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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We are the Three Horse Riders of the

Wow, what a day! It was really cool to finally be at one of the events with Friendly Necromancer, Stephen and Leesha From Ravenwood Radio! Really nice to see you guys! I really enjoyed watching the Livestream, though I will say that I had to watch it again to fully take it in as there was just too much going on between you guys fighting, the chat room, and the people outside the tower.

I always find it interesting to see how others duel so I really enjoy the videos that people post of their battles, whether or not they are "famous."

Which leads me to something a few thoughts:
As much as I am sure that at times some of the attention that these guys get might be fun for them, I am also sure it could drive one I don't really get the "famous" thing either. I mean no offense by that, but I don't get it. We are all players, just some people have taken the game out of the game and made it known and really been helpful to others too. I'd rather say they were just special people for doing that kindness to the community. I know I am happy to get on my lesser knowns, sometimes, where everything is quiet. I look at some of the noobs and think "I want a noob again" Seriously, there is something about a nice, new wizard to start on. And by now it's such a breeze to go along in WC, KT, MB...I actually enjoy doing that cause as much as I love the game cause it makes you think, sometimes I just don't wanna think too much. I mean I could easily go through WC in my sleep, but it's so fun and simple, and I even sometimes like to listen again to the dialogue of the NPCs there.

I see all the real newbies out there and they think it's so awful and I remember being in their shoes once as a young Storm wizard. Boy, if you want a challenge; that is the one, especially if you know nothing about the game coming in, and especially if you have no crowns/crown gear and are soloing. It was a rough start, but I met some good people back then, too bad many of them are not around anymore. And, for an adult, it is really hard to find other adult friends to hang with, battle with and talk to. I mean I go around assuming everyone is a kid. I do have younger friends on here too, but am always happy to meet other adult players when I do...we are few and far between!

What Friendly said that Greyrose said about Death and Ice, though, I think that is so true. Death is pretty easy most of the time. For the most you accomplish in one move what takes another solo wizard to do in at least two moves, and with a lot fewer pips(cause you have to account for pips for healing and pips for attacking with any other wizard) when you are kill and heal in one shot.

And Ice; SO TRUE. It is a good challenge. Just getting to the point where you FINALLY get your blade quest(I will mention more on in this post) is a bit of a struggle. But it's a good challenge, and I honestly think it makes you a better player because you HAVE TO learn to work around not having all the best stuff in the beginning, and for half the game too! If you play smart you will really learn what will make your Ice wizard a lot stronger than what most people think it can do.

But, in my opinion, the hardest school is Myth. I mean it's fine up until you start getting those double attack spells, cause at about that time, assuming you finished all your quests and are the appropriate level for the area, things get to be bad. They get to be really AWFUL once you hit DS too. My only rationality to why Myth is the way it is is that they truly intended Myth as a PvP school. But the problem in that is that we ALL have to get through the game to get those higher level spells, pets, etc. This makes it especially tough to solo Myth. And that level 48 Myth quest; I think it might well be the toughest one for getting your level 48 spell and pet. And while I am proud of my Orthrus I really don't use him. I keep one of the ninja pigs that gives some extra health and accuracy. Myth REALLY needs all of that stuff they can get.

When I did Myth I soloed all the way up to about 3/4 of the way through MS(about when I got the Minotaur spell.) Then I was like "this is just taking too long and it's no longer any fun." So I brought in my Balance Grand and that pair went all the way through the rest of the game together. I was worried about the combination in Maistaire's, but they did just fine, and it wasn't so bad at all. Besides the fact that I have Malistaire's down to a science at this point....which really helps! I also used the Frog the whole way through DS...if you ask me it's the best way to go...provided you have a Balance wizard around to help boost it.

I had a Myth wizard previously, before Taryn, and I hated it so much that I deleted her at level 47. But that last time I was determined to make it. And now I have my Myth Grand, whose job it is to make cards for my other wizards. She makes so many Pierce wouldn't believe it. People think Steal Ward is my opinion...for a wizard using it "out of class" Pierce is much better; only costs 1 pip, not 2. Yes, you don't get the shield or absorb, you break it instead, but most of the time your only aim is to get it out of your way anyhow.

Taryn was also the reason why I was able to make my Carousel, as she was the only one that could make Earthquakes. So I am really proud of getting her to GM.

