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Proud Member of the Wizard101 Blogger's Club

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stormzilla Maxed Stats...

So, yeah, this past day my Zilla, Taz maxed out on stats and I started training him a little after the max took place. After you hit max stats it pretty much stinks. It's like you are doing all this work for nothing. At best you will only get 2xp per training game. You will get 1xp for playing an awesome or perfect game and then you can get 1xp for feeding your pet a food that it either likes or loves.You will want to get the cheapest food for your pet's school(or one you are certain your pet at least likes) at this point and feed it to him/her. Using any better foods will be a total waste. I'm sure this isn't news to some, so I am just letting those who don't know know what to expect.

The slow climb to Epic:

What I am hoping....
I am hoping that KI will be either coming out with some way we can buy something to give more XP to maxed stat pets, and preferably not something that takes half or a full gift card to pay for it. OR; I hope when Celestia comes out that there may be some way, there, that we will be able to get our pets to gain more XP. I am really hoping that there is a good reason why the XP gain is so extremely slow at this point, and not just because "it's supposed to be hard." This is a game, things shouldn't be like work on here. There should be some really worthwhile payback for doing all this training...and so far I have not been very impressed with any of it.

It's like they read my mind, as well as many others: Overnight they have fixed it so that you can earn your full XP for both games and food! Awesome! Good job KI! :D

While all my friends from other schools are getting added health, accuracy, resistance, etc. from their pets....Taz is giving NOTHING. I am probably hoping for too much by hoping that after all this that once he hits Epic something amazing might happen.

I know, there are a few people out there who have no idea how to empathize with others and only want to spam technical garbage to me. But those people have little right to speak when their pets are not the ones with this problem. If you can't empathize and you aren't hurting in this deal then you have no right to tell me I need to go pay
HUGE hatching costs to make a baby Taz when you didn't have to hatch something in order to get a decent school pet yourself. Is it honestly too much to ask for to have a pet that at least gives SOMETHING just like everyone else's? You don't need to answer fact I don't suggest doing so...cause I don't need your negative opinions.

With all that said, here is what Taz has right now:

On my other wizards I have been working here and there between them all with training. I even did one day with my Orthrus on Taryn because I was trying to get her energy down so I could get her new Myth Leprechauns out of the shared well as her little herd of Silverback Wildclaws(she and Emeraldflame need to collaborate to start a Silverclaw farm.)

While training Taryn's Orthrus I had a very literally
cool glitch happen, and not just once but every time. I mean it was so neat I started to make it happen just to see it again. It happened in the maze game whenever a ghost would get the pet. You know how a little cube forms around your pet and it's frozen? Well...take a look here:
...That's one big ice cube, eh?

Other than Taz on my main character, I have really been working on Death a lot. Her Wraith, Lord Shadow, is at Ancient level and is at least giving some extra health....cause you know Death really needs
more health....*rolls eyes*....but at least it's doing SOMETHING. He is nearing max stats himself, but still is in a comfortable enough zone where it's not getting too hard to feed him snacks that will be a waste. I have such a huge inventory or snacks now, too, from farming, crafting, and buying that it's hard, sometimes, to even look through them all and find the right one that will help to fill in the gaps left from what the games don't give.

As alternative training pets; on Storm I am working on Storm Serpent, and on Death I have been working on a Dark Sprite just for kicks...ok, yes, I am starting to enjoy being "in the box" sometimes...nice and peaceful in there and you can zone out and listen to your music.

I've really enjoyed Death a bit's nice and quiet when I play her, for one thing. I don't have people randomly porting to me(which I
loathe...I mean it's like a mistake anymore if I have my ports on cause God forbid family, close friends, or my alts need to port,) plus I don't have people trying to talk to me in all directions on Death. And it's not that I mind talking to people or seeing them, it's just that few seem to be considerate about it. Maybe it's just that I am older and I expect people to be a little better mannered than this....who knows! I am not the best multi-tasker when it comes to having to control 2-3 wizards in battle and travel and then ALSO having to talk to so many people at the same time.

Other than the peace my Death gets when I play her...I have also been enjoying getting and farming for the newer Death pets. I mean they got some really different and cool pets.
This past evening I got Zombie, finally, from Lokar in the Hall of Valor. Zombie completes all the new pets from Grizzleheim for me. Grizzle has been so much fun to farm too! Like I have said before; I think it's so beautiful there, and I like most of the characters and the music as well.

So, now I have been working on the Tree of Life and so far no luck there except getting the Leprechaun out of the SCC...
I am thinking I might pull out Dani(Danielle Thunderblade...I call her Dani after a old cat of mine that is no longer with us...I always liked the name Danielle or Dani) and Jadeblade later on and work with them....maybe see if Dani's Zilla can get anything a little special, though I almost hope her's doesn't cause that would so not be fair to my main; the wizard that was my first and whom I worked so long and hard on and whom I went through the most with. Emeraldflame deserves a great pet!

See ya in the Spiral!

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  1. I think that's awesome! Pretty cool and funny glitch for the maze game... I'm sure in no time at all, that you'll manage to get Taz to epic due to the fix by KI! Sweet!


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