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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick notes on the Test Realm

This will by no mean s be a "neatly" done post. It's just things I am finding as I go. I will post better later on and clean this up....haha!

-The new pet vendor in MB is where the secret spell trainer is

-Old Smokey is located in the factory in the Ironworks....he is just standing there(lame.) They should have put him behind the other locked door with the combination.

-Death minions cast plague and doom & Gloom....not sure this is totally new, but even with the twins I hadn't seen this happen before, In the live realm I had seen mander minion cast power play it makes me wonder how new this is with death. Minions(at least death, as it's all I have done so far) are not attacking with in class spells as much....but they are still casting blades for themselves, as well as their master...traps cast as well. Skeleton Minion cast tower shield on ME...also cast taunt...and suffered a quick death for it lol, It seems that you might want a 4 pip and up minion for death...not real convenient for lower level death wizards.

-Snorri's quest in GH is nice, but extremely short.

-New GH crafting is so AWESOME! I will talk more on that later, but these are the kind of crafting challenges I was hoping for!

-New Crown purchasable GH house is cute, but very small for the price. Don't miss the secret room under the rainbow bridge!

-haven't had time but to talk to balestrom for initial CT prequest...not at home to be able to do all that ATM,

-New Beastmaster gear CAN NOT be combined with other stats from clothes and you would have to wait the normal amount of time to fill up your pet energy globe to 66(if you are a GM) OR you would have to purchase Pet Energy Elixer in order to fill up...BUT AFTER putting the Beastmaster clothes on! The clothes would have been a good idea IF they could have the stats combined with your normal fighting stats. Some schools can't really take losing ANY of the health their gear gives them(*cough cough STORM cough cough*) So, unless you somehow plan on buying a whole lot of Elixers; this gear is virtually useless since most people use the same wizards to train and farm...cause trainers need GOLD!

-Pets cast their own innate cards!

_Stormzilla spell has been altered. More, brighter lightning has been added, more electricity, part of airplane graphic has been cut now only starts to appear after zilla is grown and can see it from behind, Zilla's claws are a different color now.

-Hall of the Ice Forge = Grizzleheim Crafting Anvil.

AGAIN: Remember these are only initial reactions thoughts and will be revised as I learn more!

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