Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally, a little introduction here...

Hello to anyone who gets lucky enough to wander upon this page! I am Heather Emeraldflame, Grandmaster of Storm.....

Ok, so I'm NOT REALLY HER, but my name IS Heather, for real. I run quite a few wizards at Wizard101, but my favorite is Storm. So if you hate Storm and only want to sit there and tell me how much it stinks...then you are in the wrong place and you can just move along and go back to your little hate-corner. I think all schools are great in their own ways, and this will NOT be a Storm-only blog, but just know Storm is my favorite and I have had a lot of experience, both good and bad...though in the end and after all this time it's all good, with it.

I plan to post some pics and make this blog look a little cooler but it's going to take some time. Currently I am unable to work on this too much as I am cat-sitting and do not have access to my own computer much at the moment.

My current wizards are:
- Heather Emeraldflame - GM Storm
- Danielle Thunderblade - GM Storm
- Heather Jadeblade - GM Life
- Keira Willowsong - GM Life
- Alric Dreamhaven - Magus Life
- Heather Sandwalker -GM Balance
- Kaitlyn Dunerider - Magus Balance(and happy contributor to Friendly Necromancer's Housing Item of the day at this link: Dog Pilot Painting )
- Heather Nightshade - GM Death
- Heather Fireslinger - GM Fire
- Savannah Icewraith - Magus Ice
- Heather Winterbane - GM Ice
-Taryn Griffinhaven - GM Myth.

I run three accounts, sometimes run two or three wizards together, usually two max, but once in a while three. I rarely find a need to run three together. If I run three then I am probably completely by myself and doing something very, very hard for the level of the wizards in the battle. It's way too hard to work with any other real people if I'm running three wizards, but I can do that with two and will often help my friends using two of mine.
I am helping my mom, who is even older than me(lol) play the game. Her wizard will also appear here, and is one of the "Friends" included in the blog title. She is sunning a Ice wizard, who is always around the same level as Savannah, since I usually have the two work together. I never intended for Alric to start to catch up to the lower level girls, but because of circumstances this past week I have had more time to work on him while the others have been waiting to do some dungeons while I haven't had my own computer to play on. Laptops are just no fun to play on, at least in my opinion...makes it feel more like work. I never feel comfortable sitting with one, I tend to fidget too much with them and move around more than I get to accomplish anything.

I have some health issues, I won't bore you with details, which is why I get so much time to play this game. I haven't been around the game quite as long as some people, but I have learned a whole lot in the time I've had...mostly because I can play for hours and hours. Playing this game has been so much fun for me and lets me take my mind off real life troubles :)

In my non-playing time I do a lot of reading about the game. I also enjoy movies, any music with a good rhythm, animals(I have two cats(Saturn and Baby Girl(whom I did not name,) and a Betta fish named Daytona)and sci-fi/fantasy books, though for medical reasons I can't read books as often as I would like. I really enjoy meeting others who can work as a team and also know a lot of the tricks I do. It's really fun when you have a friend that you can play this game with that is on the same level as far as what they know about the game.

I am not a PvP player. I absolutely HATE the thought of it because of the way I have seen people treat each other in there. To me there is enough hate and anger in the world without making it part of my "fun-time." If you like to PvP, that's cool and I have nothing against you, but it's not my thing. I like adventures and questing a lot more. I also love to farm for and get unique and rare items. I am willing to come watch friends in PvP, but I will probably turn off all my chat while in there. I do find watching others battles to be interesting, especially if they are really smart players.

I also love crafting. Yeah, I know a lot of people want to put that down and say how boring it is. Well, it does take a whole lot of patience and time, and you really got to want to make those items because YOU want to make them. One great thing about crafting is that KI has made it oh, so much easier than it use to be! I mean those mutate recipes and them asking for less items to be made in the has made a HUGE difference in the fun-factor of crafting. I just wish KI would come up with more recipes/items that you can make...I have almost made everything that I would want to. I HAVE made all the really big, awesome items that you can, you will see that when I get pics up.
I have one main crafter on all my accounts, the other wizards do very little crafting and if they do it's usually cards for the crafters, or cards for battling. Though on my first account I have had two of the others do some crafting too, as they have been around long enough to obtain lots of reagents.

My little advice for the day:
People sometimes wonder what to do with all those extra treasure cards they end up with; don't sell them! A lot of those cards can be used in recipes! The only treasure cards you probably want to sell are mutates, unless it's something like Lightning Elf, or Ice Elf, and you are Ice or Storm, cause they might actually be useful then(if you can make the mutations into the full versions, or have someone make them for you.) Also, sell those useless Ghost Touch cards...those are a complete waste at this point. I like to collect, keep, and use the special treasure cards like Krokotillian, Ninja Pigs, Krokomummy, etc. The Pigs, especially, are great for Myth Wizards. It gives Myth an alternative to having to rely on spells like Minotaur and Orthrus, which make you have to double-trap everything. (Ugh...*hates double-trap spells* D: *serious PAIN*)

Another thing I love about this game are the little Silver Chest games. Those are such a nice break from constant battling, and often times you get a card and nice little bit of coin for playing. Sometimes while looking for reagents I will look for these chests as well, it's a nice break to the monotony of hunting reagents.

I really enjoy most all dungeons in the game, I am not a fan of the DS towers, though. To me the towers are just long and have no real point. I mean they prove nothing but that you can battle the same stuff over and over...who cares? At least dungeons usually have some kind of story to them. I am also weird as I tend to love the dungeons that it seems everyone else, say; Kensington, Labyrinth, Katzenstein's, etc. And I actually don't mind doing Sunken City, though that one is a waste as far as you can really get is the Wraith Statue. I like to use two of my wizards in these dungeons(usually, but sometimes one) at a time, and with no one else, usually. I am happy to help others in these places but don't ever expect me to do ALL your work for you and to help you all the time. I don't say that to be mean, but I do get on Wizard because I enjoy it, not because I want to be everyone's helper all day.

I guess that is it for now. More to come soon!

Have fun out there!

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