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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Times in the Spiral!

Hi guys! It was a wonderful day in the Spiral, with the exception of servers being brought down mid-afternoon time here. And tonight my Internet went out, so I am actually writing this in WORD, which I have never used since getting this computer...LOL!

Today I was wanting to get a few more of my Grands pushed through Grizzleheim so that they would finally gain access to the Ravens. Well, I planned on taking a team of three through Ravenscar, mainly so I could hurry that many through, and also because two of those wizards are not real great fighters on their own(meaning their attack style is too slow and/or weak for my taste.) I wanted to make sure I had at least one really good attacker in the group with a big AOE.

Well, on my second account I only have two real attackers; Ice and Storm. Ice has already went through, so I didn't want her just to tag along. So I looked at my second Storm, Danielle Thunderblade, and I see she hasn't even made it as far as Ravenscar yet. It really can be tough, at times, keeping track of this many wizards.I have thought lately how nice it would be to only have one and how much more simple that would least in some ways. But I know I would get bored too. I really would run out of projects with only one.

So, I figured I better get Danielle caught up with H. Sandwalker(Balance,) and Alric Dreamhaven(Life.) So I took Danielle and Alric(because having a second makes things go faster,) and went and rushed through Saavarstaad Pass in about 45 minutes to an hour. Then went and took care of Vigrid Roughland in almost the same amount of time...which was when the Live realms came down, very suddenly....I mean there really was no warning and I was in the fight with the boss to get the key to least I was not IN Frostholm yet. All that showed was some box came up in the middle of the game screen saying that the servers were down for maintenance...WHAT?!?! the highest traffic time of day and without any warning?

I am thinking that KI must have had some kind of little emergency or something, I mean for them to yank servers down at that time is really odd. And apparently the Test Realm servers went down then too. Maybe there was no connection, but it sure was weird.

So I went and caught up on Law & Order and House. My DVR is constantly backed up. I am lucky to have it down to 70% full right now.

Finally the Live servers were back and I was able to get on and finish up Danielle's fight I got kicked out during, then went to Frostholm. I remember when I hated that place. Now it's such a breeze. I don't think it took even 30 minutes. But, of course, I had two GM's and I've done this how many times now?...not just for myself, but helped friends with it too.

I had so much stuff backed up on my wizards...seriously, I do really wish KI would release the new mount and gear and let us buy it with GOLD! But I have a feeling they will be more Crowns-only items. My wizards banks are overflowing and they can't carry much more these days, and most all of them are at the gold limit. It makes it really hard when I want to go help people out and, even, just hang out having fun farming with friends. I know; to many it's like "oh...poor you...I don't even have enough to buy a cheap mount/house"...Yeah, I know :-(

I actually wish I could give you some of what I have cause I donno what to do with it sometimes. But this comes from running through so many wizards and having most all day to do this stuff. I do wish that they raise the gold/coin max, but mainly because of how expensive the pet hatchery will be. Most of us GM's are going to be farming the Ravens like mad to keep up with costs. At least that will give me somewhere to waste my money o_O I know it will be some fun, but honestly, those games get boring very, very quick, and the same games over and over...only four to choose from, and it really isn't fair that they specialize in different stats to begin with. I mean what if you are only good at two of them?...or maybe even just one? Then you get a lopsided pet...or hope that you can catch the stats up with snacks so it's even.

Anyhow...I was moving stuff around in banks, selling and what-not when our beloved Pet Master, Edward, asked me if I was busy and if I could give him a hand. So I ported to him to help him finish off a quest, then continued to help him with a bunch more in Dragonspyre. It was a lot of fun, we had a good time! :D

I am starting to believe in two things now too, one I already knew:

1: I was meant to be Storm and my good luck with accuracy often proves itself...tonight was insane; I hit at least 5/6 Wild Bolts in a row, and with only the 10% Keen Eyes added to the Bolts and my Grand gear(15%)...which brings me to my second and and newer belief...

