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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keep it in the Family...

Hey, guys! Luis Roseheart here!

It's been a fun week for me, lots of questing got done; I finished Mooshu, soloed the Jade Oni, beat up on Cyrus; well...he did ask me to, so I couldn't refuse, and I made it to Dragonspyre and have already finished the Tower Archives and am more than halfway through The Plaza of Conquests!

In all this time I have also been working on my Burnzilla and have gotten some new gear...which I LOVE! This gear is giving some pretty awesome stats for being dropped, non-crown gear, so it's also my recommendation for any upcoming Fire Wizards; IF you can get your hands on it all! Two pieces of it come from the Ravens at the Coven in Grizzleheim, so unless you can get in and get them or if you have a brother or sister(Alts/other wizards on the same account) then you won't be able to get them. The third piece is from General Firetusk; whom I haven't met, yet, either, but my bro, Alric got the boots for me, as well as he got my Athame a while back. So, for now, the only Crown gear I have is my ring...and that may change as well...if Alric is feeling generous again soon.

My gear:

Robe and hat from Raven Coven. Boots from General Firetusk in the Grand Chasm Past instance, and can also be purchased for a very high amount of gold at the bazaar(Alric got it for me within 2 hours time farming,) Athame is, of course, from Yeva, and then there is the crown ring, available(usually) at the DS ring shop(or if you are lucky sometimes it's on sale in the crown shop.) My Burnzilla is still giving me 9% global resist and now up to +104 health.

Anyhow, check me out here...and BTW, the clothing is stitched, it didn't come looking like this(which is why Firetusk's boots say "no auction" above, in their natural form they are auctionable):

This house will be mine sometime!
After completing a tower in The Plaza, I paused for a sweet picture of myself :P

Yeah, I know; not much gold, but Al has been helping me along too so I could train my pet: best big brother ever!

Here was something funny that happened to me a few nights ago before I was heading to DS. I went to train my pet and before I entered this weird bug happened to both Jade and myself. Our spellbooks disappeared and everything and we were kinda "stuck," so we had to exit and enter back in and when I came back this happened:

Note that before this happened my health was full, and then I came back and it was continuously generating this health, that would be some MAJOR health!!!

Health and stats here were COMPLETELY WRONG, I had a LOT more resist than that 25% global cause I had crowns gear and my Burnzilla.

Same goes for this view; only even more strange looking.

By the way, yes, I know my pic is missing in the banner...since I had been studying for such a long time and hadn't had much time to quest...I sort of got skipped when it came to picture time. But Emerald promises to get that fixed in the near future. Plus Gabi & Tabi really need their updated pics added to it too!

Other happenings...

Alric & Danielle:

Before our friend John Lifeglen went on his vacation we had been doing the ravens quite a bit to fund Winterbane's housing-crafting project (by the way, she is finished with collecting reagents and making parts for the upcoming GH house; now just waiting on it to come to the Live Realms to make it,) I ran into this awesome port bug:

Hope you are having a great trip John! I am sure it's been a great escape for you...miss ya & hope to see ya soon and hear all about it!


Tabitha and I finished up Big Ben for her and I had to show her the cool bug she just deserved to have her pic here since she hadn't yet!


General News:

Well, straight from Greyrose's mouth it sounds like due to the issues many young wizards were having getting through the Warehouse Tower in the Test Realm; KI has chose to not have it as a requirement to get to Celestia. Instead the tower will be another tower, like Briskbreeze, which is completely optional and not required for advancement in the game.

I, for one, was really hoping that they would do this. Not because it's horribly hard, though it can be difficult at least your first time through, but because I am actually trying to take into consideration here all the very young people who play this well as thinking about that some mothers(like mine,) fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers; people that may not be as use to computer games/MMORPGs are playing this game together as a family and it can and would put a whole lot of pressure on certain individuals to have to take someone through there who never wanted anything quite so intense as what that tower was originally.

I had only done the tower once, the night after it was first introduced. I 3-boxed it with John Lifeglen there with me, so it was a full group. John had already run it at least once before that with Kevin and company, and I had got tips from both on what to expect. So we were very careful on how we knocked off the bosses, etc. It was definitely very different from most things in game, save for Brisk. It was a lot like Brisk in ways.

I'm not sure if making a bunch of towers with bosses that cheat is really that big of a deal. Once you have done it once, heard what others have had to say, heard other suggestions from the community....these towers are basically like doing the same puzzle over and over again. I mean these guys cheat, but after you learn what to do; it's not a big deal.

Anyone out there ever remember or did you do Tomb of the Beguiler or Kensington on your own the first time(or try Those dungeons have tricks to them once you learn their tricks they are easy. It's just that first time or so through them that is hard.

I am really glad about KI's decision, though, for one other reason; I will now not have to coordinate time when both Gabrielle(mom) and John will be on so that I don't have to 2-box with them...or even have to 3-box with Gabrielle. She was NOT looking forward to the time-consuming and stressful situation it would have been for her. She is really a more casual player and isn't really into the long fights, or even puzzle-type deals. She likes to enjoy the scenery and people-watch, as well as decorate her homes and sometimes just randomly collects reagents in Mooshu to relax. So the game is really all about fun for her...and, really; I think it's what it should be for everyone:just fun :)

Also, it has been mentioned several times by many people about how hard this tower would have been for those with would have been near impossible in any combination of numbers of people in a group using that system to have successfully completed this tower unless they could freely talk to each other to communicate ideas, strategy, etc.

So props to KI for taking into consideration the very wide range of wizards there are out there; from the young to the old...from those with heavy gaming experience to those with little gaming experience...and from those with little computer knowledge all the way up to the expert level of experience with them. This really is a game for EVERYONE, just like the rating says(lol) :D

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