past day. It was the first time I did it with three since my third account is so new. I had been taking most of my wizards through it in pairs up until now. And, yes it sure can be done with two wizards. Most of the time it was Storm and Life that went through...and YES, STORM...with having to use all those prisms. I will say that the Life minion comes in especially handy on a two-man run. They are too busy healing to break Feints or anything with wimpy Imps. Fire and Life was also a good combo for Kensington. I was happy to add the third account so I could start bringing in some of the more "odd schools," and always have a healer there since I now have one on all accounts.

I took in Alric Dreamhaven, as most of you know who have been reading that he is my newest Life Grandmaster,. Also Savannah Icewraith, who usually runs with Mom's Ice wizard, Gabrielle Iceweaver...Gabrielle has been smoking Savannah on XP since Mom likes to farm for housing items so much...and it's her only wizard she can do that with, so this was a good opportunity for Savannah to do a little catching up. Alric even had to buy the area for his account since I hadn't even taken him there just to get the Aeronaut Badge yet. Lastly I brought in Kaitlyn Dunerider, making this the first time I have brought a Balance wizard into the mix. I figured having a Balance wizard there would really help out Ice and make things move a little faster, plus I could now easily take in my Balance wizards without having to rely on them to heal too much.

We had no luck getting the really rare items there, but we did get this somewhat different
Brick Fireplace(though not horribly exciting looking:
Right after the above picture was taken, Kaitlyn gave the fireplace over to my Ice Grand for her vacation home, which looks like a log cabin inside. Figured it went well near the year-round Christmas Tree.

I did take a few screen shots and a couple videos during the run.
The first one here is the crew repairing and talking to Gyro before he sends them into the factory. The factory, as anyone who has run it knows, is actually the easy part. Though by the time you get there it has already seemed like forever in the least to some. Personally, I am always happy to get to the factory as you no longer have to dodge metal men after you get through the ground floor that is covered in mechanical spiders...and those are easy to get past.

The team beat Stoker, the main boss, the first time in the dungeon...yes, you have to fight him twice if you want to complete the entire dungeon(not to receive the badge,) but that also gives you two chances at the very rare Spider Golem pet,
Then the team made their way through the next few floors, just as easily. Then finally reached Stoker for round 2:

They then proceeded to demolish Stoker and the gang there, for the final time in the dungeon.

And here is the crew all lined up with their nice, shiny, new Machine Master Badges, after finishing that last battle:

Savannah never did level to 45 in the dungeon but it brought her up to just over 1000 XP to go, so later in the day when Mom came on we went and finished up Mirkholm Keep and are ready to go to fight Jotun. Grizzleheim just doesn't give enough XP to make any kind of real difference. Savannah was just a hair away at that point and she really wanted to get her level 45 gear on. I was too tired of having to do the big battles for the day...Kensington can take a lot out of you(especially when you are running three wizards by yourself(though it's so much easier to run three than to come in with other real people and tell them to wait to port, especially if they are impatient),) so we will save Jotun for another time. I am thinking about a way I can get her Ice and mine to only fight Jotun and his minion, without having to have Mom run her wizard through those other dungeons. I already got her Gabrielle the book in Winterdeep Warren the other day (and she has been finished with the yardbirds for a while now,) but that was by way of porting her in, she didn't actually run the dungeon and fight the boss.

Oh, yes; I am assuming that most of you know that if you fight the bosses in Winterdeep Warren and Helgrind Warren, that you don't have to fight two of the really BIG bosses in the Hall of Valor with Jotun. It takes longer to do it this way, but you will never have to worry about Jotun's brothers again as long as you come in with people who have done the same thing. It's worth it in my view, not only because it makes that Jotun battle so much easier, but because it gives you more opportunity to get some loot!

I really don't want mom to have to stress with those two extra dungeons in there just to get rid of the bosses for the final I think I will take care of all that for her one of these nights. Then she and Savannah can fight Jotun, probably with a little help to give that extra firepower, which Ice lacks. You can tell I am a true Storm person who is running an Ice wizard...I still like to kill it all at once when I can ;-)

Anyhow, to level up we went and checked in at the Tower Archives. We really haven't even started there in Dragonspyre yet.
Just talking to Zarathax was enough to level up Savannah and gave me the opportunity to stop and relax for the rest of the day and do more mindless

Here is Savannah in her nice, fresh level 45 gear...stitched of course:

Now for the Mystery pic.
Any guesses as to what these two characters might be or why they are here? It's not too hard to guess, but just wondering if anyone can figure it out completely ;-)
It might be a while before any more is mentioned about them...
...all I can say is that you don't want to run into them in a dark may wake up with an interesting pair of scars...if you do wake up, that is...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Latest GM Life , Alric, Gets his GM Ring! - Video!

As I said in my last post; I decided to take in three wizards this time, instead of just two, so I could try to mix things up a bit as far as what position they all took in the circle. I was hoping this would give Alric a better chance to get his Grandmaster ring, as it seemed that the first spot was giving him no luck at all.

Well, it took two hours of "quick farming" and a couple remixes of the group line-up, but he finally got it...and best of all it's on video! Take a look:

In other news, this past evening, Luis got the Yellow Ghost Drop while doing the Karanahn Palace. This makes his third pet drop in the last few days! He is now level 26 and almost out of Krokotopia. I always hate leaving KT, I really do like the way the place looks and the characters there...even after all this time. Marleybone is so dark and the real fun parts of it are not even until the end of it. At least the music is all good though, I never seem to tire of the music in KT or MB.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nice Ending to a Slow Few Days :)

The last few days I haven't had as much time to do things, like blog here. I think it's mainly I am lacking a LOT of sleep. I have been waking up to the sounds of "construction" going on in the apartment next to mine. Waking up to the sounds of hammers and sawzalls is not a good thing. I had such a huge headache after I woke this past day. I sure hope they get done gutting the place next door soon.

