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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Break...Dragon Fable

Ok, I wanted a little time away from W101, not that I am bored with it...not at all! But it's going to be a little bit before the new stuff is released, and the way I play I would have 2-4 more Grands before then and no adventure left. So I thought maybe I could try another game out, and maybe I will also re-visit Free Realms a little. I played FR when it was new. All my jobs on FR that matter to me are maxed, except the newer Fishing one, and one can only stand fishing for so much time each day. I never have touched the Soccer Star job on there...not a fan of that, but all the fighting, crafting, and the racing job are maxed. I really wonder if FR isn't aimed more towards boys/guys? I mean the pets they just came out with include some really nasty stuff, which, I for one, don't care to see huge versions of. The beetle, to me, is especially horrible. Spiders don't usually bother me at all, but they made that new pet one especially UGLY.

Well, I haven't went back to FR yet, but I did try out's Dragon Fable. It's about as simple of a game as can be, it's nowhere near as cool looking as either FR or W101, and it's mostly not an MMO, though they do have some PvP for people who like to kill each Hopefully it's not like W101's PvP where not only do you kill each other but you also be generally hateful towards others.

Dragon Fable is mostly a one-player RPG. It's very 2D(flat) in appearance, no 3D action there. Most of it is very story-based, which I like a lot! It doesn't look like much, but as I found out last night it can really pull you in! It's also nice, sometimes, not to deal with other people. Especially when your "friends" seem to stop talking to you for who knows what reason?!?!?! (I get the feeling someone is blaming me for having their wings taken when that whole thing was way bigger than me...they say don't shoot the messenger, well someone sure did!) Well, I played DF for about 4-5 hours last night and got my little Mage character to level 7. Some parts of the game are not quite as easy to figure out as W101 and FR had been. Looks like I am going to have to do some digging on info for certain things, but I am figuring most of it out pretty well.

I do think I will return to W101 later in the day, maybe work on Alric. I really want to get at least one Grand on my third account, as I have some plans for that. Alric still has a ways to go, but I know how quickly MooShu goes too. He will soon be to Crimson Fields, after that it always seems to go way too fast. Like Kaitlyn, she is now level 42 and working on Village of Sorrow, then it will be Tree of Life, Jade Oni, Cyrus Drake battle, and BOOM: Dragonspyre. It's all really easy and goes too fast. Then DS just drags along, well, not really. I just HATE the place, it's so dull, dark, and ugly. So I make it go as fast as I can, especially Crystal Grove....that could drag on for(what seems like) forever if you let it. But lately I do the Grove in a day...get away from it as soon as possible. I mean how many spiders do we REALLY need to kill???

I am going to check out my local Target, see if they ever got those Ice Cat cards in. I called them a week and a half ago and they still didn't have them. I am starting to think you have to be "special" to get one. I might pick up a card for DF too, it's a nice little game to play to take a break from W101 now and then. And they do have some cool premium stuff on DF too. But one other thing I like about DF is that there is
no monthly fee. There is a one-time cost to those who want to upgrade and go to special areas and have the ability to buy special equipment, etc. I mean W101 gets awfully expensive, so this is a nice little game to get away from throwing so much money around.

I have been working on pics for this site, very slowly, by the way. I spent most of the day yesterday watching the Merlin marathon on SyFy channel. I am really happy they picked up that show and a new series will be starting Friday, the 2nd! I've always been a huge Merlin/King Arthur fan :)

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  1. cool! I played beta for free realms and got super addicted to it the first five months or so, then I got back into wizard101, I only got a week into dragonfable before I played the worlds one xD I dont like not being able to chat with other players xD That free realms bug creeps me out though bleh. i dont like bugs xD


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