2: I now believe in that Grand gear. BUT, even though I can see it working with that it does not mean I won't switch to my "tank" gear now and then, especially if I am totally by myself. Sorry, but having a little resist for everything and a little more health has been very useful for living through a battle when not in a group. And, honestly; my accuracy/luck(I would call it luck) has always been pretty good on casting...and without additional accuracy boosters. I compare myself to other Storms I've seen that fizzle like my Fire wizards do. Which, by the way, my Fire Grand is wearing all Grand gear now and it really has helped her immensely. Dragon seems to work almost all the time now. But at least with Fire you can afford to lose that bit of's a little hard with Storm when you can't even have 2000 health as a GM and there are people in Marleybone with more health than you...I mean THAT is pitiful....makes you not even look like a Grandmaster.

Well, both Edward, his friend, and myself were shocked when those Bolts kept working. I always had a theory that the more you use a spell the better your chances. And if it's been a while since you used it it almost seems to need a short warm-up period. Though I do know at least one person out there will dismiss that...but I am talking from experience here....this is something I've been at a long time and for more hours than you can shake a stick at, so I've seen a lot more than most in a shorter amount of time.

So, while we are in DS my new friend, John Lifeglen, from Central whispers and tells me he is having a pet show in a little bit...wait...what?...Yes, a pet show!...and in the Live realm, at that! So I immediately must tell Edward: because the PET MASTER must go to a pet show...of course! So I ask Edward if he knows him and he doesn't have him on his list and I tell Edward what is going on and Edward says "have him come here." So I got to introduce Edward to John...which I know was a great connection being made there. So many of these people on Central sort of see each other more in passing through threads there, and they don't always get to meet each other, so that was cool.

John left to finish setting up his show and Edward, his friend, Daniel, myself as Emeraldflame, and my Alt. Keira, went to fight some bosses in the Crucible and go through Grimcaster's tower. It's always fun to visit Grimcaster; he's so cool...I want to shrink him and make him my pet and carry him around under my arm like a teddy bear xD (Yes, I really do have an odd obsession with those type monsters.)

After the tower we went to John's for the show. He had a stage at his house, made of rugs propped up on some crates in his living room. So we all took turns there showing our pets on the stage. I have so many of my pets spread across my wizards...not one wizard has a really great collection of them since they have been somewhat sorted to wizards they fit best. Keira really has few pets, I never really realized she had so few until My first Life Grand has a lot more, but I can't be on her and be Emeraldflame as well.

Let me tell you John has an AWESOME house, and without it being rugs everywhere too. Nothing against the use of the rug glitch, but I also like a house that is well put together, interesting...and one could actually stand to live in if it were real. John has obviously done some great Bazaar Sniping, and perhaps gotten some really great drops too. One really unique thing is that from house to house he has no duplicates of any item! That, in itself, is amazing! His main house is the big Marleybone Mansion, and that place can hold a LOT, so it's really awesome how he has so much stuff there and then in his other homes too.

I took a few pics of items I really liked that he had. I should have taken other pics, but I didn't want to just stand there while everyone was running from place to place, exploring. Here are a couple items I really want BAD:

Fire Pit(in the middle of the pic and in front of me:

Then there is the Marleybone or Grand Tent...this is something I have wanted for a long time since I sort of collect tents...hee!!! ...

...I know very few people who have this and I always love to see it since it's the only tent you can actually go cool!

I haven't had a lot of time to work on the twins lately, so they are still on Hyde Park. I did get them to level 28 tonight, though, and they did their Spell Quests. That was a real nuisance and a bore. I mean fighting Freddy Nine-Lives two separate times....I mean that is 18 battles! But I did take a video of Esmee's go with him....this made me wish I had Hyper-cam so it could be sped up(though I would rarely want that any other time.) But, please take a watch here of her go with him...

Animate acquired:

Other news, well the other day I helped out Kevin Battleblood with his comic, Mistblood, along with quite a few other people. Of course I can't and would never give away anything from that(what will be in a future page of his,) but I can say we had a lot of fun, and it was quite interesting for me to run three wizards doing different things at the same was a fun, sort of, chaos for me. I enjoy being able to help him out with his comic, so I hope I can continue to do that for him. Here is a picture of most everyone who participated(not including my alts)....not the best pic, but I had to take it fast...

It was great fun to meet everyone and friend all the people from Wandcast and Wizard101 Info Kids, as well as seeing everyone else there.

That's it for now - See ya in the Spiral!

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