In game I have been playing mostly with getting Alric his Grand gear. He now has his Athame and his robe. I also did find that the Headdress of the Heavens drops from the Ice Gurtok. It's not something I even care about having, but I got it there and I am always happy to have got Crowns gear/items on a drop(except that silly Ruined Painting.) You can see the drop listed in Danielle's log here and then a picture of the stats on it below that. Sorry I don't have a screen shot of actually being in there and getting it, but I think you can tell from what is in the log that it came from there. I always do Fire Gurtoks first, then Ice, and as you can see it was before Malistaire and Cyrus' dialogue began. I just didn't even pay attention to it when it dropped, else I would have screened it right there and then. Hard to watch EVERYTHING that drops when you are running more than one wizard and more concerned with what the other gets.

I think Alric's ring will take a very long time and may require adding in another wizard and rearranging the order during that ONE FIGHT. Alric is usually in the first position with Danielle in second. After every battle with the Fire Gurtok crew he either gets junk or...*gasp*: NOTHING! Danielle keeps getting more and more rings she doesn't need for ANYONE on that account. It would be nice if Alric could at least be getting some rings so I know he is really getting a chance. The only Grand ring he has gotten at all was the Death ring.

I think when I try again later I am going to do a quick farm session. I will take Sandwalker, Danielle, and Alric. Alric can go last. Maybe it will give him some luck. Since he has his robe now there really is no need to run the entire dungeon. I will just take them in and do that fight, then exit, then go back and do it again. As I have said many times; the Fire Gurtok Second-chance chest never gives the Grand rings, it only gives junk.

For right now Alric is using Malistaire Drake's Ruby Signet. It's not near as good as his school ring but at least it gives the same pip percentage.

I still like the rings from the Gurtoks much better than the ones from Briskbreeze.

Kevin Battleblood and another friend of his, Cheryl Fire, and myself did Briskbreeze the other night. I used two wizards. See picture below:

Emeraldflame actually got her ring, which I am happy to have it, BUT I have decided against using it. It would only give me 8 more health, of course it gives no mana(unlike the Gurtok one,) and I would actually LOSE 5% power pip chance by wearing it! Even with the added Tough, to me, this is not worth all you lose. I think, maybe the only schools who don't suffer such a loss on their rings(from one to another) might be Myth and Life. Life gets the same power pips on both, and Myth gets the most of any on those Briskbreeze rings, they get 15%! My normal Gurtok Storm ring is 15%. Being that Storm is supposed to be a fast hitting powerhouse I do not see why I would want to lose power pip chances?!?! Actually most of my wizards kind of run on that whole mindset of quick power and all have pretty high percentages because of it. I have seen some people with higher but only by maybe 3 points, tops. And usually if it's like that they did sacrifice a lot of something else I would never give up.

I think if I ever tried to do some kind of high hit that I
might use the Briskbreeze ring, but if I was to use it with wanting to get a high Tempest hit I would be running the chance of not getting as many power pips as I should...which would be a real problem with Tempest being pip-based damage. There are ways around getting rid of the single pips and hoping for more power, but it sure is not guaranteed. Why on earth would the Storm ring be so low on pips? We are supposed to be THE POWERhouse. Is it not bad enough we have the lowest health? They needed to take pip percentage away from us too on these rings?

I also notice that these rings look like they should have been dropped in Grizzleheim. Is this yet another mistake that was made when GH was released? I mean in that they seemed to have rushed getting GH out there to us. There is so much in GH that seems to remain unfinished or a mystery. So many NPCs(for one thing) that seem to have no purpose. I wonder if these rings were not originally meant to be dropped by the Coven? It would make some sense; getting Grand gear from the Coven. Seems to me that the best things the Coven drop are only good for resale. All those swords they drop that are not so exciting to look at, but great for someone who needs a sword and just turned level 45.

Other than thinking on things like that and working on Alric's gear, I have had Savannah working with Gabrielle. Also I have been working on Luis a bit. Really did a marathon with Luis the other day with a lot of leveling. He is just starting the Tomb of Storms now. Luis got a couple lucky pet drops, he got the Fire Salamander from the Throne Room of Fire, and then he got a regular Ghoul(crown item) from the Emperor's Retreat.

Savannah and Gabrielle finished up the Village of Sorrow today, in Mooshu. Next stop is the Tree of Life. Poor Mom will soon be in Dragonspyre; I know she isn't looking forward to that, and I don't blame's such a hideous place.

This past evening was lots of fun with Ravenwood Radio's Live show and chat. I met some more "new" people and befriended them. Thanks to those who added me this past evening, it was a pleasure to meet you all :)
Everyone seemed to show up for the party in Nightside. Mr. Friendly Necromancer(aka Thomas Lionblood, etc., etc.,) Stephen Spiritcaller, Leesha Darkheart, Fallon Shadowblade:The Death Kids foursome were all there, as were many other great people and bloggers.

Friendly played dress up for us as Chief Friendly and as Nolan Stormgate. He also brought in Kyle Skystaff with his very extremely rare and special Sheep pet. Here are some little pics of things and people seen at the party:
I can't wait until the next RR broadcast!
I hope all that were at the party had fun and I will see you guys in the Spiral!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alric Finished Dragonspyre, Defeated Malistaire - NEXT?!

There wasn't a lot left for Alric today in Drqagonspyre. He and Emeraldflame did the Father Drake tower to get the scales for the armor for the baby drake. Then it was off to talk to the dragon mommies once more., then to Ashley for her last words of encouragement. Emeraldflame let her Storm sister, Danielle Thunderblade, step in for most of Malistaire's. I brought in Fireslinger to do Tumok Gravelbeard(the two times we made the run.) I've done it plenty of times with my Storm girls but it's is really heavy on the need to use Pierce there(those myth guys with their 80% Storm Shields are kind of a nuisance and you really need to do them fast so as not to let them use earthquake on you.)

Danielle stayed to watch until Fireslinger and Alric were done, then Fireslinger left, and the original pair finished it up. I really didn't feel like messing with the pierce over and over today...then making poor Taryn make even more of them.

Alric & Malistaire(I think they are going to become really "good friends," at least for a while)

I have here a couple ending videos of the first two runs. Alric, unfortunately, had no luck on getting his gear today. But he did get LOTS for Luis to use in the some for a future Necromancer ;)
The reason you see the Storm minion in the first is that I often like to bring them out to take the flack off the Life person. It gives the Life person a chance to gain some more pips and heal some more if needed. It also keeps the enemies from wanting to put weakness on my Storm wizard when she has Dragonblade or any other balance-school blades that might get used. Also, this was the second minion and she had just called him up this time, really to get rid of one regular pip so she could have full power on that hit.

