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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, July 5, 2010

Night of the Pyro & Grads

Hi, it's Winterbane here again! With the late nights of crafting I have been keeping an eye on the kids and this past evening was a special night for Luis, being he is a Pyromancer/Pyrotechnician. He and Fireslinger worked earlier on setting up for last night's show...she had been teaching him the finer points of their art. He caught on really fast too and it was a beautiful show last night!

Luis was allowed to go work on his questing and pets in between the preparation and the show. He is now in The Village of Sorrow and level 43. He can't wait to get to level 45, though, as he has some pretty specific gear he wants to be able to use. 

He also worked on his pets. His Burnzilla is now giving 9% resistance and his Fire Serpent has gained the ability to randomly cast a fire ward.

So, since we all have been so busy with things here it has been a while since we could post recent Grads for our pets. Here are some shots of the family's pets leveling up:

Above: Dani's Stormzilla

Fireslinger's Helephant

Luis' Burnzilla

Luis' Fire Salamander

Luis' Fire Serpent

Nightshade's Ianthine Spectre

Dani's Storm Snowman

Savannah's Defender Pig

Winterbane's Colossus

Winterbane's Defender Pig
Luis is going to have a little more time this week to work on his quests, so he is out there right now training his pets. A few of us will also be helping Tabitha, Gabrielle's Death wizard daughter, with finishing up Marleybone. She has finished up Katznestein's(as have the twins, on their own...more on them at another time) and is now on her way to the Counterweights(Twins are done there too) and then Big Ben. It looks like all Death kids are headed to Mooshu very soon! Good time for Luis to get to Dragonspyre and work towards that new gear and Fire Dragon spell! Eh...he isn't looking too forward to the pet...they are not all the are "cracked up" to be, plus the Fire side of the family really does't like helephants at all...yeah, I mean those helephants are sorta ugly/creepy looking sort of remind us of slugs or worms with clothes on(barely)...and what's with them being so tiny? So Fireslinger and Luis will most likely stick with their Burnzillas as much as possible, the extra resist is nice, as is the spell since it does more damage than the helephant and for less pips! Fireslinger's Burnzilla also gives a Elf card, and you never know when you might need one of those to help keep shields off for friends.

Well, I need to go keep an eye on those time slots and listen to reports from the field from Luis...he's having a blast!...haha!

See ya in the Spiral!

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