Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Transmute Page & Fun In the Spiral

First off I wanted to let you all know I have a new page here at my blog that can help people with quickly locating that reagent transmute recipe that you want so much! Just look over to the right-hand column, under pages(it's the only extra page there right now as my previous page is under construction.) And for today, even easier to get to by clicking here.

It was a long, but fun day. I did two Warehouse runs; one with Amber Rosepetal and friends, the other with Kevin and friends. Nightshade also made a run with Kevin, Amber and Kevin's friend Debbie.

I did a lot of reagent hunting to begin the day. Mainly hunting Fire Blossom/Lava Lillies to make the Aquarium. I got everything else needed in the recipe and am close on those two as well.

From all the Warehouse runs I have done I already have my full Wayfinder gear...and I think this will make the perfect regent hunting outfit, especially while riding my trusty Proud Lion. Pics?...Of course:

With that sword I look like I am on an expedition to fix a leaky

Safari Time!
Something I did in recent days that I have told no one about yet, except Gabi, is that I took Taz and Danielle's Stormzillas and we each have new baby Zillas now! Mine got named Prince Taz...Taz is the family name, ya know?

Progress of Prince Taz:

Prince Taz Hatches! And, yes, his pedigree is still a 54(though it shows 53 here,) but the slots are definitely different for skills.
He has already made it to Teen and has manifested his Power Pip talent, which starts at 1%(I am so glad I have his father to accompany me until he might show more potential.)

For now he can only be at my side while in the Pet Pavilion.
Since his Pedigree is 54, I won't get my hopes up too, too much that he gained anything if he does I will be pleasantly surprised. For now he gives me something to work on...cause I really do get tired of training pets that I will probably never use in battle. Scooter, my Storm Snowman had been my most recent trainee, and I will still work with him, but that wasn't really exciting me :-/
Prince Taz will be more fun to work on, I think. And I am very interested to see just how high his Pip talent will go, since it's variable, unlike the old school pets.


As you all know I recently got to craft my Grizzleheim house. Well, today i worked on it some, and it's coming along very nicely! I did find one kind of bad thing about it though. In the back yard near the tower it is extremely difficult to be able to place anything on a lot of that land due to the slope that leads down to the lake. I was able to place some things down by the lake, though you have to be careful with that...that is if you actually intend to be able to exit the There really is not a lot of room for things there...other than that the rest of the place is really great! It's such a beautiful and peaceful place to go to work, and to relax.

Before I got started on my house I went to check out Gabi's newest house, the Dragon's Fjord. I got some great shots of us and the place from the overlook that you can get to from the tunnel in back of the house. I really love those tunnels at that house, they are so pretty! They look like light blue walls make of Slushies or blue sugar-crystals. I think I am going to have to tell Savannah to get one for herself. These new Grizzle-homes put our old Ice Houses to shame!

How cool do I look here?, no pun intended...ha!

Gabi & Me

Isn't this one of the most beautiful views ever? Look at that sky! It's just like a dream :)

Kudos to KI for making such beautiful homes for us to have! It may have taken a while longer than most of us would have liked, but the results were well worth the wait in my opinion! :D

Have fun out there, everyone! See ya in the Spiral!

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