Second run. No minion used here...I didn't care about the one regular pip that time, I

So, what IS next? Well, it's Kaitlyn's turn now to do Dragonspyre. I will also be farming Mailstaire's
at least one time a day, until Alric gets his robe, athame and ring. (It's always the first wizard on an account that has to do all this farming, any others will probably have all their gear by the time they reach 50.) I will probably be using a mix of wizards with Kaitlyn. Ice and Balance work very well together so Winterbane may be helping quite a bit, and sometimes Danielle might help, as well as Fireslinger is always good to have in certain situations.

Savannah and Gabrielle did meet up yesterday. They completed all but Frosthelm in the Vigrid Roughland. They might be doing Frosthelm today...hopefully. Then they will probably go back to Mooshu and continue on there with starting in the Village of Sorrow.

Also, there is always Luis to work on. He is still, basically, just starting in Krokotopia in the Pyramid of the Sun. Well, actually he has done quite a bit of that area and doesn't have a lot left of it...but it's still the beginning of Krok ;)

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alric Hits 49, Finishes Crystal Grove...

My third Life wizard is well on his way to being my third Life Grandmaster. He is only about 3 bars away from hitting it now, in fact. Yay, Alric!

This past day was spent doing most of the Obsidian Chest quest; from Krokotopia on up. He had started it the other day and done the two in WC.
He then whizzed through the Crystal Grove....I would swear that place seems shorter every time I do it. I remember when that place seemed to take forever.
The key to the Grove: Storm have to LOVE Storm spiders ;-) And, yes; Emeraldflame did go with Alric to fight them...she loves them too!

Alric did allow me a break to go watch Merlin, though....he didn't want me to have to miss my favorite program :)

During all this time Alric also managed to finish up his first DS crafting quest and is also now half done with his second crafting quest there. He just needs a few Black Pearls. That will be no problem. Kiera, his sister Life wizard, was kind enough to craft some Nature's Wrath cards for him to use on his robes he has to craft. I know they can be bought at the bazaar but at 300 coin, or so, a pop...I'd rather craft them, it's much cheaper, especially since she already had the recipe.

After all that he headed over to talk to Ashley, the Fire Tree at the DS Academy. She sent him on to the second half of the Drake Hatchery Quests, where he was told to go to the Safe House. This is when he decided to let me quit the serious questing for the night and we will continue later on in the day.

I decided to make myself a profile at Gamer DNA here. I honestly wish it could find all the hours I already have spent on W101 and list it. I think some would be amazed at that if they could actually see how many hours I have put into this game.

While working in the Grove, Emeraldflame got the Great Spiral housing item. Her sister Diviner, Danielle, had got this item way back when she was questing, but got her's from Orin Grimcaster. Seems the Diviners have luck when it comes to this sweet housing item :)

Alric also had some luck with a couple of the "cheaper" swords in the Labyrinth when we did that again so he could get his last Obsidian Chest, Dragonrider Staff piece. He got Steelweilder's and The Gallium Paladin's swords. He really is doing good with sword drops, even if these two were not "GM" swords. I mean those are like his 4th and 5th sword drops. He already had bought the Paladin's as I figured earlier he might need one with fighting along Storm so much, but he can pass that extra on to his brother, Luis, when he gets up to that level...probably eventually sell it too.

I still say that Life people have the best luck on drops(probably cause the Leprechauns love them so much,) and will say that Balance has second best luck. For the most Storm has the WORST. I am always shocked when either of my Storm people get anything good. I wonder if other Diviners have the same experience...if they have played more than one type wizard. I mean you can't really say unless you have had first-hand experience with more than one type. And really, really can't say unless you have done multiples of most of the types.

So, later when I am awake I will get Alric going on the rest of DS. There REALLY isn't that much left to it now. Savannah and Gabrielle might rendezvous later on too...we will see.
They got done with Ancient Burial Grounds the other day and will be working in The Village of Sorrow next.

Oh, an update on what I did with the extra coin that Emeraldflame had:
I burned about 45k on buying the pets that could be coin-bought. I bought one dragon for each of my original wizards and one for Savannah too. The dragons are all color-coordinated with each wizard's main colors. Then I went and bought a whole LOT of housing stuff for my Death wizard's Death house, and a couple items that I was lucky enough to snipe for her big MS house too. Emeraldflame bought herself a few little things for the house too, but not a lot. She really is about out of room to fit items in her place. It's very crowded there but we love the way it looks. The house sort of seems to tell a story of her adventures when I look at all the items that are sitting in it.

So she
was down below 100k by the end of that little spree, but that won't last too long...probably. But I think when I run Kaitlyn through DS that I may use my second account with either Danielle or Heather Winterbane as the quest partners. I think the second account might need some more coin than the first...with all those original, rich wizards(lol.)

Kaitlyn hasn't been doing much lately. She is just chilling, waiting for Alric to finish and taking a relaxing vacation in Grizzleheim with a little battling here and there.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wondering What to Spend Gold On?

Emeraldflame is close to the limit, yet again. So I am gonna have to get rid of some of that coin sometime soon, but what should I buy? She has a broom, a dragon mount, 2 houses. I don't want a horse; don't think she would look good on those. The wings can't be bought with coin or I'd buy a pair. I really don't see her as being a lion or tiger rider. I really wish they would come up with some new mounts...personally I'd really love raven wings...some kind of black, feathery wings. Even anything else would be for the Piggasus...I refuse to ride a mount version of the freaky, ugly looking piggles...which is what I imagine a piggasus would look like. Either way; no pigs! I wish I could give the coin to Fireslinger and let her get her Fire house...even though she probably would hardly want to look at it.

