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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Catch a Spectre...

Save for a few little events of the past day I didn't get a whole lot done in the Spiral. It seems so many of my projects are sitting idly by, waiting for me to finally be released from pet collection and farming chaos(which has been mostly enjoyable,) to return to them.

Poor Luis has been stuck at the same level for a couple weeks now, I think. The Vampire Twins have been sleeping more than normal, although I try my best to get to them as I have enjoyed running the death pair and sort of relearning Death a bit in the process. As I have said before; it was never a favorite...although I certainly don't hate it, it just isn't "me."

Ravenwood Radio Episode 17, Live, was on this past evening and I nearly missed it and had no control over it. I would have been very unhappy if I had missed it. But as if to symbolically reinforce the reasons for me being a Storm wizard we had a pretty great thunderstorm here last night and a few hours before the show. I had been talking a little to Kevin Battleblood and had told him "we are having a pretty bad storm here...I hope the power doesn't go out." No sooner than I wrote that to him and BAM...transformer nearby was hit by lightning. It was not the first time that ever happened while living here and I had a good feeling it was going to happen...just by judging the direction of the thunder and lightning and noticing that the rain was not being sprayed through my window, as is normal during a storm here. I knew that the wind was strong to the north and just had a really good feeling it was going to happen.

So the power went out. My first reaction was to laugh at the fact of how ironic it was with my last words to Kevin. Then I went to get the candles and light them, make a call on my cell phone to the power company to let them know about the outage, and then get out the crank radio that was given to me for Christmas. I had specifically asked for the radio due to the last really huge storm we had here when remnants of Hurricane Ike made it this far north and knocked the power out for over a week. Batteries are such a nuisance, so having a crank radio-combination-flashlight was a relief to have available...just in case.

I love a good storm, I really do. I don't think many people really get that. I am one of those weirdos that actually likes to go stand outside and just get soaked in a warm summer rain storm, breathing in the clean air deeply and loving the smell of the rain in the air.

So, knowing this, was I not meant to be a Storm wizard? Other than those facts and my obsession with the ocean and all it's creatures, I also fit the description pretty much to a "T":
...I would like to add to the list of famous Diviners inventor Nikola Tesla, whom I had an odd fascination with in my teens, partly inspired by the rock band of his namesake, which inspired me to learn more about him:
...Oh, yes, he was definitely a Storm wizard....I mean look at all that electricity and he just sits there all calm and everything through it all.

Anyhow I tried listening to the radio but that bores the life out of stations really play music I I started to fall asleep...which is pretty much all I did during that week that the power was out. I mean what else is there to do at that point? And then magically at about 9pm EST the power came back on as I had just drifted off into REM sleep....waking me up suddenly with the sounds of fans coming on and blinding lights shining in my eyes. But I got straight up from my horizontal position and frantically ran to the computer to turn it on, in hopes I hadn't missed the show...I had not yet seen a clock to even know what time it was.

Thankfully I was actually early to tune in to the show.

It was a good show and I can't wait to listen to it again when it's available for download. I always seem to absorb it better the second, third, fourth(etc.) times that I listen to it. As fun as show nights are there is always so much going on around me at the same time that I can't really know all that was said in the show. So listening to it later is always a lot of fun too, especially when I can listen to it and be in game at the same time.

Anyhow, in the last post I had said I had some news to post. Mainly, at this time I will just give you a run down of the latest pets I have got. Here they are:

Blue Banshee:

Life Banshee:

This next one Kevin Battleblood, Ronan Dawn(as Cass Cloud,) a couple others who were in and out at varying times, and myself, spent hours and hours farming only for me to have to finally give up cause I just wasn't having the luck they were at the time and I was getting increasingly frustrated. I even went back on my own later that night and into early morning and tried to get this guy. Then, FINALLY, I got it that next day when trying to help mom to farm it as well:


Queen Spider(from Stephen Spiritcaller's beloved Yeva):

This past evening before the power outage I scored this little guy; The
Brown Rat Magician:

And, finally, my most prized drop yet...the pet that I wanted before it even existed...and months and month ago; the
Ianthine Spectre came to me rather easily(though after I had tried farming it several times before,) while farming with Kevin(I hope he gets his soon as well and will be there to help if he wants to try again.) My old Fire GM was the one to catch it...

...but I made sure my main ended up with it. She now has her favorite monster in teddy-bear-sized pet form to carry under her arm....just like I always wanted :)
I think this is one of the few dropped pets that I will definitely get the name changed on. Usually I don't care, but this one is like "my baby." I mean no one really knows how much I wanted this pet to even exist. I think it will possibly make a good derby pet, not so much a good battle pet. It has a lot of Epic slots under it has possibilities. But I am going to wait on developing it too much before I know more on what it can have and what I need to try to make that happen.

Well, it was a long evening, night and now it is time to finally go and get some real sleep.

I will see you all, later, in the Spiral!

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  1. Gah! That's terrifying the lightning took out your power and your STORM lol... I hope you get your hours of sleep Heather...

    (Last day of middle-school for me)



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