Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tour of Balance Grand's House & Getting Master Artisan for Her

Among all the other projects I have going on Wizard101, one of them was to finish up my Balance Grand's(Heather Sandwalker) Crafting Quests and get her Master Artisan Badge so she could buy the Balance Blade Recipe and start making the crew some Balance Blades for whenever the itch is felt to have a little more bang for our pips :)

I figured as a bit of a side project I could do a quick video tour of her Balance School House for anyone who would like to see. I happen to really like my Balance House. Maybe it doesn't have so many special items in it, but I still like it A LOT. Take a look!

After she got her badge she went and bought the recipe she wanted so much and has crafted her first Balance Blade:
This brings me to one thing I would like to put out there; If anyone ever has any crafting questions for the game please feel free to write and ask me. I will try to get my email posted for anyone who might have a question. I have completed Master Artisan on most all of my wizards, and as of today I have completed it on all, except Alric, whom I intend to complete it on. At least one wizard from every school, in my bunch, has the badge now. I am only having Alric do them because he is the first and only on his he is going to be the main, and only crafter there.

One last thought is that I will be posting videos now and then of all my wizard's houses, for those that have them...which is most of them. So make sure and stop back to see those :)


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