Well, I am less than 5k away, which I will probably make today. So any suggestions?(wish I could even buy a bunch of elixers and store

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alric Obtains Rebirth- Movie

So, yesterday, my newest Life Wizard, Alric Dreamhaven, got his level 48 quest and I figured I would make a movie out of it. He got really lucky on his quest too. part of the quest is that you have to fight the Hoarder in the Drake Hatchery in Dragonspyre. Well, he won the sword Shockblade of the Hoarder in it(am I allowed to be happy about this???) That's the first time I ever got that sword on any of my wizards, though I have tried many times before. It always seems to be the case: you get it when you are not trying to. I would still like my Myth wizard, Taryn to get it sometime, but it was really awesome to get it yesterday. It's the first sword he has got in DS. Later on he got the Dean's Sword in the Labyrinth from the second chance chest...the one and only time he dropped crowns in it! So now he has two swords from there, but he will probably be using his Cerulean Edge the most.

...Not sure what happened on that last video, but by the time I even could get the first one uploaded I didn't care as much. Ran into a bit of a snag with youtube so I decided not to use them. I'm sure you all have had the WMG problem, so I don't have to explain that. Sorry, but I wanted
some music in the videos. The really bad thing is that not one piece that was used in them is the entire song, just bits and pieces. It really stinks that you work for hours or more on a video and then run into these problems. I did find ways people might have around it but I was not about to even try to give youtube a second or third chance when I am sitting here waiting for 50 minutes at a time just to upload one video...lame.

Anyway, Here is a pic of Alric with his sword he picked up...rather shocking....I'd say!
I haven't had time for much of anything else today with the problems this morning. But I did get a chance to make a quick pic for everyone's favorite Necromancer, My two Storm wizards posed with their unicorns at Emeraldflame's house, in front of the Unicorn Statue there:

...I think they are "ready to frolic!" :D

I also did work on Luis for a little bit. He is up to level 17 now, I believe. He got his Fire trap at 16 and his Vampire spell...nice to have something that works most of the time when you got Fire as your main. I also bought him the Fire trap amulet with the 35% traps...that is an absolute "must have" for any good fire wizard!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tour of Fire Grand's Dragonspyre Grand Fortress, etc.

Monday was a good day on W101. I got a LOT of things done. I started out the day trying, again, to get Alric's Life boots to match his outfit. At least I HOPE that they drop from Crusher, I am not 100% sure myself as I can't seem to find information on them anywhere(and with a picture, at that.) I have it on word from Edward Icespear, whom was so kind to me the other day...even sold a Sprite pet to the bazaar for me so I could finally get one *smiles*...that the boots I am looking for drop from Crusher. He had asked one of his Life friends who is supposed to know. Spike, the Crusher, has a pretty large loot table, though, so it may take forever to get them...if they drop do from him. Alric needs the Jester-style Life boots with the Life leaf designs all over them to complete his outfit. He has ones right now that do not quite match his Jester outfit. No luck with those boots for Monday...will try again when I wake up later.

I did get, yet another, Krokotillian pet from Meowiarty. They seem to be raining now...after I Had so much trouble getting just ONE for Kaitlyn. Yes, I did the entire instance...I mean why not?'s more loot, and "any loot is good loot."

I then helped Jessica Fairyheart with some of her quests in MB. I started getting very lucky with housing item drops at that time. I mean, seriously. I have never got as many good items AND housing items in one day's time as I did Monday. I used my Balance Grand to help her out and she dinged 33...Congrats, Jessica! And by the looks of it she will be out of MB very soon!

I got a Bulletin Board on drop from Mugsy...

I've never seen that before, though I'm sure many others have. Sandwalker later put that in the shared bank for Fireslinger. I also got a Alter of Candles from some Midnighters(also given to Fireslinger.) Neither Jessica or I had ever fought those before. I mean usually people just don't cause it's not required. I have gotten that item before but I am pretty sure it was from a mob in either the Counterweights or Big Ben.

Then I worked on Luis for a while. He is now completely done with WC, save for Sunken City(which I will bring him into later on.) He will be working more in Krok next. He did get a couple little housing drops too. Nothing magnificent, but most any time you get a Crown item for free it's cool....unless it's those darn Ruined Paintings in Malistaire's...ugh! He got the Sundae from one of the Gobbler Prince's. Like I said it isn't THAT magnificent, and I have got it from them before. It was from the Life ones, by the way. He also got the good old pile of Jelly Beans from the Gobbler King's place....cause everyone needs a huge pile of Jelly beans in their house...don't ya know?!?!?

Savannah Icewraith and Gabrielle Iceweaver are now ready to run the Shiritaki Temple, next we have a chance to play. I am really proud of Mom dinging Master-level not so long ago. I think we are now level 41...she might be 42 cause she has been farming so much. She finally farmed up her Naginatas the other day too. She HAD TO have those for her MooShu cottage.

Alric had a lot of running around throughout the day. He is done with the main quest line in The Crucible and officially has the quest to the Labyrinth. The only thing he has left is the side quest in The Crucible. That is always a fun one with those Myth Barbarian guys...they LOVE Earthquake. I have techniques to avoid that though. That has to be THE most disappointing spell to get hit by...such a nuisance. Alric is just about to hit level 48 so the timing for the labyrinth couldn't be much better! All that messing around in GH helped him get to it in good time.

When Emeraldflame and Alric were finishing up the Crucible and had to fight Blackrock I said to myself before the fight: "it would be really awesome if only that deck would drop for once." I have never gotten the "Grandmaster" Ice Deck(why does anyone call them this when the level requirement is only 45?...makes no real sense) from him yet. I really don't care about those decks. I mean how much space do you REALLY need in your deck? Most of my Grands don't even keep their decks half full. I keep a very basic deck with only one or two attack types and a side with either attack treasure cards and/or Pierce treasure cards. Though I sometimes keep Satyrs on the side too. Like Balance sometimes loads those up since she doesn't have Life anymore. Once in a great while a Satyr is called for. Helping Hands can only do so much and it sure can't bring back a team member who is defeated.

So anyhow,
we, did the fight with Blackrock and low and behold the deck actually dropped! First time too! Emeraldflame got the deck so she has put it in the shared bank for Savannah to pick up. Now; if only my Ice Grand on my second account might get one someday. But, if she doesn't it's never going to be a big deal. I am sure with Celestia they will also have new decks, even bigger ones, out if we need them.

