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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ice Blade-Aquired!

As anyone who has ever played an Ice wizard knows; getting the Ice Blade is your first real step to getting some real power in those Ice spells(not including stuff you might use that is out of class.) Us poor Ice wizards have to wait all the way to level 38 to get our precious blade spells, which other schools totally take for granted. Life has to wait too, but they get their blade more than an entire world before us. This is what I was talking about the other day when I mentioned the comment Friendly Necromancer made that came straight from Greyrose herself. This is part of what makes Ice a true challenge...which is what makes it so fun and interesting. Ice is not for the feint of heart.

This past day both Savannah Icewraith(my newest Ice) and Gabrielle Iceweaver(mom's) traveled to the Crimson Fields to both complete the quest to defeat the Death Oni AND to defeat Udo Jin-e(a 1300 health Storm boss with Balance minions) to collect the Mushroom of Confusion, a very dangerous reagent...according to our Professor.

After we completed that we got on with the rest of Crimson Fields, including fighting the secret boss, Yakedo, with the help of Kaitlyn Dunerider. The little pig minion at the end was being stubborn, but he finally went Then we went to Katsumori's and defeated him and his demon-self, The Death Oni. For kicks I transformed into a Evil Snowman disguise for our battles there.

Since we had to exit out of the dungeon one at a time to go complete the Ice Blade quest we also took a break so mom could go eat(lol) we went AFK before the Yakedo fight and spun for a while. So I went and worked on Kaitlyn and Alric for a little bit.

Kaitlyn and Alric are now up to having the Tree of Life as their next quest. But, of course, we had a little fun with Oyotomi the Defiler while finishing up on quests in the Village of Sorrow. Alric got a pretty decent hit, for a Life wizard, using Centaur(no treasures used or it could have been higher, but I really don't wanna waste them on this guy.) Then, just for kicks, I went back and had him use Earthwalker.

I still think that Earthwalker is a cool spell, even though it's damage doesn't compare to Centaur. It's just not a spell you see every day and everywhere.

Well, it was a fun day, yesterday, and I am glad we finally got our blades. I feel much better
I am hoping to get the Tree of Life later today, but not sure I will be able to or not. I still want to get to pounding more on my Balance Grand's final crafting quest too. She has all the Pearl she needs, now just need Blood Moss...20 of them :)


  1. Cool... Having difficulty w/ the vids try this screen recorder: Hypercam 3 Also upload to youtube thanks!

  2. Didn't want to do the hypercam one cause I see and hear that it makes everything run so fast, plus watermarks.

    One of the videos was uploaded to youtube in this post. But to do all the ones listed would take HOURS. I was gonna combine three videos I have featured here, and they aren't that long, most not even a minute long, and it said it would take over 30 minutes. That was after I already spent hours trying to make the one movie. I was up until 7am or so this morning finishing up. That is my first movie though, and I wasn't sure I could even figure out how to make it...but finally did, so I am proud of that :)

    I can see why even Friendly gets headaches with Windows Movie Maker :-/

  3. p.s. Not sure what trouble you are having but just press the play button at the bottom of the videos.

    And maybe it's just that I have too many running on one screen?!?!?!


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