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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Friday, April 2, 2010

Here Comes the Sun...

Such a beautiful day here!...Yay!...Sorry, but that is so rare here, so I am really happy about that :)

Anyway, cool day, though I didn't get a whole lot I finished up Alric in Savarstaad Pass, then I got him started at Ancient Burial Grounds.

I got to meet Mr. Malorn WS for a few minutes, joined in chat for a little with some others. Was nice to meet Malorn :)

Then I sorta started doing a bunch of paid a day early, I found...So I bought that 60k crowns for Alric's account, then did all those real not-fun adult things with the rest of the money(aka paid bills.) Met up with Mom(Gabrielle Iceweaver, she's the one in the pink and blue in my banner) for a little bit in game. I made the Easter Bunny visit her she has a one month sub right now. I figured this will give her a chance to get that training point in GH...doubt she will ever care to buy GH...maybe. Boy, that place is way expensive to buy for Crowns players! I mean 1995 per area?!?! I bought it all with Alric and thought it was kinda stinky that you have to buy Nidavellir separately. I guess it makes *some* sense, though. I mean as a Crowns player you buy every other dungeon, so I guess that ONE place is actually "cheap" compared to the way you gotta buy all the others.

Anyway, I got Mom to all the Yardbirds, except the one you gotta fight for. We really didn't have time for that, as I had just took her through the Ironworks, again, so she could work on leveling up a bit. I want to get her Ice and my newer Ice, Savannah, to the same level together. We need to get to 38 so we can go get our Blade quest before we do Crimson Fields.

After that we hung out at her place for a bit. Then an old friend popped in. So I took him away to show him a couple of my houses.

Somewhere during all this I found/remembered that my Balance Grand(Heather Sandwalker) STILL needs to work on her Master Artisan badge. She is on the last crafting quest. So I think I might pound away at that a bit, finding reagents. I mean, I REALLY want to be able to make my own Balance Treasures(not buy them from the bazaar...or beg them off people, not my style)...going to be needing them for some future projects.

I know; part of my problem is I am going in too many directions all the time and never have time to just get one thing done. It's a little here, a little there....or sometimes a little of everything at once. It happens when you got so many wizards. At least it keeps me from getting bored though, right?

Well, I am going to go work on that crafting quest, then maybe go back to Alric for a bit. Hope you all are having a beautiful day/evening!

Laterz :)


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