Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Friday, April 23, 2010

Latest GM Life , Alric, Gets his GM Ring! - Video!

As I said in my last post; I decided to take in three wizards this time, instead of just two, so I could try to mix things up a bit as far as what position they all took in the circle. I was hoping this would give Alric a better chance to get his Grandmaster ring, as it seemed that the first spot was giving him no luck at all.

Well, it took two hours of "quick farming" and a couple remixes of the group line-up, but he finally got it...and best of all it's on video! Take a look:

In other news, this past evening, Luis got the Yellow Ghost Drop while doing the Karanahn Palace. This makes his third pet drop in the last few days! He is now level 26 and almost out of Krokotopia. I always hate leaving KT, I really do like the way the place looks and the characters there...even after all this time. Marleybone is so dark and the real fun parts of it are not even until the end of it. At least the music is all good though, I never seem to tire of the music in KT or MB.


  1. Luis seems to be the lucky gem, the family jewel of the family :D I wonder if there is a "Clark" to complement him?


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