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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What a day!

(Ok, so I am making the font bigger now, this is so much easier to read than tiny little

Well, I came home for the afternoon and night so I can sleep comfortably tonight, maybe even get 8 hours?!?! And I needed to check in on my own pets. I have been watching mom's cat, a very old Maine Coon...wonderful cat, a real sweetheart, but she is really old and not in too good of shape. She sort of has the opposite health issue from me, which isn't good either, along with her having some other health problems as well. I have always loved that cat and I hate seeing her looking the way she does's kinda sad, really.

Anyhow, since I got to come home and be on my own computer I got some things accomplished, but I feel like part of it was work :-/
Playing Wizard shouldn't feel like work, right? Well, I had all my wizards I am really working on sort of at a point where I knew that they might need some help and I was not about to try that on Mom's little laptop. I know it can run two windows of the game, but even running one on there is really jerky, so to really run two(or more) would be a real headache...not at all fun.
I wanted to at least get those wizards over these humps and to a point where I know I can at least have some fun playing it when I go back to mom's later.

Kaitlyn Dunerider did Crimson Fields with Heather Emeraldflame's help. Sure, I know I could have run Kaitlyn through there on her own, but I've soloed it enough times and really didn't want to spend that much time there. It's not one of my favorite dungeons to solo. You really DO do more work there when you solo, as you really do have to beat 10 of the battlefield, where if you have more wizards it counts as double, triple, etc. Well Kaitlyn and Heather battled the secret boss, then just had to do one more fight after that for the battlefield and they were done with that part. It's so nice to have that extra help whenever you want or need it. I really like that you can make this game a more independent playing experience at times, though it doesn't mean I don't enjoy real friends on there too :)
So, Kaitlyn is set to move on to the next ares in MS. I always like getting past Hametsu.

Alric had a very long day. First he soloed Katzenstein's. This is really only the second time I soloed a wizard through there at that level. The last one I did that with was Kaitlyn. I did it just to see how it would go.. Yes, Life and Balance do very well going through there by themselves at that level. I hated that place when I first went in there as Emeraldflame, then when I did it as Nightshade I just had bad memories of doing it with Emeraldflame. I am over that now, I would not be afraid to try it with any now. But I am much more experienced now, and I also know the layout of it very well and I have memorized all that needs to be done in there.
Alric even soloed killing the secret boss in Katz, Smogger. So he has the Smogger Smasher badge now. He doesn't have Feint yet, so he did it with basically what he has, no treasure cards were used save for Centaurs with Tough added. It took three Centaurs to kill Smogger, himself, but it was really easy. All Alric has are his blade, trap, and Spirit Trap and Blade. He doesn't have access to any other traps or blades from pets or anything. He is really new. I just made him at the end of last month, and he is the first on his account, and I really hadn't worked on him that much. His account is doing the pay-by-area thing(*was not going to even think about paying for 3 subs!*,) so I have really tried to take it slow. But this week it just happened that he was the easiest to work on this week, so he got a lot done.

I love the way Katzenstein's looks in the actual lab part of's sooo....Electric?...Stormy(lol) ? Very Steampunk looking and fits the whole Storm theme. Reminds me of Danielle's Storm that place!

After Katz., Alric continued on to the Counterweights. I gave him some help there cause I didn't want it to take forever. Heather Emeraldflame to the rescue Ahh...she needs the loot though, all those crafting projects she did in the last couple months, along with decorating her Secret Carnival place, really ran the coin down. I hate seeing coin go below 80k, I donno why. So when it started to get down in the 60's I started farming a lot, and the others on her account helped to contribute too. Emeraldflame managed to get the Marleybonian Pilot Painting this time...LOL! I seem to like to get repeat drops, once I get a certain item it seems to happen more and more. But, like I told Friendly when I emailed him about it' I do love that painting! It's probably because of my love of planes and flight and the memories I have of spending time with Dad and him talking to me about all the stuff he use to do in the USAF. Wow, those days are so gone :-(

So they ran through the Counterweights. Then Alric went to Big Ben with Heather. They both did all of Big Ben, but I brought in Kaitlyn at the top, not cause help was needed, but I keep hoping Kaitlyn will get the Krokotillian pet. I have been trying with her since she HAD TO do it. But this week I hadn't been able to do that at all with her. Well, with three wizards it was completely cake in there. Kaitlyn went in first, Alric went in last, and they made a Storm Sandwich out of Heather. Stinkin' Meowiarty managed to sneak in a Storm shield somewhere in there. I thought I had them all cleared with Pierce, but he snuck one in at some point. It gets really hard to watch things when running three wizards.

