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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Death Wiz Quick Farming for Life Wiz

I know it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and maybe it's just my luck too, but I always say how using an opposite wizard to farm up an item for another wizard can help you get it faster.

First off; I am no big fan of the level 50 hats and boots. I prefer the crown items. I do use the level 50 robes though. But the Crown boots and hat usually have the higher health. Also for those classes that don't get it(meaning all except Ice) they give global resistance. They also give a little bit of power pips, which hats and boots don't usually. This is how I have a pretty decent all-around global resistance on all my wizards, and their particular schools are always still resistant enough to look good too. Another trick I LOVE is replacing school pets with the gift card pets that have added global resistance. I don't think I will ever do that on Death or Myth though. Death really doesn't need it so much, in my opinion. I mean they get hit, they attack and they you are never down on health too long on Death. And as for Myth; the health on that wizard is horrible for as long as it takes to set up anything with it, so I prefer a little extra health and accuracy on Myth's they seem to fizz a lot too. Besides, my Myth will probably never do anything without a Balance wizard....IF my Myth has to battle again(which I know she will have to when Celestia comes out.) For the moment my Myth girl, Taryn, is retired and just has the card making job to keep her busy now and

So, anyway, I went yesterday to farm up my old Life Grand's(Heather Jadeblade) level 50 hat with my Death Grand(Heather Nightshade.) I want it for projects later on. It's not a hat she will wear all the time. I mean, really; how often am I going to fight Life only and want ONLY Life resistance? This is my theory for all classes. How often is a Death wizard only going to fight Death, how often is Myth only going to fight Myth, etc.? My point is you never know what you might be fighting or what they might hit you with and it's a wonderful thing to have a good glabal resistance percentage.

So I took my Death wizard(the poor thing gets so little use) and went to Kraysys to farm up my Life Grand's hat. It was the only thing she was missing. Well, on the very first try it dropped.I have had this happen so many times when I used opposites. Sure; it's not foolproof, but it's my luck usually.

Since that went so quick and since I had made my way out to the Forum to get this, I have left her out there to try and farm up the Dragon Statue when I can. Wish me luck on that!

By the way, it was kinda fun to do a little with the Death wiz again! She really is a cool wizard.

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