I always have this issue with Blackrock, and I know it happens cause I am often using two screens...two wizards. I move one out of the way, click the other screen and it reactivates his crystal and makes him reappear. It never pulls in anyone, but him being there is so, very tempting. Needless to say I fought him two more times. The second time Alric got this Volcanic Steam Vent:

...Be careful up there, Alric!

I have seen those before, so I know it's not that huge of a deal, but I also don't think they are THAT common. I think I might have to try to sneak that over to Fireslinger's house sometime. It would fit right in there!

Speaking of Heather Fireslinger, I made a video tour of her promised in the title of this post ;-)

You will also see the Bulletin Board, again, I got and placed in her bedroom. Her bedroom is pretty unique, I think. Quite a few crafted items in there made mostly by her. Maybe one or two made by I know "E" made the Tooth Jar...not sure what else.

So, I hope you all enjoy:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

What a great weekend it has been so far, even though it has been so very busy! I haven't had much time to work on my alts. Did a little with Luis. He is now able to travel to Krokotopia, but I am having him finish up with Colossus Boulevard first. I always MUST go see the Gobbler King...I mean you have gotta love him; "A tiny wizard! Hello tiny Wizard!" that voice!

Alric is slowly making his way through Dragonspyre and just started on the first half of things in the Drake Hatchery.

I spent most of the day meeting some new people...the famous Edward Icespear, for one. Such a nice guy!
And then I helped out Malorn Willowsmith and Ronan Ravenshard in the Labyrinth. I think Malorn and I have been through there like 20 times now?!?! Just in two days time, I believe. He needs his Balance sword and that mean Property Master is not being nice and handing it over.

I helped them record a couple videos for Youtube on a Minotaur Overkill hit by Ronan Ravenshard. See them at Malorn's Sorcerer of the Spiral blog. I used my Fire Grand alt; Heather Fireslinger, and my second Life Grand; Keira Willowsong. For some reason my Fire alt was really attracting the boss' attention and I hadn't even done anything yet. I guess he thought I was the most threatening, but I think he found out that Minotaur was quite harmful to his

Then there was a little party after the Live Wandcast episode tonight. That was a very interesting, and entertaining episode. And I will call Mr. Friendly out on one thing he said there: Effendi does not mean It means Master or Lord, as in a title in which you would address someone. Poor Friendly...I think he thinks the manders are talking directly to him and he thought they were saying HIS title; "Friendly." Please see this link for proof, and there are many other links if you just do a google search on it, which all say the same things, basically.

The party was really cool, we had it at Snowcrusher's place in the Drake Hatchery in DS. I even ended up in a battle beside Friendly, so that was cool!

Spent most of the evening messing around Wizard City between my main and my alt, Luis, doing some WC farming with Edward. So it was a good day!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Viridian Sceptor

I'm not sure how many people have actually seen this thing. I had to send for the Pokemon Issue to get mine.

This Viridian Scepter is
tiny though. I mean microscopic...I need a microscope just to see the detail on it. I think this wand should be for our future pets to carry around...what do you guys think?
Heh...Sir Spike's Golem Staff is actually bigger than that xD

I much prefer the Staff of the Querant. I would actually use this, it looks so good with me here, if only I could stitch it to some stats and damage-type that I want. Like 100+ Myth damage plus a power pip would be great ;)

New Fire Alt. - Welcome Luis Roseheart , and Ravenwood Radio Party Pic

I decided to go ahead and start my new Fire Wizard tonight. I got him to level 6, so I didn't spend a lot of time on him yet. I want to get over and harvest some reagents with Sandwalker for a while while things are quiet.

Fire is just as crazy as I remember too. About every other Fire Elf fizzles...Fire is truly awful about that. In fact when I took him through to the top of Golem Tower he fizzled so much that I was afraid I was going to run out of mana. I did keep his low health up just fine, even with all the fizzles, but when I got to the top and saw my mana at 15 I decided I better take my bottle just in case I fizzled too many times. It would have stunk to do that over because I ran out of mana!

I know Fire does improve on the Fizzles problem later on, but I also know it doesn't improve for a VERY long time.

Here are some shots of Luis as he made his way to level 6:

Luis got the Flamezilla pet with the spell and the 5% global defense, which with all that fizzling it is really helping!
Luis even found Heather Emeraldflame's long-lost son on Unicorn way...

Luis had to try out his Flamezilla a few times too. It's always funny to see some absurd spell used on Unicorn Way...even better, though, when it's from a lowbie. Sorry about the background sounds in the video, as you can tell I was listening to some old Ravenwood Radio podcast xD :

Here's Luis with all his free fire gear he got on the quest
s...which is useful for about ONE

Luis as Golem Tower Champion, level 5, in his hand-me-down crown gear, from his brother Alric Dreamhaven, who just reached level 45 this past evening.

Also, this past evening, there was yet another great episode of Ravenwood Radio. They had a little party after the show in Nightside. Here I am near Leesha Darkheart from the show:

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Death Wiz Quick Farming for Life Wiz

I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and maybe it's just my luck too, but I always say how using an opposite wizard to farm up an item for another wizard can help you get it faster.

First off; I am no big fan of the level 50 hats and boots. I prefer the crown items. I do use the level 50 robes though. But the Crown boots and hat usually have the higher health. Also for those classes that don't get it(meaning all except Ice) they give global resistance. They also give a little bit of power pips, which hats and boots don't usually. This is how I have a pretty decent all-around global resistance on all my wizards, and their particular schools are always still resistant enough to look good too. Another trick I LOVE is replacing school pets with the gift card pets that have added global resistance. I don't think I will ever do that on Death or Myth though. Death really doesn't need it so much, in my opinion. I mean they get hit, they attack and they you are never down on health too long on Death. And as for Myth; the health on that wizard is horrible for as long as it takes to set up anything with it, so I prefer a little extra health and accuracy on Myth's they seem to fizz a lot too. Besides, my Myth will probably never do anything without a Balance wizard....IF my Myth has to battle again(which I know she will have to when Celestia comes out.) For the moment my Myth girl, Taryn, is retired and just has the card making job to keep her busy now and

So, anyway, I went yesterday to farm up my old Life Grand's(Heather Jadeblade) level 50 hat with my Death Grand(Heather Nightshade.) I want it for projects later on. It's not a hat she will wear all the time. I mean, really; how often am I going to fight Life only and want ONLY Life resistance? This is my theory for all classes. How often is a Death wizard only going to fight Death, how often is Myth only going to fight Myth, etc.? My point is you never know what you might be fighting or what they might hit you with and it's a wonderful thing to have a good glabal resistance percentage.

