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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, July 15, 2010

No Waiting on the Morning Train(drop)

Hey! What's up my fellow Wizards! This morning Sandwalker, Dani, and myself got a early start to go and finish up what we had left of Grizzleheim! It was a fantastic morning! Crisp, cool air, birds, Colossi, and Cyclops made their early morning rounds as we passed through Ravenscar to go meet up with the Gurtok Barrier Demon. He is a giant Oni-type creature who has been kept prisoner by the evil Raven Coven who have been trying to bring on the Everwinter.

The Gurtok asked us to provide him with some reagents to mix in his cauldron so a spell could be created to free him.
We provided him with what he needed but then when we freed him he turned on us and we each had to fight him, all by ourselves, until we all beat him so we could then head to the Coven to stop them.

Each of us took our turns and they were some great battles. But what was even better was we got these great Small Toy Train Sets as drops! Yes, all three of us got it on our first try! These are not the trains that you can now craft from Wayfinder, the Grizzleheim recipe vendor, they are a completely different set! You can go get your own now too!

That's Dani for ya; notice she is the only one at full health at the end? Gotta love those storm minions!

After we defeated the Gurtok we ran up to the Coven and slaughtered them in no time at all! It was so fun!
We still need to head to the King to talk to him...but hey; wizards need breaks too! So we will hit him up later for our rewards.


Hey "E" here! just stopping by to update on family happenings ITS.

Gabi has been really busy with crafting, as have I, but I wanted to show you what she has made so far of the new recipes. Hoping this might give other wizards out there a better idea of how these recipes will look in relation to the size and the rooms.

Kitchen Shelves

Sandwich Station(which is actually places on the Large Mixing Table, which is also a crafted item.)

Ornate Sideboard

I can't be ITS right now or I would show you the Rootbeer Cask and the Plain Wooden Chairs I made last night. I will have to show you those another time. But I can show you the Aquarium I made a few days ago:

This is one of the more special items, so you have to go to the Ice Forge to craft it.

It has really great bubble sound effects too...very soothing!

Also, a little update on Prince Taz, Taz's son:

He leveled up to Adult and gained the Health gift! This was something we were hoping for!
Sandy has been working on her Crabling as well:

One thing she was hoping for, the balance accuracy!

And this extra mana can be useful too!
That wraps it up for now...

See ya next time in the Spiral!


  1. Great find on the small toy trains! Odd though that a Storm pet like the Crab gets a Balance +accuracy boost. Sounds like a bug, doesn't it?

  2. @Sierra: Yeah, actually the Crabling is a Balance Pet that happens to have a Storm Minion spell as an innate card, so that is why he gives Balance boosts, etc. I do partially wish the pet was a Storm pet though, but it makes a good Balance pet as well, especially since I am not a Hydra fan unless I need something to use on Balance opponents.

    I also do wish KI would have done a little better in matching up pet's schools to their innate cards...lots of things like this out there like Red Banshee is a Fire pet with a Death spell card...the Brown Spider is a Death Pet that gives a Life Aura spell card, etc. It's kinda


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