I will have more newbies at some point, but not right now I am jealous of Friendly's Flint Stone dude. I hope he has fun with his noob...sounds like he already is!

Well, after all the excitement I needed something to chill out and do. Not sure if I accomplished Mom came on and we did a little more than half of Savarstaad Pass.
You guys know she is kinda going through a real rough time right now, so it's all kinda rough going in game too, and I don't want to push her.

We did get our Ice wizards to their Ice Blade quests. Our next move will be to do Crimson Fields. See, this is why I should have
Emeraldflame Tours, cause I KNEW from experience that we had to go in Crimson Fields to fight some dude to complete our quest. See; I DO like to COMBINE QUESTS. We already had the regular quest to go in, hey; we run this one time, get it done, and it's gonna be outta the way. none for those skeleton-zombies either ;)
...None for Craig Ferguson's Robot-Skeletons

After we leveled up and I said to mom something like "see, now we have two quests for that place," she said "I knew there was a method to you madness...there always is" Yeah, that comes from having 12 wizards of your own...and I love them all in a different way.

So, we took some pics. We needed to while we are all still in our MooShu garb. I will probably be getting Alric and Kaitlyn out of MS together, figured they could finish up Village of Sorrow and Tree of Life together, then I will split them up again and have them work with other wizards who compliment their styles a little better. Having two one-hitters would get real old, real fast in DS. They both need someone with some fire-power, and I have an arsenal of attackers that will be happy to help out and get some extra loot.

Here's the pics, anyhow...Oh, the first one we did some dude ran by and said something like "'s the three horse riders of the Apocalypse" *Ah...if only Alric had a horse he could have joined us and it would have been even more appropriate....

...we looked like we were guarding the way to the Jade Palace commons area

I noticed this weird sorta glitchiness too...the flowers on the ground around the above area, near the Shoshun Village temple entrance, kinda float. Iknow it's not a big deal, but it's just weird. Take a look in this pic...

...See how the flowers are almost at the horses knees? I always thought these things were just supposed to lay on the ground. It would make sense more if there were stems, but there are

One last thing.
It's always funny how one of the most popular questions is "what is your favorite world?" During that big event it seemed that 99% of people(or close to that) said MooShu. I think KI should think about that a little.
I can't speak about what Celestia will be like cause I obviously have never actually seen it yet. But they should think of "why" people like MS so much. In my opinion it's because it's a beautiful, bright and happy place, and the battles we fight there are challenging, but they are not frustrating. The entire Briskbreeze Tower thing, to me that is one big ball of stress. I didn't enjoy when I did it, though we made it through. But I play this game to escape stress, and that place is just full of it. It's like the same thing with PvP, it's just stress. I am thinking people that actually enjoy that stuff obviously haven't had enough stress in their lives...yet...and they are lucky! I've had more than my share with my health and just the way things have been for me for as long as I can remember.

But KI should think about that when designing these worlds. I noticed that no one said they liked DS. In my opinion DS is about as dreary as a palce could be. I never wanted to travel through heck, Also noticed that no one said MB. But that is where I differ a little. I do like I absolutely hated the palce when I was on my first Storm wizard....those freakin' gearheads! But now I laugh at them...haha! But, really, it's anot a bright, happy place either, and the fact that cats are the bad guys is so beyond "not cool."

My favorite places are MD and KT. I can't see how anyone hates KT....but I guess there are some that do. I guess those people aren't much into Egyptian Culture either...otherwise maybe they would enjoy it for that.
Though, hey...notice there are no cats or cat statues in Krok? Egyptians worshipped cats. *More reasons why I think someone doesn't like cats....though I am trying my best to give some benefit of the doubt on that.*
Even though there was a entire building dedicated to Storm in Krok, I still loved that place. The music, for one...heck, I would go there just to hunt reagents and listen to the background music. And the battle music in there is epic! I so wish they would sell Wizard 101 music CDs or downloads on iTunes. I would buy them so have no idea! I would listen to that stuff in the car and's so well done!
Anyway, I can sorta understand someone hating Krok if you are a Elemental school wizard...but if you are of the Spiritual Schools or Balance...why would you hate it?...Seems that place would be easy for you?!?!?!?

That's all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday...for those who celebrate it!

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