So I took my Death wizard(the poor thing gets so little use) and went to Kraysys to farm up my Life Grand's hat. It was the only thing she was missing. Well, on the very first try it dropped.I have had this happen so many times when I used opposites. Sure; it's not foolproof, but it's my luck usually.

Since that went so quick and since I had made my way out to the Forum to get this, I have left her out there to try and farm up the Dragon Statue when I can. Wish me luck on that!

By the way, it was kinda fun to do a little with the Death wiz again! She really is a cool wizard.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tour of Balance Grand's House & Getting Master Artisan for Her

Among all the other projects I have going on Wizard101, one of them was to finish up my Balance Grand's(Heather Sandwalker) Crafting Quests and get her Master Artisan Badge so she could buy the Balance Blade Recipe and start making the crew some Balance Blades for whenever the itch is felt to have a little more bang for our pips :)

I figured as a bit of a side project I could do a quick video tour of her Balance School House for anyone who would like to see. I happen to really like my Balance House. Maybe it doesn't have so many special items in it, but I still like it A LOT. Take a look!

After she got her badge she went and bought the recipe she wanted so much and has crafted her first Balance Blade:
This brings me to one thing I would like to put out there; If anyone ever has any crafting questions for the game please feel free to write and ask me. I will try to get my email posted for anyone who might have a question. I have completed Master Artisan on most all of my wizards, and as of today I have completed it on all, except Alric, whom I intend to complete it on. At least one wizard from every school, in my bunch, has the badge now. I am only having Alric do them because he is the first and only on his he is going to be the main, and only crafter there.

One last thought is that I will be posting videos now and then of all my wizard's houses, for those that have them...which is most of them. So make sure and stop back to see those :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ice Blade-Aquired!

As anyone who has ever played an Ice wizard knows; getting the Ice Blade is your first real step to getting some real power in those Ice spells(not including stuff you might use that is out of class.) Us poor Ice wizards have to wait all the way to level 38 to get our precious blade spells, which other schools totally take for granted. Life has to wait too, but they get their blade more than an entire world before us. This is what I was talking about the other day when I mentioned the comment Friendly Necromancer made that came straight from Greyrose herself. This is part of what makes Ice a true challenge...which is what makes it so fun and interesting. Ice is not for the feint of heart.

This past day both Savannah Icewraith(my newest Ice) and Gabrielle Iceweaver(mom's) traveled to the Crimson Fields to both complete the quest to defeat the Death Oni AND to defeat Udo Jin-e(a 1300 health Storm boss with Balance minions) to collect the Mushroom of Confusion, a very dangerous reagent...according to our Professor.

After we completed that we got on with the rest of Crimson Fields, including fighting the secret boss, Yakedo, with the help of Kaitlyn Dunerider. The little pig minion at the end was being stubborn, but he finally went Then we went to Katsumori's and defeated him and his demon-self, The Death Oni. For kicks I transformed into a Evil Snowman disguise for our battles there.

Since we had to exit out of the dungeon one at a time to go complete the Ice Blade quest we also took a break so mom could go eat(lol) we went AFK before the Yakedo fight and spun for a while. So I went and worked on Kaitlyn and Alric for a little bit.

Kaitlyn and Alric are now up to having the Tree of Life as their next quest. But, of course, we had a little fun with Oyotomi the Defiler while finishing up on quests in the Village of Sorrow. Alric got a pretty decent hit, for a Life wizard, using Centaur(no treasures used or it could have been higher, but I really don't wanna waste them on this guy.) Then, just for kicks, I went back and had him use Earthwalker.

I still think that Earthwalker is a cool spell, even though it's damage doesn't compare to Centaur. It's just not a spell you see every day and everywhere.

Well, it was a fun day, yesterday, and I am glad we finally got our blades. I feel much better
I am hoping to get the Tree of Life later today, but not sure I will be able to or not. I still want to get to pounding more on my Balance Grand's final crafting quest too. She has all the Pearl she needs, now just need Blood Moss...20 of them :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun Morning!

Friendly Necromancer made a stopover at the Carnival this morning, and I met some new friends. Ronan and I disguised ourselves as Gearheads for a bit.

Then I was off to Chelsea; cause you absolutely HAVE TO go to Chelsea Court, as a Gearhead...I mean it's their home, right?!?! I ran around up there next to my brother and sister Gearheads and did a few fights with some of the folks up there. It was kinda funny cause I actually got caught, which I figured would probably happen since I was goofing I was prepared with prisms. Three others joined me immediately, cause who doesn't wanna fight alongside a Gearheard during a Gearhead vs. Gearhead battle? Good old Storm Lord finished off the remaining evil Gearheads and the day was won!

Then it was off to work on Alric and Kaitlyn for a little bit. Balance and Life make a very interesting combination. I think I might have a little fun with Youkai when we go to do Tree of Life....should be interesting.

Then I saw that there was a blogger party so I got on as Emeraldflame to go check it out. Nice little bunch of people there. There was even a small dance-line with the Three Musketeers...haha! Amber Unicornflower seemed to have been the target of a mad scientist who made her clones...take a look...

All at the party wish everyone out there a Happy Easter!

We are the Three Horse Riders of the

Wow, what a day! It was really cool to finally be at one of the events with Friendly Necromancer, Stephen and Leesha From Ravenwood Radio! Really nice to see you guys! I really enjoyed watching the Livestream, though I will say that I had to watch it again to fully take it in as there was just too much going on between you guys fighting, the chat room, and the people outside the tower.

I always find it interesting to see how others duel so I really enjoy the videos that people post of their battles, whether or not they are "famous."

