Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Advanced Pets: Day 3

I really didn't get a lot of chance to do things this past day, at least not as much as I would like. I got two more pet drops, though. Another Silverback Wildclaw at the Coven...and then I got a couple Ice Birds from Nightwing in Ravenscar.

I got a few pics to show of my latest pets, and ones from the day before too:

Myth Sprite:

Silverback Wildclaw( of 5 or so??? I really do wish they would drop to some other people when I am in many do I need?
Lifebat(really hard pet to use in Gobbler Drop, it's so small it doesn't get under things very easily.:

Death Troll:
Ice Bird:

Life Minotaur(my favorite of this bunch, though the bird is a close second. I just love that
Emerald green toga and the glowing green eyes, even the wrist guards on him are so well designed...very cool looking pet):
Then I also got to level three of my pets up to Teen, which I am so glad to get them to that since I won't have to play games as much per day on each as they get older...even though it will take longer to level up. I mean 2 energy when they are babies and you have 48 I always say; "I am no mathematician," but that is 24 mini-games....that is WAY too much for ME on three wizards in one day. I am just not that obsessed with leveling to kill myself over it. Like I have said; it really isn't that enjoyable to me. I AM enjoying collecting the pets though...that part is mostly fun. Twelve games per wizard....that will be easier to deal with...and then just 8 games a day....ah, that sounds so much more relaxing. That is when you can actually use it as a break from battling/farming/questing.

Well, here are the grads, pictured below(click to enlarge, of course):

I started to go through Big Ben to farm snack with Kevin Battleblood, Ronan Dawn, and Kevin's friend Allan...Kevin must have got disconnected or something about halfway through, but the rest of us continued. We got to the top and killed off Meowiarty and company.(By the way, Kevin; you missed, yet another Bolt by me ;-) )

Anyway, Ronan found this great glitch up there. It's in about the center of the room there, you walk up to it and actually end up in the air.. It was pretty fun to play with for a little bit. Here is a video of that:

I will tell you what is really awesome for me: in the last two nights I have had some old friends show up on Wizard. These are guys I knew back in the beginning. So it was especially awesome to hear from them again....really made me happy. Their wizards are Blaze Rubyleaf and Blaze Moonsword....both Fire guys, of We use to have some really great and hilarious conversations back then. So I hope to see them pop online a little bit more often now with schools being on vacation and with the new content being added. I know that for Moonsword, especially, he was getting kinda hopefully the new stuff will make him want to come around a little more. I have thought of them both often and how simple things were back then...before I started blogging or before I even knew there were Wizard blogs.

Yes, everyone, there are people out there that really don't know or care; they just play the game and occasionally might google something they would like to know about...then they find one of us bloggers...and after that they may not pay much more attention again, unless we can answer another future question for them. I have actually bumped into quite a few of these people in-game that never read blogs and probably wouldn't know one blogger from another.

I know when I discovered it I didn't take to blogging immediately either. And I very casually read Friendly Necromancer's blog without really thinking a whole lot on it. More or less I found his blog to be a good reference tool for a little bit, but never thought more about it than that. I would say what probably got me more into doing this than just him was also the first Ravenwood Radio I listened to, and then seeing the real personalities of these people come out. So I started to pay more attention and read more on TFN's blog...I mean at the time I didn't even really know or think about what his main character name was...even though it's listed at the top of his page. At the time it was just something I read on occasion.

Well, later today id the big Ravenwood Ball, So I hope to see you all there!
...with all the Twitter talk about how people are having such a hard time figuring out what to wear for this makes me think I might be the most under-dressed person there....I don't know. But I do like the outfit I chose; it's very traditionally wizardly. I could be Merlin's daughter with that outfit on... And, hey, you guys will get to see Emeraldflame's hair for once!...heh...

Until later, friends:
See ya in the Spiral!


  1. You've done a exceptional job! ;D

  2. That's very similar to how I started blogging...

    I thought it was just a lot of spare time that bloggers had, to be able to journalize their thoughts or adventures, back before I learned about Ravenwood Radio. I have listened to some podcasts for other games, and the hosts lacked passion or genuine interest in the game. More often than not, I believed they just liked hearing themselves talk.

    I also started out using Friendly's blog as a resource to stave off my curiosities, and it in a way got me thinking more about KingsIsle, instead of Wizard101. His posts truly went beyond the game, and that was just my kind of area!

    Then I started visiting other posters from his blogroll, taking note of the ones who commented frequently or had long responses, and that's when I found your profile :)

    Congrats on all the pet drops! I am envious but I truly understand the consequences when I am keeping focus on understanding the game rather than enjoying :( I must make time!


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