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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tour of Fire Grand's Dragonspyre Grand Fortress, etc.

Monday was a good day on W101. I got a LOT of things done. I started out the day trying, again, to get Alric's Life boots to match his outfit. At least I HOPE that they drop from Crusher, I am not 100% sure myself as I can't seem to find information on them anywhere(and with a picture, at that.) I have it on word from Edward Icespear, whom was so kind to me the other day...even sold a Sprite pet to the bazaar for me so I could finally get one *smiles*...that the boots I am looking for drop from Crusher. He had asked one of his Life friends who is supposed to know. Spike, the Crusher, has a pretty large loot table, though, so it may take forever to get them...if they drop do from him. Alric needs the Jester-style Life boots with the Life leaf designs all over them to complete his outfit. He has ones right now that do not quite match his Jester outfit. No luck with those boots for Monday...will try again when I wake up later.

I did get, yet another, Krokotillian pet from Meowiarty. They seem to be raining now...after I Had so much trouble getting just ONE for Kaitlyn. Yes, I did the entire instance...I mean why not?'s more loot, and "any loot is good loot."

I then helped Jessica Fairyheart with some of her quests in MB. I started getting very lucky with housing item drops at that time. I mean, seriously. I have never got as many good items AND housing items in one day's time as I did Monday. I used my Balance Grand to help her out and she dinged 33...Congrats, Jessica! And by the looks of it she will be out of MB very soon!

I got a Bulletin Board on drop from Mugsy...

I've never seen that before, though I'm sure many others have. Sandwalker later put that in the shared bank for Fireslinger. I also got a Alter of Candles from some Midnighters(also given to Fireslinger.) Neither Jessica or I had ever fought those before. I mean usually people just don't cause it's not required. I have gotten that item before but I am pretty sure it was from a mob in either the Counterweights or Big Ben.

Then I worked on Luis for a while. He is now completely done with WC, save for Sunken City(which I will bring him into later on.) He will be working more in Krok next. He did get a couple little housing drops too. Nothing magnificent, but most any time you get a Crown item for free it's cool....unless it's those darn Ruined Paintings in Malistaire's...ugh! He got the Sundae from one of the Gobbler Prince's. Like I said it isn't THAT magnificent, and I have got it from them before. It was from the Life ones, by the way. He also got the good old pile of Jelly Beans from the Gobbler King's place....cause everyone needs a huge pile of Jelly beans in their house...don't ya know?!?!?

Savannah Icewraith and Gabrielle Iceweaver are now ready to run the Shiritaki Temple, next we have a chance to play. I am really proud of Mom dinging Master-level not so long ago. I think we are now level 41...she might be 42 cause she has been farming so much. She finally farmed up her Naginatas the other day too. She HAD TO have those for her MooShu cottage.

Alric had a lot of running around throughout the day. He is done with the main quest line in The Crucible and officially has the quest to the Labyrinth. The only thing he has left is the side quest in The Crucible. That is always a fun one with those Myth Barbarian guys...they LOVE Earthquake. I have techniques to avoid that though. That has to be THE most disappointing spell to get hit by...such a nuisance. Alric is just about to hit level 48 so the timing for the labyrinth couldn't be much better! All that messing around in GH helped him get to it in good time.

When Emeraldflame and Alric were finishing up the Crucible and had to fight Blackrock I said to myself before the fight: "it would be really awesome if only that deck would drop for once." I have never gotten the "Grandmaster" Ice Deck(why does anyone call them this when the level requirement is only 45?...makes no real sense) from him yet. I really don't care about those decks. I mean how much space do you REALLY need in your deck? Most of my Grands don't even keep their decks half full. I keep a very basic deck with only one or two attack types and a side with either attack treasure cards and/or Pierce treasure cards. Though I sometimes keep Satyrs on the side too. Like Balance sometimes loads those up since she doesn't have Life anymore. Once in a great while a Satyr is called for. Helping Hands can only do so much and it sure can't bring back a team member who is defeated.

So anyhow,
we, did the fight with Blackrock and low and behold the deck actually dropped! First time too! Emeraldflame got the deck so she has put it in the shared bank for Savannah to pick up. Now; if only my Ice Grand on my second account might get one someday. But, if she doesn't it's never going to be a big deal. I am sure with Celestia they will also have new decks, even bigger ones, out if we need them.

I always have this issue with Blackrock, and I know it happens cause I am often using two screens...two wizards. I move one out of the way, click the other screen and it reactivates his crystal and makes him reappear. It never pulls in anyone, but him being there is so, very tempting. Needless to say I fought him two more times. The second time Alric got this Volcanic Steam Vent:

...Be careful up there, Alric!

I have seen those before, so I know it's not that huge of a deal, but I also don't think they are THAT common. I think I might have to try to sneak that over to Fireslinger's house sometime. It would fit right in there!

Speaking of Heather Fireslinger, I made a video tour of her promised in the title of this post ;-)

You will also see the Bulletin Board, again, I got and placed in her bedroom. Her bedroom is pretty unique, I think. Quite a few crafted items in there made mostly by her. Maybe one or two made by I know "E" made the Tooth Jar...not sure what else.

So, I hope you all enjoy:



    This is from Ironhawk's guide for Marleybone bosses and loot; I hope the Dextrous boots are the ones you are describing?

    To drop my two cents in, the level 45 items that are sometimes referred to as "grand" items are denoted as such because they fit in the category as the "last" and "best" items you'll find in the game so far. "Grand deck" instantly tells us it's the highest No Auction deck; "Grand sword" tells it's the highest No Auction *non-crown* sword one can get.

    I think why the decks have so much room is because it works hand in hand with the ability to carry 7 copies of your own class's spells....I guess some people don't understand probability so they just stash their entire deck to the brim? I use my "grand" ice deck for team PVP, with 7 stun shields, 7 Glacial shields, 7 steal wards, 7 ice blades (just in case of nasty earthquakes) for potentially long 4v4 fights, so with 28 cards dedicated to clones of inexpensive cards, I need to create a balance with the remainders of attacks and other utility spells (ice aura/bubble, multiple copies in case it gets taken down often, infection, heals, etc.). And every turn counts in 4v4, so using up four turns' worth of pips to Reshuffle (if you're not balance) would hurt the team when you could be using an AOE or support skill, so giant decks are necessary~

    Anyway, great job on the loot! I've never seen the bulletin board as loot either, so that captured me for about a minute. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. @Kevin: No, I guess they are the wrong boots then :-/
    I know those boots exist. I had them on other accounts and sold them, but I don't remember what they are called.They have to be a "no auction" item, or at least they seem to be as I have checked the bazaar many times and never seen them there.

    Yeah, I guess in PvP(larger than a 1v1) a giant deck might be necessary. I don't PvP, I don't care to. And what you say on it being called a "Grand deck" makes sense, but the level requirement does I mean Malistaire's robes and and the level 50 boots and hats, and the Gurtok rings and athames, and the rings from least they have a level 50 requirement. But any "yahoo" that is level 45 can get these decks or those swords and use them right then and there...has nothing to do with actually "being" a Grandmaster.

    Yeah, that Bulletin Board was surprising. I wouldn't mind getting another for one of my MB houses on my second account.


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