Which leads me to something a few thoughts:
As much as I am sure that at times some of the attention that these guys get might be fun for them, I am also sure it could drive one I don't really get the "famous" thing either. I mean no offense by that, but I don't get it. We are all players, just some people have taken the game out of the game and made it known and really been helpful to others too. I'd rather say they were just special people for doing that kindness to the community. I know I am happy to get on my lesser knowns, sometimes, where everything is quiet. I look at some of the noobs and think "I want a noob again" Seriously, there is something about a nice, new wizard to start on. And by now it's such a breeze to go along in WC, KT, MB...I actually enjoy doing that cause as much as I love the game cause it makes you think, sometimes I just don't wanna think too much. I mean I could easily go through WC in my sleep, but it's so fun and simple, and I even sometimes like to listen again to the dialogue of the NPCs there.

I see all the real newbies out there and they think it's so awful and I remember being in their shoes once as a young Storm wizard. Boy, if you want a challenge; that is the one, especially if you know nothing about the game coming in, and especially if you have no crowns/crown gear and are soloing. It was a rough start, but I met some good people back then, too bad many of them are not around anymore. And, for an adult, it is really hard to find other adult friends to hang with, battle with and talk to. I mean I go around assuming everyone is a kid. I do have younger friends on here too, but am always happy to meet other adult players when I do...we are few and far between!

What Friendly said that Greyrose said about Death and Ice, though, I think that is so true. Death is pretty easy most of the time. For the most you accomplish in one move what takes another solo wizard to do in at least two moves, and with a lot fewer pips(cause you have to account for pips for healing and pips for attacking with any other wizard) when you are kill and heal in one shot.

And Ice; SO TRUE. It is a good challenge. Just getting to the point where you FINALLY get your blade quest(I will mention more on in this post) is a bit of a struggle. But it's a good challenge, and I honestly think it makes you a better player because you HAVE TO learn to work around not having all the best stuff in the beginning, and for half the game too! If you play smart you will really learn what will make your Ice wizard a lot stronger than what most people think it can do.

But, in my opinion, the hardest school is Myth. I mean it's fine up until you start getting those double attack spells, cause at about that time, assuming you finished all your quests and are the appropriate level for the area, things get to be bad. They get to be really AWFUL once you hit DS too. My only rationality to why Myth is the way it is is that they truly intended Myth as a PvP school. But the problem in that is that we ALL have to get through the game to get those higher level spells, pets, etc. This makes it especially tough to solo Myth. And that level 48 Myth quest; I think it might well be the toughest one for getting your level 48 spell and pet. And while I am proud of my Orthrus I really don't use him. I keep one of the ninja pigs that gives some extra health and accuracy. Myth REALLY needs all of that stuff they can get.

When I did Myth I soloed all the way up to about 3/4 of the way through MS(about when I got the Minotaur spell.) Then I was like "this is just taking too long and it's no longer any fun." So I brought in my Balance Grand and that pair went all the way through the rest of the game together. I was worried about the combination in Maistaire's, but they did just fine, and it wasn't so bad at all. Besides the fact that I have Malistaire's down to a science at this point....which really helps! I also used the Frog the whole way through DS...if you ask me it's the best way to go...provided you have a Balance wizard around to help boost it.

I had a Myth wizard previously, before Taryn, and I hated it so much that I deleted her at level 47. But that last time I was determined to make it. And now I have my Myth Grand, whose job it is to make cards for my other wizards. She makes so many Pierce wouldn't believe it. People think Steal Ward is my opinion...for a wizard using it "out of class" Pierce is much better; only costs 1 pip, not 2. Yes, you don't get the shield or absorb, you break it instead, but most of the time your only aim is to get it out of your way anyhow.

Taryn was also the reason why I was able to make my Carousel, as she was the only one that could make Earthquakes. So I am really proud of getting her to GM.

I will have more newbies at some point, but not right now I am jealous of Friendly's Flint Stone dude. I hope he has fun with his noob...sounds like he already is!

Well, after all the excitement I needed something to chill out and do. Not sure if I accomplished Mom came on and we did a little more than half of Savarstaad Pass.
You guys know she is kinda going through a real rough time right now, so it's all kinda rough going in game too, and I don't want to push her.

We did get our Ice wizards to their Ice Blade quests. Our next move will be to do Crimson Fields. See, this is why I should have
Emeraldflame Tours, cause I KNEW from experience that we had to go in Crimson Fields to fight some dude to complete our quest. See; I DO like to COMBINE QUESTS. We already had the regular quest to go in, hey; we run this one time, get it done, and it's gonna be outta the way. none for those skeleton-zombies either ;)
...None for Craig Ferguson's Robot-Skeletons

After we leveled up and I said to mom something like "see, now we have two quests for that place," she said "I knew there was a method to you madness...there always is" Yeah, that comes from having 12 wizards of your own...and I love them all in a different way.

So, we took some pics. We needed to while we are all still in our MooShu garb. I will probably be getting Alric and Kaitlyn out of MS together, figured they could finish up Village of Sorrow and Tree of Life together, then I will split them up again and have them work with other wizards who compliment their styles a little better. Having two one-hitters would get real old, real fast in DS. They both need someone with some fire-power, and I have an arsenal of attackers that will be happy to help out and get some extra loot.

Here's the pics, anyhow...Oh, the first one we did some dude ran by and said something like "'s the three horse riders of the Apocalypse" *Ah...if only Alric had a horse he could have joined us and it would have been even more appropriate....

...we looked like we were guarding the way to the Jade Palace commons area

I noticed this weird sorta glitchiness too...the flowers on the ground around the above area, near the Shoshun Village temple entrance, kinda float. Iknow it's not a big deal, but it's just weird. Take a look in this pic...

