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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, April 26, 2010

Three Wizard Raid on Kensington + Mystery Pic

I sent three of my wizards into Kensington this past day. It was the first time I did it with three since my third account is so new. I had been taking most of my wizards through it in pairs up until now. And, yes it sure can be done with two wizards. Most of the time it was Storm and Life that went through...and YES, STORM...with having to use all those prisms. I will say that the Life minion comes in especially handy on a two-man run. They are too busy healing to break Feints or anything with wimpy Imps. Fire and Life was also a good combo for Kensington. I was happy to add the third account so I could start bringing in some of the more "odd schools," and always have a healer there since I now have one on all accounts.

I took in Alric Dreamhaven, as most of you know who have been reading that he is my newest Life Grandmaster,. Also Savannah Icewraith, who usually runs with Mom's Ice wizard, Gabrielle Iceweaver...Gabrielle has been smoking Savannah on XP since Mom likes to farm for housing items so much...and it's her only wizard she can do that with, so this was a good opportunity for Savannah to do a little catching up. Alric even had to buy the area for his account since I hadn't even taken him there just to get the Aeronaut Badge yet. Lastly I brought in Kaitlyn Dunerider, making this the first time I have brought a Balance wizard into the mix. I figured having a Balance wizard there would really help out Ice and make things move a little faster, plus I could now easily take in my Balance wizards without having to rely on them to heal too much.

We had no luck getting the really rare items there, but we did get this somewhat different
Brick Fireplace(though not horribly exciting looking:
Right after the above picture was taken, Kaitlyn gave the fireplace over to my Ice Grand for her vacation home, which looks like a log cabin inside. Figured it went well near the year-round Christmas Tree.

I did take a few screen shots and a couple videos during the run.
The first one here is the crew repairing and talking to Gyro before he sends them into the factory. The factory, as anyone who has run it knows, is actually the easy part. Though by the time you get there it has already seemed like forever in the least to some. Personally, I am always happy to get to the factory as you no longer have to dodge metal men after you get through the ground floor that is covered in mechanical spiders...and those are easy to get past.

The team beat Stoker, the main boss, the first time in the dungeon...yes, you have to fight him twice if you want to complete the entire dungeon(not to receive the badge,) but that also gives you two chances at the very rare Spider Golem pet,
Then the team made their way through the next few floors, just as easily. Then finally reached Stoker for round 2:

They then proceeded to demolish Stoker and the gang there, for the final time in the dungeon.

And here is the crew all lined up with their nice, shiny, new Machine Master Badges, after finishing that last battle:

Savannah never did level to 45 in the dungeon but it brought her up to just over 1000 XP to go, so later in the day when Mom came on we went and finished up Mirkholm Keep and are ready to go to fight Jotun. Grizzleheim just doesn't give enough XP to make any kind of real difference. Savannah was just a hair away at that point and she really wanted to get her level 45 gear on. I was too tired of having to do the big battles for the day...Kensington can take a lot out of you(especially when you are running three wizards by yourself(though it's so much easier to run three than to come in with other real people and tell them to wait to port, especially if they are impatient),) so we will save Jotun for another time. I am thinking about a way I can get her Ice and mine to only fight Jotun and his minion, without having to have Mom run her wizard through those other dungeons. I already got her Gabrielle the book in Winterdeep Warren the other day (and she has been finished with the yardbirds for a while now,) but that was by way of porting her in, she didn't actually run the dungeon and fight the boss.

Oh, yes; I am assuming that most of you know that if you fight the bosses in Winterdeep Warren and Helgrind Warren, that you don't have to fight two of the really BIG bosses in the Hall of Valor with Jotun. It takes longer to do it this way, but you will never have to worry about Jotun's brothers again as long as you come in with people who have done the same thing. It's worth it in my view, not only because it makes that Jotun battle so much easier, but because it gives you more opportunity to get some loot!

I really don't want mom to have to stress with those two extra dungeons in there just to get rid of the bosses for the final I think I will take care of all that for her one of these nights. Then she and Savannah can fight Jotun, probably with a little help to give that extra firepower, which Ice lacks. You can tell I am a true Storm person who is running an Ice wizard...I still like to kill it all at once when I can ;-)

Anyhow, to level up we went and checked in at the Tower Archives. We really haven't even started there in Dragonspyre yet.
Just talking to Zarathax was enough to level up Savannah and gave me the opportunity to stop and relax for the rest of the day and do more mindless

Here is Savannah in her nice, fresh level 45 gear...stitched of course:

Now for the Mystery pic.
Any guesses as to what these two characters might be or why they are here? It's not too hard to guess, but just wondering if anyone can figure it out completely ;-)
It might be a while before any more is mentioned about them...
...all I can say is that you don't want to run into them in a dark may wake up with an interesting pair of scars...if you do wake up, that is...

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  1. Thats sweet! Looked challenging having to control them all at once glad you survived they should have a badge in w101 named "Survivor" off the show...


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