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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wondering What to Spend Gold On?

Emeraldflame is close to the limit, yet again. So I am gonna have to get rid of some of that coin sometime soon, but what should I buy? She has a broom, a dragon mount, 2 houses. I don't want a horse; don't think she would look good on those. The wings can't be bought with coin or I'd buy a pair. I really don't see her as being a lion or tiger rider. I really wish they would come up with some new mounts...personally I'd really love raven wings...some kind of black, feathery wings. Even anything else would be for the Piggasus...I refuse to ride a mount version of the freaky, ugly looking piggles...which is what I imagine a piggasus would look like. Either way; no pigs! I wish I could give the coin to Fireslinger and let her get her Fire house...even though she probably would hardly want to look at it.

Well, I am less than 5k away, which I will probably make today. So any suggestions?(wish I could even buy a bunch of elixers and store


  1. How about another house, but this one to experiment with the Floating bug in?

    You'll need lots and lots of blue long runner and small spotted rugs!

  2. give all your furnichure to a alt and buy all new stuff

  3. Honestly, I wish I could just give some of it to friends and family that need it. Or buy people stuff from the Crown shop with it, but they don't allow gifting with using coins :-/

    So I kinda have decided that I would buy all the coin buyable pets that I never have bought...cause I had no use for no-card, no stat pets.

    Also I am going to buy some housing items for my Death wizard's Death house. Give it to her through the shared bank. She has one room with NOTHING in it, and two rooms with little in them.

    @Kevin: I actually tried that but it took so long it was driving me crazy. BUT that is how I got one item where it is at E's main house.
    I want to save one spot for another house just in case something new and cool comes out when Celestia comes. And with all the wizards I have; I have every house there is in the game at this time, except the small DS house...which is small and ugly(IMO,) the small WC house(had it at one time...sold it, and the Fire school house.

    @Silverheart: I have a full classroom so they all pretty much have the same furniture. Also with Emeraldflame being my oldest she sort of deserves some of her more unique items ;)

    Thanks for the suggestions, though, guys! I appreciate it a lot :-)


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