...See how the flowers are almost at the horses knees? I always thought these things were just supposed to lay on the ground. It would make sense more if there were stems, but there are

One last thing.
It's always funny how one of the most popular questions is "what is your favorite world?" During that big event it seemed that 99% of people(or close to that) said MooShu. I think KI should think about that a little.
I can't speak about what Celestia will be like cause I obviously have never actually seen it yet. But they should think of "why" people like MS so much. In my opinion it's because it's a beautiful, bright and happy place, and the battles we fight there are challenging, but they are not frustrating. The entire Briskbreeze Tower thing, to me that is one big ball of stress. I didn't enjoy when I did it, though we made it through. But I play this game to escape stress, and that place is just full of it. It's like the same thing with PvP, it's just stress. I am thinking people that actually enjoy that stuff obviously haven't had enough stress in their lives...yet...and they are lucky! I've had more than my share with my health and just the way things have been for me for as long as I can remember.

But KI should think about that when designing these worlds. I noticed that no one said they liked DS. In my opinion DS is about as dreary as a palce could be. I never wanted to travel through heck, Also noticed that no one said MB. But that is where I differ a little. I do like I absolutely hated the palce when I was on my first Storm wizard....those freakin' gearheads! But now I laugh at them...haha! But, really, it's anot a bright, happy place either, and the fact that cats are the bad guys is so beyond "not cool."

My favorite places are MD and KT. I can't see how anyone hates KT....but I guess there are some that do. I guess those people aren't much into Egyptian Culture either...otherwise maybe they would enjoy it for that.
Though, hey...notice there are no cats or cat statues in Krok? Egyptians worshipped cats. *More reasons why I think someone doesn't like cats....though I am trying my best to give some benefit of the doubt on that.*
Even though there was a entire building dedicated to Storm in Krok, I still loved that place. The music, for one...heck, I would go there just to hunt reagents and listen to the background music. And the battle music in there is epic! I so wish they would sell Wizard 101 music CDs or downloads on iTunes. I would buy them so have no idea! I would listen to that stuff in the car and's so well done!
Anyway, I can sorta understand someone hating Krok if you are a Elemental school wizard...but if you are of the Spiritual Schools or Balance...why would you hate it?...Seems that place would be easy for you?!?!?!?

That's all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday...for those who celebrate it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you miss it?

If you missed Merlin then I feel sorry for you!

What a premiere that was tonight on SyFy! And then having Mackenzie Crook, of POTC fame, as the guest star....WOW! Look like this season is gonna be intense and awesome! I also have a new favorite word now, one that Merlin

Stopped over at youtube for a minute. Do you know that there are people that are actually proud of finishing an area really early on W101? That is nothing to really be proud of, really. All it means is you skipped loads of side quests. What's the big deal there? Personally I would rather gather all the XP I could and do everything one time instead of having to come back later and find all the side quests I skipped before, therefore actually ending up doing twice as much work(or more) as you would have done had you quested right the first time.

Personally I like to combine quests. Like certain areas I know I am going to get so many quests to go kill/collect from creature "enter name here." And when you get up to level 48, BTW...most people have got to go to the Labyrinth for their level 48 spells. Now, I do enjoy the Labyrinth, but I like to do it when I want to, not because I "have to." So, if I skipped a bunch of quests and go get access to that really early...well, it only means I am gonna end up having to go back in there and do it again when I DO hit level 48.

...Sorry, that is like one of my biggest pet peeves; people that do that and think they are cool for it. Well: you aren't cool, and you aren't impressing me. Anyone could do that, you are only cheating yourself if you do it.
Of course I have seen the opposite too; like people not making it out of WC until they are level 20 or something...I can't imagine how that can happen. If it takes you that long I think you might need me as a tour guide xD

Emeraldflame Tours...that has a nice ring to it*

Alric got his new pet tonight. I finished him up in the Ancient Burial Grounds and he killed off old Tomugawa using his new pet. I swear; I think this is THE coolest colossus spell there is! I love how Earthwalker has all those spikes sticking out of him. He is like Mossback with gladiator gear

I am going to try to farm some for that sword later on. Alric really NEEDS a sword. But, if he doesn't get one I do have the Cerulean Edge for him once he reaches level 45. Figured, a while back, I better get it for him while it's still on sale.

Here Comes the Sun...

Such a beautiful day here!...Yay!...Sorry, but that is so rare here, so I am really happy about that :)

Anyway, cool day, though I didn't get a whole lot I finished up Alric in Savarstaad Pass, then I got him started at Ancient Burial Grounds.

I got to meet Mr. Malorn WS for a few minutes, joined in chat for a little with some others. Was nice to meet Malorn :)

Then I sorta started doing a bunch of paid a day early, I found...So I bought that 60k crowns for Alric's account, then did all those real not-fun adult things with the rest of the money(aka paid bills.) Met up with Mom(Gabrielle Iceweaver, she's the one in the pink and blue in my banner) for a little bit in game. I made the Easter Bunny visit her she has a one month sub right now. I figured this will give her a chance to get that training point in GH...doubt she will ever care to buy GH...maybe. Boy, that place is way expensive to buy for Crowns players! I mean 1995 per area?!?! I bought it all with Alric and thought it was kinda stinky that you have to buy Nidavellir separately. I guess it makes *some* sense, though. I mean as a Crowns player you buy every other dungeon, so I guess that ONE place is actually "cheap" compared to the way you gotta buy all the others.

Anyway, I got Mom to all the Yardbirds, except the one you gotta fight for. We really didn't have time for that, as I had just took her through the Ironworks, again, so she could work on leveling up a bit. I want to get her Ice and my newer Ice, Savannah, to the same level together. We need to get to 38 so we can go get our Blade quest before we do Crimson Fields.

After that we hung out at her place for a bit. Then an old friend popped in. So I took him away to show him a couple of my houses.

Somewhere during all this I found/remembered that my Balance Grand(Heather Sandwalker) STILL needs to work on her Master Artisan badge. She is on the last crafting quest. So I think I might pound away at that a bit, finding reagents. I mean, I REALLY want to be able to make my own Balance Treasures(not buy them from the bazaar...or beg them off people, not my style)...going to be needing them for some future projects.

I know; part of my problem is I am going in too many directions all the time and never have time to just get one thing done. It's a little here, a little there....or sometimes a little of everything at once. It happens when you got so many wizards. At least it keeps me from getting bored though, right?

Well, I am going to go work on that crafting quest, then maybe go back to Alric for a bit. Hope you all are having a beautiful day/evening!

Laterz :)