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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newest Issue of Beckett's Fun Online Games - Crafed Pets for the Future?!? -YES!

Today I just received my newest issue of Beckett's Fun Online Games magazine(Sept./Oct. 2010, Issue 6.) In it was a really great interview with KingsIsle Staff: Senior Writer Jason Durall and Senior Designer Justin Wingard.

I am not going to list the article here but I urge you to go out and buy this magazine, if you are not already subscribed to it. The staff members discuss the Advanced Pets System and Celestia, they even hint at things to come.

One part that really caught my eye was the actual mention of crafted pets, as opposed to they actually said you would have to have a recipe to get these pets! I definitely don't regret, especially now, making nearly all my wizards Master Artisans...meanwhile so many others dismissed crafting as boring and tedious, but now all those people have been scrambling because they have just realized how cool it really is to be a MA...heh!

In this issue of Beckett FOG there was a code for a 7-day rental on a Starlight Pony. Yeah, I wish it would have been something we could keep, but as the saying goes; Don't look a Gift Horse in the Mouth....or in this case Pony ;-)

There were also some cool pics in the article, including the awesome Shark guy here:

Also the little mini-intro telling about the summoning of wizards to Professor Balestrom's to begin the prequest for Celestia. There was also mention of many more worlds to come and that Celestia is only the beginning of a new story arc, after wizards finish the Malistaire story arc.

This issue is not yet available on book stands, but if you subscribe you might be able to get your hands on it in time. If not, I am sure it will be available on order from their magazine shop here in the future.

See ya in the Spiral!

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