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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Fire Alt. - Welcome Luis Roseheart , and Ravenwood Radio Party Pic

I decided to go ahead and start my new Fire Wizard tonight. I got him to level 6, so I didn't spend a lot of time on him yet. I want to get over and harvest some reagents with Sandwalker for a while while things are quiet.

Fire is just as crazy as I remember too. About every other Fire Elf fizzles...Fire is truly awful about that. In fact when I took him through to the top of Golem Tower he fizzled so much that I was afraid I was going to run out of mana. I did keep his low health up just fine, even with all the fizzles, but when I got to the top and saw my mana at 15 I decided I better take my bottle just in case I fizzled too many times. It would have stunk to do that over because I ran out of mana!

I know Fire does improve on the Fizzles problem later on, but I also know it doesn't improve for a VERY long time.

Here are some shots of Luis as he made his way to level 6:

Luis got the Flamezilla pet with the spell and the 5% global defense, which with all that fizzling it is really helping!
Luis even found Heather Emeraldflame's long-lost son on Unicorn way...

Luis had to try out his Flamezilla a few times too. It's always funny to see some absurd spell used on Unicorn Way...even better, though, when it's from a lowbie. Sorry about the background sounds in the video, as you can tell I was listening to some old Ravenwood Radio podcast xD :

Here's Luis with all his free fire gear he got on the quest
s...which is useful for about ONE

Luis as Golem Tower Champion, level 5, in his hand-me-down crown gear, from his brother Alric Dreamhaven, who just reached level 45 this past evening.

Also, this past evening, there was yet another great episode of Ravenwood Radio. They had a little party after the show in Nightside. Here I am near Leesha Darkheart from the show:

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