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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy...

What a great weekend it has been so far, even though it has been so very busy! I haven't had much time to work on my alts. Did a little with Luis. He is now able to travel to Krokotopia, but I am having him finish up with Colossus Boulevard first. I always MUST go see the Gobbler King...I mean you have gotta love him; "A tiny wizard! Hello tiny Wizard!" that voice!

Alric is slowly making his way through Dragonspyre and just started on the first half of things in the Drake Hatchery.

I spent most of the day meeting some new people...the famous Edward Icespear, for one. Such a nice guy!
And then I helped out Malorn Willowsmith and Ronan Ravenshard in the Labyrinth. I think Malorn and I have been through there like 20 times now?!?! Just in two days time, I believe. He needs his Balance sword and that mean Property Master is not being nice and handing it over.

I helped them record a couple videos for Youtube on a Minotaur Overkill hit by Ronan Ravenshard. See them at Malorn's Sorcerer of the Spiral blog. I used my Fire Grand alt; Heather Fireslinger, and my second Life Grand; Keira Willowsong. For some reason my Fire alt was really attracting the boss' attention and I hadn't even done anything yet. I guess he thought I was the most threatening, but I think he found out that Minotaur was quite harmful to his

Then there was a little party after the Live Wandcast episode tonight. That was a very interesting, and entertaining episode. And I will call Mr. Friendly out on one thing he said there: Effendi does not mean It means Master or Lord, as in a title in which you would address someone. Poor Friendly...I think he thinks the manders are talking directly to him and he thought they were saying HIS title; "Friendly." Please see this link for proof, and there are many other links if you just do a google search on it, which all say the same things, basically.

The party was really cool, we had it at Snowcrusher's place in the Drake Hatchery in DS. I even ended up in a battle beside Friendly, so that was cool!

Spent most of the evening messing around Wizard City between my main and my alt, Luis, doing some WC farming with Edward. So it was a good day!


  1. Hmm, will have to ask my wife where she got "friend" from.

  2. lol I am finally viewing this post even to this day I am still not gettting my Sword of the Steward.

    x will not give up property Master!


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