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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Alric Hits 49, Finishes Crystal Grove...

My third Life wizard is well on his way to being my third Life Grandmaster. He is only about 3 bars away from hitting it now, in fact. Yay, Alric!

This past day was spent doing most of the Obsidian Chest quest; from Krokotopia on up. He had started it the other day and done the two in WC.
He then whizzed through the Crystal Grove....I would swear that place seems shorter every time I do it. I remember when that place seemed to take forever.
The key to the Grove: Storm have to LOVE Storm spiders ;-) And, yes; Emeraldflame did go with Alric to fight them...she loves them too!

Alric did allow me a break to go watch Merlin, though....he didn't want me to have to miss my favorite program :)

During all this time Alric also managed to finish up his first DS crafting quest and is also now half done with his second crafting quest there. He just needs a few Black Pearls. That will be no problem. Kiera, his sister Life wizard, was kind enough to craft some Nature's Wrath cards for him to use on his robes he has to craft. I know they can be bought at the bazaar but at 300 coin, or so, a pop...I'd rather craft them, it's much cheaper, especially since she already had the recipe.

After all that he headed over to talk to Ashley, the Fire Tree at the DS Academy. She sent him on to the second half of the Drake Hatchery Quests, where he was told to go to the Safe House. This is when he decided to let me quit the serious questing for the night and we will continue later on in the day.

I decided to make myself a profile at Gamer DNA here. I honestly wish it could find all the hours I already have spent on W101 and list it. I think some would be amazed at that if they could actually see how many hours I have put into this game.

While working in the Grove, Emeraldflame got the Great Spiral housing item. Her sister Diviner, Danielle, had got this item way back when she was questing, but got her's from Orin Grimcaster. Seems the Diviners have luck when it comes to this sweet housing item :)

Alric also had some luck with a couple of the "cheaper" swords in the Labyrinth when we did that again so he could get his last Obsidian Chest, Dragonrider Staff piece. He got Steelweilder's and The Gallium Paladin's swords. He really is doing good with sword drops, even if these two were not "GM" swords. I mean those are like his 4th and 5th sword drops. He already had bought the Paladin's as I figured earlier he might need one with fighting along Storm so much, but he can pass that extra on to his brother, Luis, when he gets up to that level...probably eventually sell it too.

I still say that Life people have the best luck on drops(probably cause the Leprechauns love them so much,) and will say that Balance has second best luck. For the most Storm has the WORST. I am always shocked when either of my Storm people get anything good. I wonder if other Diviners have the same experience...if they have played more than one type wizard. I mean you can't really say unless you have had first-hand experience with more than one type. And really, really can't say unless you have done multiples of most of the types.

So, later when I am awake I will get Alric going on the rest of DS. There REALLY isn't that much left to it now. Savannah and Gabrielle might rendezvous later on too...we will see.
They got done with Ancient Burial Grounds the other day and will be working in The Village of Sorrow next.

Oh, an update on what I did with the extra coin that Emeraldflame had:
I burned about 45k on buying the pets that could be coin-bought. I bought one dragon for each of my original wizards and one for Savannah too. The dragons are all color-coordinated with each wizard's main colors. Then I went and bought a whole LOT of housing stuff for my Death wizard's Death house, and a couple items that I was lucky enough to snipe for her big MS house too. Emeraldflame bought herself a few little things for the house too, but not a lot. She really is about out of room to fit items in her place. It's very crowded there but we love the way it looks. The house sort of seems to tell a story of her adventures when I look at all the items that are sitting in it.

So she
was down below 100k by the end of that little spree, but that won't last too long...probably. But I think when I run Kaitlyn through DS that I may use my second account with either Danielle or Heather Winterbane as the quest partners. I think the second account might need some more coin than the first...with all those original, rich wizards(lol.)

Kaitlyn hasn't been doing much lately. She is just chilling, waiting for Alric to finish and taking a relaxing vacation in Grizzleheim with a little battling here and there.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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