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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Piggasus? Celestia News!

So, I wasn't gonna post again yet....but...

Awesome news on Celestia at W101 today! I just got on the computer at mom's so, I first checked there to see if anything was new...and YES!..there was!

Just check it out there. I'm not gonna copy all that into here when others already have in their blogs and sites. But it all sounds very awesome and exciting!

What I did want to touch on is that I
just received my new FOG(FUN! Online Games) magazine today. There is a really good little interview in there with some of the same guys who did the MOG interview. In fact some question and answers are the same, but if you read it; some are not!

When asked about favorite mounts Todd Coleman answers "My favorite mount is the
Piggasus! But that's not a fair question, because you guys haven't seen one yet!"

So is this really going to be a new mount sometime? ...I do wonder. I'm not a huge fan of pigs, save with the Ninja Pigs(who doesn't love them?..
lol) But I am sure some kids might enjoy a pig mount of some type, especially if it flies!

I, personally, would like to see a few more variations on wing mounts. Like raven wings would be very cool! I mean black, feathery wings!...That would be so cool! I would have to get them for Emeraldflame so she could have double-wings, and for Nightshade as that would be perfect for Death.

Anyway, get your hands on that FOG magazine and have a read for yourself. No freebies in that issue for W101, but the article in good.

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