BUT, Heather still killed him in one shot, very easily with over 5500k damage by The Lord...which is not so great sounding, but with that 80% shield in there it was very good. The Agony Wraith was hit at over 18k. I know these are not huge hits like some people do, but I am really into using what you have and not adding in and spending all kinds of coin on Treasures. I actually have quite a few Treasures I could use, traps and whatever too(which I got all of them free,) but I haven't felt the care to try it. Part of the reason is because there is always some weirdo that seems to have to run into a fight(uninvited) when I am trying to do something and they never respect what I am trying to do, even with normal stuff. I would hate to lose Treasures because some noob came in and used their wand and messed up my entire set-up. I think I would have a conniption if that happened D:

So Alric got his new gear and is off to MooShu. Finally, I can have a wizard with the Samurai outfit with two flags, instead of the single, lop-sided one that girl wizards get.

Oh, and Kaitlyn still didn't get that pet :-(
I wish I could give her the one I have on my Balance would have been fun for her to have, to use the spell for a little hit every once in a while. I will keep trying with her, but I know I won't get another chance until the weekend. She did get, yet another, Watchdog She is going to give that one to Keira, as Keira seems to be collecting Statues.

While I was between dungeons I had Heather out in Regent's Square and some guy came up and made some nice comments on her stats and gear. Wow, that was rare! Usually they say nothing and just want to friend you. Well, he had some pretty spiffy gear too, for his level, so I told him that. He was a Necromancer and had the old Astral gear hat and robe stuff with the stars on it. Well, he had changed the stats on the hat, but it was still that look, which is what I REALLY like. I am so jealous of anyone who has that I was not around when they sold that stuff. I really wish that they would at least release the pattern again. I don't care about the stats the stuff has, but I would love to have that look on at least one wizard! Well, the guy didn't ask, but I could tell he probably wanted to friend me, so I added him. I generally keep the requests off as I would have huge lists of people constantly wanting help if I didn't and I just added anyone. The guy said he was gonna go work on his wizard so he could someday have a wizard like mine....that was kinda cool. And I like seeing someone who really is willing to work on things themselves and not just begging for help all the time.

I am thinking I "might" some day make another Pyromancer, and MAYBE a Necromancer, but I donno about that latter one yet. I can see a need for a second Pyro, in my arsenal of wizards, but not sure about the Necro. Necromancers tend not be as good in a team, in my opinion. I mean there isn't a lot they can contribute, save for with other Necromancers. I don't mean anything bad by that, but they really aren't very good support, and they aren't the best attackers either...well, not like Fire, Ice, and Storm are. Death is kinda in that grey area with Myth, but Death is so much more fun and hard-hitting than Myth. I'm not a huge Myth fan. I deleted my first one at level At the time I thought "if all I get at 48 is a spell that hits one thing and is just as much trouble as Minotaur to set up, then why would I want to keep this wizard?"

Well, I made a second account some time later and figured I'd give it another whirl, and then being able to easily give a Myth wiz help, Taryn came to be. I ran her with my Balance Grand, Sandwalker. And I actually used Humongofrog from the time I got it to the time I took her through Malistaire's. It actually worked real well like that. balance sure helped to make Myth a lot easier to use. I am not a fan of one-hitter spells, and Myth has too many of those that it relies on. Not only that but they got those two spells that you have to set up double traps for....such a nuisance. When they made that class they had to have 1v1 PvP in mind, cause it's near useless as a solo wizard on quests, after a certain point. I took Taryn all the way up and through most of MooShu by herself, but it really got to be a drag, so I brought in Sandwalker for the extra help and it worked out so nicely :)

Taryn even has a job now: she is the Myth card Seriously that is all I use her for now. She became essential on one particular crafting recipe that Emeraldflame worked on. I honestly don't think I could have made one item, in particular, without her. I also use her for making Pierce of my favorite little tricks to the game!

I do like Death, though, so don't get me wrong on that. But I am trying to have wizards sorted out in a particular way so as to benefit each other in certain situations and I don't see a place for another Necro. But it's something I will think about, I did have fun when I ran that first one, Nightshade. I just remember wishing I had a AoE attack a LOT earlier though. If I don't keep one I might make one sometime just for fun, then delete them.....who knows. But right now I have a lot of projects I am working on, within the game, and already have plans for another Pyro, but right now I want to finish off at least 2 of the 3 I am working on. The one I have going with Mom might take a while. She doesn't get a lot of time. I am really surprised we have made it this far Our next thing is to do Crimson Fields, but I want to level us up to 38 to get our blade quest before we do that.

Well, this is more than enough blogging for the time being. I probably won't write too much more until, maybe this weekend. I will be playing on that laptop again, starting this afternoon. Yes, I am up way too late and it's time to go to sleep now.

Have fun out there!

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