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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bugs, Pet Grads, My Newest Wizard, & Crafting Madness!

So, I haven't been able to post much lately because I have been very busy! And rather than go into too much depth through words, that would take so much of your time, I thought I would just show you pics on what the family had been up lately and tell a little about them.


First off I have a new brother, his name is Elie SunCaster. He is Balance, and currently level 5. We were not going to add another to the family but a friend talked us into adding this kid, saying how good of a learner he is, etc. He definitely has potential, but he is going to have some slow going too because he is waiting to travel with some other friends before continuing past level 6, and even then, his journey may be a long one. So don't expect to hear too much about him again soon. But here he is anyway:

First Day

Level 5: Yes, we told him his colors were especially bright, but he promised to tone them down as he gains level. As you can see he also, already, has a small army of pet friends. His Krokotillian will be accompanying him most of the time, though, as it gives balance accuracy and that great low-level spell.


Ok next, it has been crafting madness with Gabi & Winterbane. Here is what they have been up to:

Kitchen Shelf Stand, crafted.

Kitchen Shelf Stand

Cuckoo Clock Crafted
Cuckoo Clock; yes, above my head! This item seems to place extremely high on walls. The little white speck you see is actually the Cuckoo coming out of the clock :)

Jar of Mushrooms Crafted. (Jar of Mandrake was also crafted, but not pictured here)

Ingredient Shelf Crafted.
Ingredient Shelf, Jar of Mandrake, and Jar of Mushrooms,(along with Jar of Bat Wings, which is a dropped item.) I really LOVE that this shelf has labels; very cute!

Kitchen Shelves Crafted.
Kitchen Shelves
Kitchen Ware Pots(Above my Head.)

Kitchen Ware Rack(wish I had some pots and pans I could hang on it too ;-) )


Gabi here! And I have been hard at work in the little time I do get to have! Some of the items I crafted before Winterbane or Emerald even did! Emerald decided not to show her's, as she is giving her items to Jade for a semi-secret project they are working on! ^_^

Here is what I have made, though:

My Own Cuckoo Clock, which I made before Winter made her's. Emerald was visiting at the time :)

Lattice Cherry Pie, which every Mother should have in her Kitchen! (Winter visiting) Emerald has made this as well, and Winter will when she feels like it. She says she has all the reagents, but looking into other projects first.

Kitchen Ware Pots(shelf) to the left. Again, I made it
Left: Kitchen Cabinet. Middle: Kitchen Shelf Unit.


Now for recent pet Grads:

Alric's Guardian Dragon, Queen Whiskers.

Alric's Satyr, Sam, gains Health Gift(this seems popular among the family's Satyrs!

Winterbane's Colossus

Jadeblade's Defender Pig, Louie.

Luis' Burnzilla. He has reached Epic and is now giving +5% Fire Attack Boost, +110 Health, & 9% Global Resistance! We have no idea why he was so tiny in this pic cause he is one seriously Epic Burnzilla!

Sandwalker's Crabling gains Balance Accuracy!

Savannah's Colossus.

Keira's Defender Pig, Miss Gracie.

The now famous Prince Taz, Emerald's youngest Stormzilla.

Keira's Brown Spider, Gus.

Jadeblade's Brown Spider, Miss Spencer.

Kaitlyn's Aqua Dragon.

Another short bit on how I LOVE BUGS!...

Keira and I were helping a friend get through the end of Marleybone one night. When we went to Counterweight West we got the bug with Old Smokey standing there as soon as our friend entered. I am thinking this is something that *maybe* happens to people who haven't been through yet, and only rarely as it didn't happen to the Twins.

Funny thing about this bug is that you enter the instance and you are facing Old Smokey's back, as seen in the first picture here:

After we went ahead and fought Old Smokey we were messing around, running in circles and acting goofy, suddenly we were caught by....invisible enemies!

So we did this a few times, and also discovered during the bug that Old Smokey do the invisible enemies....

So I ended up with this awesome Open Furnace and a Marleybonian Street Sign for fighting Smokey....

When we headed to Big Ben, still messing around....I noticed this mark on the back of the cat....some will say it looks like a tear...but we think it sort of looks like a spider...


Well, this is all the news for now...hope you are all having a great weekend!

See ya in the Spiral!

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