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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nice Ending to a Slow Few Days :)

The last few days I haven't had as much time to do things, like blog here. I think it's mainly I am lacking a LOT of sleep. I have been waking up to the sounds of "construction" going on in the apartment next to mine. Waking up to the sounds of hammers and sawzalls is not a good thing. I had such a huge headache after I woke this past day. I sure hope they get done gutting the place next door soon.

In game I have been playing mostly with getting Alric his Grand gear. He now has his Athame and his robe. I also did find that the Headdress of the Heavens drops from the Ice Gurtok. It's not something I even care about having, but I got it there and I am always happy to have got Crowns gear/items on a drop(except that silly Ruined Painting.) You can see the drop listed in Danielle's log here and then a picture of the stats on it below that. Sorry I don't have a screen shot of actually being in there and getting it, but I think you can tell from what is in the log that it came from there. I always do Fire Gurtoks first, then Ice, and as you can see it was before Malistaire and Cyrus' dialogue began. I just didn't even pay attention to it when it dropped, else I would have screened it right there and then. Hard to watch EVERYTHING that drops when you are running more than one wizard and more concerned with what the other gets.

I think Alric's ring will take a very long time and may require adding in another wizard and rearranging the order during that ONE FIGHT. Alric is usually in the first position with Danielle in second. After every battle with the Fire Gurtok crew he either gets junk or...*gasp*: NOTHING! Danielle keeps getting more and more rings she doesn't need for ANYONE on that account. It would be nice if Alric could at least be getting some rings so I know he is really getting a chance. The only Grand ring he has gotten at all was the Death ring.

I think when I try again later I am going to do a quick farm session. I will take Sandwalker, Danielle, and Alric. Alric can go last. Maybe it will give him some luck. Since he has his robe now there really is no need to run the entire dungeon. I will just take them in and do that fight, then exit, then go back and do it again. As I have said many times; the Fire Gurtok Second-chance chest never gives the Grand rings, it only gives junk.

For right now Alric is using Malistaire Drake's Ruby Signet. It's not near as good as his school ring but at least it gives the same pip percentage.

I still like the rings from the Gurtoks much better than the ones from Briskbreeze.

Kevin Battleblood and another friend of his, Cheryl Fire, and myself did Briskbreeze the other night. I used two wizards. See picture below:

Emeraldflame actually got her ring, which I am happy to have it, BUT I have decided against using it. It would only give me 8 more health, of course it gives no mana(unlike the Gurtok one,) and I would actually LOSE 5% power pip chance by wearing it! Even with the added Tough, to me, this is not worth all you lose. I think, maybe the only schools who don't suffer such a loss on their rings(from one to another) might be Myth and Life. Life gets the same power pips on both, and Myth gets the most of any on those Briskbreeze rings, they get 15%! My normal Gurtok Storm ring is 15%. Being that Storm is supposed to be a fast hitting powerhouse I do not see why I would want to lose power pip chances?!?! Actually most of my wizards kind of run on that whole mindset of quick power and all have pretty high percentages because of it. I have seen some people with higher but only by maybe 3 points, tops. And usually if it's like that they did sacrifice a lot of something else I would never give up.

I think if I ever tried to do some kind of high hit that I
might use the Briskbreeze ring, but if I was to use it with wanting to get a high Tempest hit I would be running the chance of not getting as many power pips as I should...which would be a real problem with Tempest being pip-based damage. There are ways around getting rid of the single pips and hoping for more power, but it sure is not guaranteed. Why on earth would the Storm ring be so low on pips? We are supposed to be THE POWERhouse. Is it not bad enough we have the lowest health? They needed to take pip percentage away from us too on these rings?

I also notice that these rings look like they should have been dropped in Grizzleheim. Is this yet another mistake that was made when GH was released? I mean in that they seemed to have rushed getting GH out there to us. There is so much in GH that seems to remain unfinished or a mystery. So many NPCs(for one thing) that seem to have no purpose. I wonder if these rings were not originally meant to be dropped by the Coven? It would make some sense; getting Grand gear from the Coven. Seems to me that the best things the Coven drop are only good for resale. All those swords they drop that are not so exciting to look at, but great for someone who needs a sword and just turned level 45.

Other than thinking on things like that and working on Alric's gear, I have had Savannah working with Gabrielle. Also I have been working on Luis a bit. Really did a marathon with Luis the other day with a lot of leveling. He is just starting the Tomb of Storms now. Luis got a couple lucky pet drops, he got the Fire Salamander from the Throne Room of Fire, and then he got a regular Ghoul(crown item) from the Emperor's Retreat.

Savannah and Gabrielle finished up the Village of Sorrow today, in Mooshu. Next stop is the Tree of Life. Poor Mom will soon be in Dragonspyre; I know she isn't looking forward to that, and I don't blame's such a hideous place.

This past evening was lots of fun with Ravenwood Radio's Live show and chat. I met some more "new" people and befriended them. Thanks to those who added me this past evening, it was a pleasure to meet you all :)
Everyone seemed to show up for the party in Nightside. Mr. Friendly Necromancer(aka Thomas Lionblood, etc., etc.,) Stephen Spiritcaller, Leesha Darkheart, Fallon Shadowblade:The Death Kids foursome were all there, as were many other great people and bloggers.

Friendly played dress up for us as Chief Friendly and as Nolan Stormgate. He also brought in Kyle Skystaff with his very extremely rare and special Sheep pet. Here are some little pics of things and people seen at the party:
I can't wait until the next RR broadcast!
I hope all that were at the party had fun and I will see you guys in the Spiral!


  1. Well the gurtoks do drop rings/athames just don't spend too much crowns on them...

    Also nice great party too bad I missed it...

  2. Yeah, I know they drop All my other Grands have them, but it is TRUE that the Fire Gurtok's chest does not give out the rings...and I do mean the CHEST, not him, himself ;)


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