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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ranked Derby Ending Early for People? No Rewards?

Hi Guys! I am one of the folks who offered to help The Friendly Necromancer on taking a little of his workload on questions. So here is the first question he sent to me, it's from "Disgruntled" Diana:


Greetings Friendly!

Since I know you don't have a lot of time on your hands I'll try to make this quick. I have two questions: One I heard that you're over loaded with questions so could you send some people to me? I have a blog as well and hope to start answering people's question if I can find any.

Also I read your post about "spiffy pop no longer spiffy cheat" and I must say that while I agree with you about the fact that this is an awesome ability if used correctly I feel the need to state (rather bluntly I might add)that KI appears to have either over looked my computer/account or not realized that there was another ability which has a rather similar bug attached. Today I was Racing with my Danger Hound King Roscoe. I was in 2nd maybe 3rd place and all of a sudden the race end as if I had finished the 2nd lap when in fact I was in the middle of it however in stead of showing everyone on the steps it just showed the winner (a Blood- er, MythBat). whats more this was a Ranked Match and yet i saw no rewards even for the MythBat that cam in first place. I hope that KI addresses this matter immediately as I have enjoyed the Pet derby and had this problem twice (the second time however it was a Death Troll not a MythBat)and have decided not to play the P Derby anymore.

Sincerely, Disgruntled Diana


Ok, so I will answer it all as best I can :)

1. Hiya, Diana :) I'm sure he may just send some questions your way(if he hasn't already,) as he has done so for many of us now. Just make sure he has your email and let him know :D

2. Ok, I will be honest and say I have never played the ranked derby and have EXTREMELY limited experience with the practice derby.

3.With that said, I have listened a lot to what friends said and know, and one friend especially(John Lifeglen from Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer,) was extremely helpful with helping me understand the problems in the Derby.

Also, after doing some work on the Petnome project I can say that I have never seen or heard or an ability "like" spiffy-pop.

John has a video here, you can take a look and see what that is supposed to look like when used correctly:

I had a problem one time in the practice that sounds very similar to the one you had, I was racing around and wasn't doing so great with it, it seemed a little slow to me for a racing game. Toward the end of the race I thought I was ahead, but I was on lap 1 & 1/2 and almost to the end. When I came to the finish line I thought I was ahead since it had showed me in 1st place on my screen at that time, but the other pets were already up on the steps, so I ended up last.

Here are some possibilities for you:

a. This could be because of a couple problems. One could be lag. I'm not sure what kind of connection you have or how fast your computer is in general. But it's very possible that you were experiencing some lag due to one of those, or both of those reasons. It is also possible that you were in the derby at a very busy time in the day and experienced lag due to that.

b. It sounds to me like your entire game got buggy, especially since no rewards were shown and it was a ranked match. There is no ability that would ever cause rewards not to show up.

-Did you look to see if you got a reward at all and maybe it was just a graphics glitch?
-If your reward was coins that would be hard to tell unless you happen to keep perfect track of your gold down to the very "penny."
-If your reward was supposed to be a ticket, maybe you could have known if you received it by looking at the total on your character sheet in your Spellbook, as most people keep pretty good track of their Arena tickets.

My thought is you, more than likely, experienced a bug(glitch.) This is something that you would want to report to KingsIsle(KI) so that they can take a look into it.

If you are unsure about how to file a Bug Report with Wizard101, well, I have taken some screen shots to help you and others out with the process. Here they are in order, and please be sure to read the captions for more details:

Go to the Wizard 101 website and log in there. Then click the Help & Support button shown above.

Then click the "Contact Support" button shown here.
Then click on the "Contact Us" tab shown above.

Use the main drop down menu, shown here, and select "Bugs."
Then use the next Drop-down menu that appears and click on "Report a Bug."

Add a Subject and give a clear description of the problem you encountered. Sometimes it's good to add in your account name and wizard's name too.

KI may contact you for more information, so make sure you are able to receive their emails, and that your spam filter will not throw away their messages as spam.

I hope that helps you out, Diana :)
I know these oddities of the game can be very frustrating, but whenever you experience a problem don't be afraid to let KI know about it.


Friendly, thanks for sending the question my way. I hope I can help out some more in the future! :D


See everyone in the Spiral!

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