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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alric's Adventures, and Remember the Old Fire Kraken?

I spent most of the day working on Alric Dreamhaven, my third Life wizard. I finished all of Shoshun Village with him today...including finishing off Cave of Solitude, and did all of Kishibe Village, then ran him, mostly solo, through Shiritaki Temple. The only time I brought in help was when fighting Wavebringer(because I really WANT the Lighting Bat and was hoping for better luck with having three of my wizards there.

I took Alric to GH, bought all the areas, got all the Yardbirds for him, got Feint for him. So, save for not having Reshuffle yet, he has bought all the spell I want him to have so far...which, of course, doesn't include what he still needs to learn in his school.

So, while in GH we had to go to Helgrind Warren to get that one bird that's in there. Well, you guys know I am a crafting nut and being that Alric is the only and main wiz on his account he will be the main crafter on that one, so I am always snatching up reagents. And....sometimes doing that can get you in He got caught trying to snatch a Frost Flower in the Storm Room. I could have fled or hit ESC, but I was like "well, let's DO IT!" I wasn't gonna fight all those guys in those rooms, the drops are nothing special to me, but just thought I would anyway...something different.

So Alric and my Ice Grand fought their way through the entire dungeon. They got to the end and I remembered how cool of a room that was, so I figured I would take a video of it. I also brought in my Balance Grand, Heather Sandwalker, to give Ice some more power there...I mean the boss there is 8k health and, as usual, I wanted to kill them(boss and minions) all in one she came in late, carrying her Bunny Usually I like Balance up first, fighters next, Life last...when in a group of 3-4 wizards, but I had sorta forgot how big this Grendel

Anyway, anyone ever notice the Grendel Witch Doctor's Wand/Rattle thing? I love those! Those are so cool! They look so much better than the skull-topped wands we have.

Here is a pic of a Grendel with the wand/rattle they have(not a great pic, but best I could get...from the Wiki,) and then a video of the last part of the fight(sorry about the sound on that, forgot to turn off sound on the other windows):

Here's the end of the battle with Wavebringer....And, I must have the WORST luck...three wizards and still no Lightning Bat :(

Then here is Alric's solo kill of the Plague Oni, which he had to do to get his Dryad spell for as well. Yeah, he should have got it at level 38, but I really don't care enough about that spell to have brought him in any earlier to this dungeon. I am not all too fond of spells that take EVERY pip...they are usually good spells, but I can find better ways to accomplish what they do, except with Balance and Judgment...I mean that spell is their "lifeblood," so to speak...

After all that I decided to relax and take Alric and start him on a few little GH quests. I probably won't run him too much there, until Celestia comes out, maybe. But I just wanted something different to do...and honestly it hasn't been the most happy of days...wanted something to take my mind off things.

Hey, ya'll remember the old Fire Kraken? I mean; you guys all know they changed the graphics for it back around the beginning of December(I think it was)? Well, I thought that was such a SWEET version of it. I loved the red water around him as he rose up to attempt to kill me xD
Well, while messing with videos today I found someone's video of the old version, it's short, but here it is:

...Soooo Cool...

Well, I want to close this huge post with a dedication and a Goodbye to a dear, beloved, furry family member. Today's post is dedicated to Sammi(Samantha) Iceweaver(her mom's wizard's last name there.) We will miss you, girl!

May she rest in peace...

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  1. May she rip indeed... Very cool what you have been doing in-game keep up the work...


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