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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Saturday, July 10, 2010

WOOT WOOT!!!! Emeraldflame Team Beats Warehouse!

Hey Guys! What a day it's been with the Emeraldflame family of wizards! First of all I want to say that our girl, Taryn, got her new Frog pet...he's so cute too! Here's a couple pics:

His name was after changed to just "Joey"...heh...

So, then later tonight I got Alric and Kaitlyn together, after having them both complete the pre-quests. I decided to do something a little crazy and run all of us through the Warehouse, and without EVER having a 4th wizard!

It was actually a lot of fun, though I had to tell a couple friends I couldn't talk right then that were whispering to me...sorry about that guys, but I know you understand too!

I won't go into too many details here, but for the most it was pretty easy as long as you pay attention to things and have a good crew.

It all went pretty smooth, though that second puzzle room tried to give problems(due only to the fact that there were 3, not 4 wizards,) but we got through there.

So we got to the top floor. I did take a Storm Elixir myself, added damage and accuracy there are not a bad thing to have, though not completely necessary...just thought it would help to speed things up a little. I had Alric take accuracy...yes, life has the best accuracy, but when you really need a heal you don't even want that tiny bit of fizzle to be possible.

Everything was going real good until the world messed up.

We were down to the last boss and all got disconnected...I was like "no freakin' way!" So instead of closing down I waited it out...a moment later all were back in, but the UI was missing; couldn't see cards or health, or I flew blind for a moment and then was able to do a control-G for came back, though things were kinda weird looking. Like we were all just standing there like we were anywhere, not in a battle stance...and we couldn't see the health circles around us or the boss. It wasn't a big deal, just not as cool looking as we would have liked. At least we could see our spell cards again!

I finished off the last boss with a Triton. Here are some pics of the battle as we killed the enemies off:

One Down:

Two Down:

Three Down:


After the battle we were all stuck in place due to the disconnect that had happened during it, so we all ported out to Regent's Square. A few moments later we all got disconnected again while getting our mana back. I hope these disconnects get fixed soon...I know I wasn't the only one that was frustrated with that tonight. I am just glad we didn't get completely knocked out of the tower when we were so close. It was a lot of fun though, definitely want to do that again...maybe with friends if anyone asks next time :)

One last thing, and I am wondering if anyone has seen or noticed this; one of the card decks seems to have either taken on a very odd new name or there is some bug with the name. I *believe* this was Deck of the Sage, now calling itself CL Deck 001...CL? in Celestia?...that really makes no sense, but I am thinking this is a bug...

I noticed the deck, first, while in the Warehouse. And then even after doing a total reboot of the computer and logging back in, it still showed that way. I went to check the Bazaar...they had 100 on hand....

Have fun out there & See ya in the Spiral!

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  1. Glad you succesfully completed the Warehouse! Grats with the Street Sweeper!


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