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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alric Finished Dragonspyre, Defeated Malistaire - NEXT?!

There wasn't a lot left for Alric today in Drqagonspyre. He and Emeraldflame did the Father Drake tower to get the scales for the armor for the baby drake. Then it was off to talk to the dragon mommies once more., then to Ashley for her last words of encouragement. Emeraldflame let her Storm sister, Danielle Thunderblade, step in for most of Malistaire's. I brought in Fireslinger to do Tumok Gravelbeard(the two times we made the run.) I've done it plenty of times with my Storm girls but it's is really heavy on the need to use Pierce there(those myth guys with their 80% Storm Shields are kind of a nuisance and you really need to do them fast so as not to let them use earthquake on you.)

Danielle stayed to watch until Fireslinger and Alric were done, then Fireslinger left, and the original pair finished it up. I really didn't feel like messing with the pierce over and over today...then making poor Taryn make even more of them.

Alric & Malistaire(I think they are going to become really "good friends," at least for a while)

I have here a couple ending videos of the first two runs. Alric, unfortunately, had no luck on getting his gear today. But he did get LOTS for Luis to use in the some for a future Necromancer ;)
The reason you see the Storm minion in the first is that I often like to bring them out to take the flack off the Life person. It gives the Life person a chance to gain some more pips and heal some more if needed. It also keeps the enemies from wanting to put weakness on my Storm wizard when she has Dragonblade or any other balance-school blades that might get used. Also, this was the second minion and she had just called him up this time, really to get rid of one regular pip so she could have full power on that hit.

Second run. No minion used here...I didn't care about the one regular pip that time, I

So, what IS next? Well, it's Kaitlyn's turn now to do Dragonspyre. I will also be farming Mailstaire's
at least one time a day, until Alric gets his robe, athame and ring. (It's always the first wizard on an account that has to do all this farming, any others will probably have all their gear by the time they reach 50.) I will probably be using a mix of wizards with Kaitlyn. Ice and Balance work very well together so Winterbane may be helping quite a bit, and sometimes Danielle might help, as well as Fireslinger is always good to have in certain situations.

Savannah and Gabrielle did meet up yesterday. They completed all but Frosthelm in the Vigrid Roughland. They might be doing Frosthelm today...hopefully. Then they will probably go back to Mooshu and continue on there with starting in the Village of Sorrow.

Also, there is always Luis to work on. He is still, basically, just starting in Krokotopia in the Pyramid of the Sun. Well, actually he has done quite a bit of that area and doesn't have a lot left of it...but it's still the beginning of Krok ;)

Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

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