Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 1, 2010

W101 Community: Add me on Twitter, guys! Also Alric update, Crown Sale...

Any W101 fans, please add me on Twitter:

h2oEmeraldflame on Twitter

And so you guys know, I am not being rude or any
thing, but I really don't have access to it from a phone, but I will check in there from time to time. I know, I need a new cell phone with all that fancy stuff on it, but can't get one at this time. So I will correspond via web to any other Wizard fans.

BTW, currently speeding Alric through MS, been working on him all morning. Finished up Cave of Solitude and nearly done with Kishibe Village. But I am taking a break with him right now, since he has a ton of Crowns at this time, and going to go buy all GH and get the training point for the yardbirds, with the touring guidance of Heather Winterbane. I think Alric will really be needing that Feint spell soon, so now is a good time to do this!

Oh, and just saw this:

Nice deal! Especially nice for Crowns players who were worried about additional costs of Celestia coming. Might be good to buy these now, while it's cheap. Then you should also have some Crowns leftover to have some additional fun with! I think I might buy these for Alric soon as I get paid...maybe even get him that Earthwalker pet, just for the heck of it, if it's still on sale too!

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