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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you miss it?

If you missed Merlin then I feel sorry for you!

What a premiere that was tonight on SyFy! And then having Mackenzie Crook, of POTC fame, as the guest star....WOW! Look like this season is gonna be intense and awesome! I also have a new favorite word now, one that Merlin

Stopped over at youtube for a minute. Do you know that there are people that are actually proud of finishing an area really early on W101? That is nothing to really be proud of, really. All it means is you skipped loads of side quests. What's the big deal there? Personally I would rather gather all the XP I could and do everything one time instead of having to come back later and find all the side quests I skipped before, therefore actually ending up doing twice as much work(or more) as you would have done had you quested right the first time.

Personally I like to combine quests. Like certain areas I know I am going to get so many quests to go kill/collect from creature "enter name here." And when you get up to level 48, BTW...most people have got to go to the Labyrinth for their level 48 spells. Now, I do enjoy the Labyrinth, but I like to do it when I want to, not because I "have to." So, if I skipped a bunch of quests and go get access to that really early...well, it only means I am gonna end up having to go back in there and do it again when I DO hit level 48.

...Sorry, that is like one of my biggest pet peeves; people that do that and think they are cool for it. Well: you aren't cool, and you aren't impressing me. Anyone could do that, you are only cheating yourself if you do it.
Of course I have seen the opposite too; like people not making it out of WC until they are level 20 or something...I can't imagine how that can happen. If it takes you that long I think you might need me as a tour guide xD

Emeraldflame Tours...that has a nice ring to it*

Alric got his new pet tonight. I finished him up in the Ancient Burial Grounds and he killed off old Tomugawa using his new pet. I swear; I think this is THE coolest colossus spell there is! I love how Earthwalker has all those spikes sticking out of him. He is like Mossback with gladiator gear

I am going to try to farm some for that sword later on. Alric really NEEDS a sword. But, if he doesn't get one I do have the Cerulean Edge for him once he reaches level 45. Figured, a while back, I better get it for him while it's still on sale.


  1. It's a tv show called: Legend of the Seeker it's pretty cool you can watch it on

  2. That's a different show, but yeah, I watch that too...on TV, not Merlin is back on it's second season, but on the SyFy channel now. It's a A LOT better than LoTS these days. I mean LoTS had a good start but it's gotten all weird now. I've heard rumors through my groups that it's possibly going to be canceled...


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