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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nightshade's Wraith Goes Epic! & More...

Yeah, so my Grandmaster Death, Heather Nightshade, her wraith reached Epic level this past day. He had already got the Health Gift talent, which was nice, but he saved the best for last when Death-Shot manifested. I wanted to post his stats for you all to take a look:

This is only my second pet to reach Epic as I have been working on a few main pets when I get the chance. I have been switching around between the six wizards on the first account, working on Emeraldflame, even with Taz topped out. I have Emerald working on one of her Storm Cats now that she, at least, got her Storm Serpent to it has it's card active now.....and that is one sweet little spell by the way. At least it looks pretty cool...

I made a little video of the Storm Serpent Spell. What the spell does is the serpent attacks with a small attack and then leaves a 25% Storm Trap after the attack. The trap does stack with other Storm traps. I only wish that the spell would have included a Blade(like Ice Bird does for Ice,) instead of a trap. A blade would increase damage to all, not just ONE enemy. Also, the problem with it being a trap vs. blade is that it forces you to use it at the beginning of battle on the target that you want to use the trap on. And you all know how one spell card can get lost in a deck in battle. That spell you want may never show up if it's the only one. Otherwise, using the spell later on; you will lose any other Storm or Global traps you have placed on that enemy.

With Ice Bird you can target a minion with the spell and get the blade to use on all enemies. I, obviously wouldn't want to use this ONE trap on a minion and would rather put it there to help stack with more traps to kill a boss. And one more problem with this is that it can make your Storm wiz take on unnecessary aggro in exchange for a small attack and a trap left behind for the big hit. You better hope that you have someone else around that will take the aggro back off of you after using Keira did in the video here, with her healing.

On the bright side; a good use for Storm Serpent's spell, if you can find it in your deck when you need it(good luck with that...and BTW I used a very short, tiny deck in the video so that I had a very excellent probability that the spell would show up quickly,) would be to take out one of those nasty 80% shields that the Myth mobs and bosses love to throw on. And then you will also get that trap you can use to help kill the offender...not that you really need it against myth(since we boost on them,) usually, but what if that Myth enemy threw the shield on a non-myth buddy on his/her side....which you don't boost on? Then that trap could be very handy...maybe even a replacement for a trap you had to break in order to use the spell.

Such messes, as always, would be easily avoided if only Storm had one simple learned DoT.

Other training, & Pet fun...
On my second account I have mainly worked on Keira's defender pig and her satyr, as well as working on Danielle Thunderblade's Stormzilla, Duncan.

Over this past weekend I got to take Danielle's Danger Hound, Mister Sparky, and mix it with A Mythspent Youth's Lisa Jonte's Danger Hound. So we now both have a new Ghost Hound. I named mine Harley(yes, after the motorcycle):
That's it for now...

See ya in the Spiral!


  1. A good idea for bypassing traps with Storm Serpent is Prism! True, it's an extra turn, but it's not as demanding as requiring a whole 'nother trap stack after the spell! And if you're against another Storm, double Prism for sure!


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